Is Rick Right? Ctd

I’m with Rick Santorum on this one:

On rejecting the very idea of “Palestinians”

“All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis, they’re not Palestinians. There is no ‘Palestinian.’ This is Israeli land.” (Campaign stop in Iowa, Nov. 18, 2011)


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  • Anonymous

    I’m with Rick there, too. The problem with the left and their “support” for Palestine is that it has nothing to do with the arabs in the region, and everything to do with the fact that Israel is friends with America. It’s pure anti-Americanism and nothing more. Israel is the only country in the entire region with any semblance of economic, social, and political freedom – it’s a haven of sanity anmidst madness much like Chile in South America – and anyone with their head screwed on properly can figure out that Israel are the good guys here.

    On a related note, check this out:

  • Odysseus

    think you will find that Israel itself is originally a concept rather than an actual place – Palestine is a region – so in a sense they are all Palestinians for living in the region of Palestine… one of the few regions on earth where the current rulers think they can expand their own borders – but it is a complex issue as the two concepts of on the one hand the physicality v religion and on the other hand perceived heritage versus ownership – almost expat versus local in modern terms, both these issues have their own supporters frankly the powers declaring the State of Israel – as usual did a half assed job that did not address the issues and you could argue that USA is the only one still trying – though it would seem they favour one view over the others for possibly geo politik reasons.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    They might be okay with that if they all got to vote, and go where they liked in Israel like other Israelis…

    • Dion

      On the other hand things might be better for them if they fired fewer rockets on residential areas and blew up fewer school buses.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps when they stop making Jewish genocide their number one order of business the Jews will give them their constitutional niceties.

    • Anonymous

      Arab Israelies can go where they like.

      The Palestinians however chose to become indigent squatters rather than Israeli citizens way back in the 1940’s

  • Israel was only created to avoid an unmanageable influx of jews into USA after the war. As already said above (thanks Odysseus) the issue is about what the area should be called and that should be Palestine which was originally a peaceful home to Jews Christians and Arabs of most religions/ ethnicities.  Zionism is the real (political) problem not the Jewish.

  • put it away

    “Palestine” was invented by the Romans to humiliate the Jews off even further after driving them from their homeland. Those Romans would be laughing their arses off in their graves if they could see these “progressives” working so hard to enforce Rome’s imperialist policy nearly 2000 years later.

  • Bob19832

    Hahahaha, what a load of crap!