It’s not your house

I see the indigent are moaning again about “their” house:

Mrs Temata said she and her husband had lived in their house for 47 years and brought up their five children there.

“I want to stay in my house,” she told the MPs who listened on the stage. The house was modified for the couple after Mr Temata’s legs were amputated.

You would think after living in a State House for 47 years they may have saved up some money they didn’t have to spend on accomodation…but no…now it is “their” house.

It isn’t.


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  • chrs for that.. have inspired me to think up a new model of/for state-housing..

    ..which..after i finish my porridge..

    ..i will write up..’s a purler..!

    ..a gordian-knot cutter…

    ..on many levels..

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess. The removal of private property rights and the nationalisation of all housing?

      And I’m sick of people like this woman. What’s to bet she’s an overweight, chain smoking alkie to boot, living in this ‘poverty’.

      • Agent BallSack

        As soon as I saw he had his legs amputated I thought diabetes. You don’t get that from starving to death or eating vegetables daily. 47 years is way too long to be in a state house, we need a set term of 5 years, double in cases of extreme hardship and money needs to be sequestered weekly from the tenants so at the end of the tenancy they have a deposit for a house.

      • what’s the bet yr a bit of a bigot..?

        ..and..old/slim/uber-healthy are you..?

        ..or are you one of young/poor/deluded act-on-campus-types..?

        ..and..thats a ‘no’ to yr guess at ‘the plan’..

        ..and of corse it is a ‘gordian-knot situation’..

        ..silly you..!

        [email protected]

      • Mcv

        You can also bet that her children have been given stupid made up names and have their own state house by now !

      • Anonymous

        I’m not bigot, but fat smoking beneficiares complaining about “poverty” gets on my nerves. But isn’t it just like a lefty to go “nyah nyah nyah, you’re a racist” when they’ve got nothing else to add to the discussion.

  • Doug_S

     Temata, Tarapu, Maori Party, Mana Party, Treaty, Entitlement…need I say more?

  • Gazzaw

    And last night on TV One News there was an item that 5000 families were on the waiting list for state houses. When families can spend 47 years occupying a state house you do not have to look too far for the reason. Time to bring in a set term for occupancy.

    • Anonymous

      This. Safety net, not hammock.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The houses are in an area of HIGH property values.  If HNZ can sell these off they can build more houses for deserving people.

    1 All state benefits apart from Pensions and Unemply,ment should be finite.  ie somone on the DPB can only claim it for a total of 5 years for example.

    2 All State House tenancies should also be finite to let people have a hand up not a hand out.  However HNZ should be able to be flexable in this for really deserving cases.

    When I was at sea I knew of seamen who were in HNZ houses paying a fraction of commercial rent and they were earning well over the average salary.

    • Vij

      I have to agree with you, but I have some suggestions:

      Fix the maximum time limit on benefits at 3 years in a person’s lifetime. 
      Make the immediate family responsible first for support rather than the state.

    • Gazzaw

      CC, there are four state houses at the end of our culdesac street in a good Auckland suburb. One 3 bedroomed home on a full quarter acre section. Those sections would be worth near on a million dollars each. Sold as one full acre block God only knows what they would be worth. The houses are in great nick and could be moved elsewhere. 
      The tenants have all been there for over twenty years & can you blame them? All of the homes have two late model cars on display, two have large boats and one a motorhome. All subsidised by you, me and the taxpayers.


        means test the losers

      • Anonymous

        They are supposed to be means tested but they lie. They probably lie about everything and who are we to question them.

  • How many houses are accessible for people with disabilities in NZ?

    Why isn’t the current laws creating accessible and affordable Housing?

    I don’t live in a State House… I rent privately in an unsafe, wheelchair inaccessible, cold uninsulated house. I gave up on Housing NZ a long time ago due to communication problems.

  • Greg M

    I was led to beleive when state housing was introduced it was supposed to be short term only. WTF is going on with these people ?

  • In Vino Veritas

    When you are provided shelter at the largesse of the taxpayer, you take the shelter wherever it is offered.

    •  aah..!..the mindset that brought us the ‘evolved’…

      [email protected]

      • In Vino Veritas

        Phillip, so you are of the opinion that when someone offers you something paid for by them and given effectively for nothing, that you can make demands of its delivery and condition?

        How evolved is that………………..?

  • Anonymous

    What she’s basically saying is that she wants to keep her view at the expense of the homeless.


    Half, if not more of these fuckers dont look after these properties,and they are not checked on.It is a bloody disgrace that they are not kicked out on their collective arses for the damage they do.Then we have new housing being built in new subdivisions that are for housing corp/state housing.Salt and peppering is the term that was mentioned to me awhile ago.If anything in this country needs attention it is Housing Corp.Because I would not lease/sell a shit house to those idiots.

  • Craig

    Just more losers !

  • This is totally fucked up – they never look
    after the place like its “theirs” yet they demand service to tidy it
    up and alterations to fit their changed situation like its “theirs”.
    Kick them out and let someone thats really NEEDY in.

  • Anonymous

    Most people in a state house are just taking the piss. When do we stop funding bad lifestyle choices, the amputation was probably brought about, because even after being diagnosed the nose bag continued on with their bad lifestyle choices.
    Help is on the way, because at some point this whole welfare wrought will become unaffordable and like all good ponzie schemes will collapse on itself.
    It will be interesting to see what happens when these losers carry on about there rights to everything and we will finally have the right to say no to them.

  • “..It will be interesting to see what happens when these(rich/elites) carry on
    about there rights to everything – and we will finally have the right to
    say no to them..”

    [email protected]


      Rent or own Phil?.We rent,and take care of the property,if not we would be out on our arse..Have seen 1st hand the damage done to state homes,and the offenders still live in them.Luckily for all those who lease to housing corp is, that when they have to return them to the owner,it has to be in the state it was in on taking the lease.Taxpayer ends up footing the bill.Fair,dont think so.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the day society crumbles. The day those who work for their goods and services are trampled by theives demanding everything yet giving back nothing.


    I find it almost amusing that people who sit on their arses with their arrogant drivel, accuse those people who choose to work for a living, of being rich or greedy. Newflash, the workers are a hell of alot worse of than most of those sitting in these housing corp homes, after all, we are the ones subsidising it. We should not be made to feel bad for our life choice – earning an honest living, nor should we be made to pay for those who haven’t made the best life choice for themselves. Why do the workers get the guilt trip and not those who refuse to make an effort? How can someone sit in a state house because they supposedly can’t afford anything else, and actually decide to have five kids whilst there? If you can’t afford a house – rental or otherwise, how can you afford to keep having child after child. A state house and the benefit, are a privilege, not a right and are only meant to be temporary, not lifestyle choices. It’s almost as frustrating  as people who are drug addicts sitting on the sickness benefit, not being made to work because of their “illness”. Personal responsibility – it’s as simple as that.

  • Gazzaw

    They can’t afford not to have child after child S & M. It’s like having a breeding herd & it’s a guaranteed source of income. Only problem is that selective breeding seems to have gone out of the window.


      Maybe if we took the breeding of children as seriously as we take the adoption of pets eh? Mind you, they could be perfectly good parents so not for me to comment on that one but if they can’t afford to pay rent in the real world, why must the taxpayer cover for them to play happy families? Most working people think before having children because of the cost, I think that’s where the Government needs to get hard and apply the same logic