I’m confused

Inspiration from Oswald

That was then when milk was evil:

Kiwis would be far healthier if they made the easy switch from full-fat to trim milk, reports Emily Watt from Sunday Star Times.

Orange, yellow, blue and green – it’s a rainbow of colours in the milk aisle at the supermarket, but most New Zealanders are sticking with fat-filled blue.

Kiwis bought nearly 100 million litres of blue-top milk last year, despite nationwide health messages to cut down on saturated fat. Nutritionists say if that was trim milk, our rates of high cholesterol, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease would improve dramatically.

A litre of blue-top milk contains 24g of saturated fat, equivalent to four nougat-filled chocolate bars.

The nation’s milk-drinking habits need to change, says Otago University professor of nutrition Jim Mann. “That’s a significant way people could cut down on saturated fat intake. It’s potentially very important. And it’s an easy thing to do.”

This is now, Milk is a basic commodity and should be made available to ALL:

“Milk is a basic commodity and should be made available to all New Zealand consumers, not just those who can afford it,” Nosh director Clinton Beuvink said.

Of course Nosh neglected to tell everyone that they had to spend a minimum $25.00 on other goods in their over-priced store to avail themselves of the cheap milk deal.