Is he standing at one end?

Apparently Gerry Brownlee is the road block in the Manawatu Gorge:


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  • Email-not-supplied

    Yes, as you can see in the photo in the article attached – he clearly is standing at one end.

    • honcho

      With the trips I have taken through the gorge he probably closer to the middle … but never mind the tons of slip material, theres a rotund politician on the road!

  • peterwn

    Funny that Labour wants a ‘cost benefit’ and a massive spend-up on some ‘alternative’ to SH3 Manawatu Gorge, especially when there is arguably a perfectly good but underutilised railway line (in fact two).

    Any such ‘cost benefit’ is likely to show that there is far greater benefit in upgrading SH1 north of Warkworth.

    • John

      Since beside the river (gorge) was the ONLY real pass through the ranges, Our pioneering predicessors put a road and rail link through at the BEST point. Now labour want to put something spanning the ranges at a different place?? Tunnel perhaps?? IDIOTS….Definately. With them it is always a talk fest with no action, not even a disernable goal in mind!

  • Kosh103

    Well old Gerry is big enough to be a road block.

  • Cobolt

    Gerry at one end and Tau at the other.

    • Euan Rt

      and they would almost meet in the middle

  • Apolonia

    The stupid thing about the gorge blockage, is that the local regional council won’t let them just tip the shingle into the river (as would happen naturally if the road wasn’t there). Instead they have to pick it all up and truck it away, with the heavy trucks further damaging the remaining road. This process is making the reopening process take much longer than it should, and it’s nowhere near Christchurch.

    • Hakim of phut

      Lets block the river and see what happens when the dam breaks

  • MrV

    If we had the capability to run Europe-style auto-trains, where you load the trucks onto a shuttle train and run them past the blockage, there wouldn’t be such an issue.

  • jay cee

    what i can’t understand is why they are only working from one side.surely if they had the same diggers and trucks working over the other side they would get the job done quicker, or are they
    being paid by the day? 

    • Apolonia

      They took the day off for Waitangi day.

    • Hakim of phut

      They are doing the way it should be , since they know something about it, which is work mostly from the top down.
      Funny how people can just drive past and have all the answers ?

      • jay cee

        just going by what i saw on tv, still can’t see why they can’t have more working from the top, bottom, or sides – whatever

  • What’s frustrating, for those of us living near the gorge is the barking we must put up with from one Labour party back-bencher on the subject. The man purports to represent the Palmerston North electorate, but the only local issue he’s managed to speak up on is the gorge – that’s when he’s not busy fornicating with hansard staff.

    The gorge is being fixed as quickly as is reasonable, and as far as I can see the alternative routes are doing ok at the moment. The government can’t really do anything more right now. There isn’t a pot of money to slap a new road down somewhere else. This is not essential either. Maybe someday when the government’s accounts are in surplus they can think about more preventative measures.

  • Greg M

    Big Jezza walking on the road probably set the landslide off to start with, Heh!