Is ANZAC Day our new national holiday?

Paul Holmes seems to think it is, I am in agreement:

John Key speaks bravely about going there again. He should not go there again. It’s over. Forget it. It is too awful and nasty and common. It is no more New Zealand day than Halloween.

Our national day is now Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a day of honour, and struggle, bravery and sacrifice. A day on which we celebrate the periods when our country embraced great efforts for international freedom and on which we weep for those who served and for those who died.

I wouldn’t take my three great uncles who died at Gallipoli and in France – Reuben, Mathew and Leonard – to Waitangi Day and expect them to believe this was our national day. I wouldn’t take my father, veteran of El Alamein and Cassino, there. Nor would I take my Uncle Ken who died in a Wellington bomber, then try and tell him Waitangi Day was anything but filth.

No, if Maori want Waitangi Day for themselves, let them have it. Let them go and raid a bit more kai moana than they need for the big, and feed themselves silly, speak of the injustices heaped upon them by the greedy Pakeha and work out new ways of bamboozling the Pakeha to come up with a few more millions.


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  • Anonymous

    Yes, it pretty much is. By default, since the supposed “national day” is irretrievably broken.
    It’d be nice to have a national day that we can actually celebrate. (Anzac Day, of course, is not exactly a day of celebration, but of remembrance.) However, Maori have taken it upon themselves to completely fuck up what was supposed to be our national day.

  • Gazzaw

    No way should Anzac Day become our national day. A national day is a day of celebration, commemorating tens of thousands of Kiwis who gave their lives for their country is not cause for celebration.


      Agree,we need to honour those who gave their lives for NZ,and to turn it into a national holiday might make people loose sight of this fact.Sir Eds birthday could be a good one,as he was a great kiwi bloke,and needs to be honoured somehow.

    • Anonymous

       I agree with you. I should also clarify – when I mentioned that it was now our national day, I was meaning that it was all that we are now left with. 

      I completely agree that we actually need another national day – not Anzac Day – that is completely and unashamedly positive. There is no need whatsoever for that day to be the anniversary of anything. It can stand completely on its own merits as our national day. 

    • Pete George

       I agree, we should decide and and establish a de facto day to celebrate the country and Kiwiness, keep Anzac day for remembrance.

  • dutyfree

    A day of rememberance and celebration of what the sacrifice was for.  Sounds like a national day to me.

    • Gazzaw

      I hear where you are coming from but I do not think that we can take the risk of Anzac Day being made toxic by Maori radicals politicising it for their own ends. I have seen the anti-war zealots fuck it up once before in the 70s with Minto and his mob turning commemoration services into roudy protests & desecrating the Cenotaph with red spray paint.  Do we really want Hone & his thugs screaming epithets at our vets?

      • Anonymous

         Easy. New law – no protests on our national day.
        Penalty – ten years in prison, no parole.
        Problem solved.

  • Good on Paul for writing this column. I expect he is already receiving death threats, but I think it’s bloody brilliant that someone in the public spotlight has shown some balls and spoken out against Waitangi strongly again. 

  • Joes

    I’ve been thinking this for a few years. I haven’t been bothered with Waitangi Day for a long time.

  • Kosh103

    Waitangi Day will never be “over”. No Govt will ever walk away from it. Hell even old Rob Muldoon kept the day, just changed the name.

    • Kimbo

      Wrong way around, Kosh. Norman Kirk, fervent nationalist well before his time changed it to “New Zealand Day”, but Muldoon chnaged it back again to the present, “Waitangi Day”.

    • Thorn

      Waitangi Day, Anti Smacking/Smoking/Substance Abuse/Problem Gambling/Obesity/Animal Cruelty/Anger Management/Apathy and Maori Mental Health Days could all be combined – now that is staying on the message with the same target demographic.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Waitangi Day is a great day for a national holiday, and most people who go out and celebrate it do so with joyousness and without controversy.  The Treaty was signed at numerous places around New Zealand, all of which hold ceremonies, and none of which have any controversial incidents.

    It’s only the white ringers and the Newstalk ZB crowd who sit at home all day and moan because a couple of permanent beneficiaries say nasty things about the Prime Minister at Te Tii.  They let a handful of losers spoil a great summer’s holiday, and the celebration of the founding of a great country – ours.

    • nzd.gbp


    • Anonymous

      The celebrations in Bluff, by all accounts, were pleasant, beautiful, and without controversy. If they had put the TV cameras there, there would have been no sensationalist story for the media to beat up. Maybe if there were no TV cameras allowed at Waitangi during the celebrations it would be a pleasant and beautiful day too. 

  • Anonymous

    Here is a compromise –  Have a Monday holiday if Anzac Day falls on a weekend – but can Waitangi Day completely as a public holiday since it no longer lives up to Norm Kirk’s vision when his government made it a public holiday.

  • Bobo The Idiot

    The people of NZ are desperately seeking a National day and unfortunatly continue to look to ANZAC day. 

    However it is our day of remembrance for those who serve and have served our country by putting their lives at risk for others and is not a political day for burning flags or disrespecting those who have made the greatest sacrifice.    It is not and should never be our national day of celebration.   We need to find an appropriate day by which we can identify ourselves, such as the day we bacame a Nation “Dominion day” but call it New Zealand day or take back Waitangi day.   I agree for once with Helen in that if our Prime minister is treated in such a disrespectful manner (does not matter the polical party) it is how we all have been treated, the northern tribes do not respect Maori traditions our Military, Prime Minister or any other National icon should no longer go to Waitangi.   Let us celebrate all over New Zealand and highlight how proud we are of our great country and what we have achieved and not focus on the rude radicals up North.

  • Frederico

    Ummm…how about, as we share Anzac day with the aussies why not January 26th Australia Day, a National day on both side of the Tasman, after all our earliest history, settlement and establishment was driven from the west isle. In 1901 when the Australian Federal Parliament was created NZ was offered the chance to join them…we said no thank!…just a thought.

  • nzd.gbp

    I vote we increase security so that the PM can get to the podium. Also, I vote that we HTFU. Waitangi day is cool. It’s the symbolic day the treaty was signed. It’s the day our nation was born. ANZAC day is also cool. It’s the day we remember those men and women who weren’t pussies – unlike most commenters here who let a few state sponsored malcontents upset them to the point where they want to change the name of our historic national day. Who wants to bet that a name change will fix the problem?

    • Gazzaw

      You’re missing the point. The majority of pakeha don’t perceive that the treaty signing is worth celebrating anyway never mind putting up with all of the angst that goes with it.

      • nzd.gbp

        No I do get that point, but it’s much more apparent here on WO blog than most other places. I’m one british colonial who is proud that we signed a treaty rather than did what the other empires did – conquest. I’m on the side of those who like to honour contracts, whether it’s convenient or not. I prefer the rule of law to the weight of numbers. I also think the settlements should be audited and explanations given as to why they don’t trickle down to the once were warriors level of maori society. I also think that if you believe the treaty should be torn up then you have no business being in this country and can’t call yourself a new zealander.

  • Paulus

    If the media didn’t willingly trapes to Waitangi there would be no trouble.
    The troublemakers know they will get the publicity (like Winston Peters) on the evening news.
    Politicians should not go, but that’s asking too much.
    I am happy to have a day off and take no notice that it is called Waitangi day.

    • Anonymous

      Agree completely. Ban the media and the trouble will go away. 

  • Gold

    Anzac Day brings people together. Waitangi Day pulls them apart. Anzac day is our national day.