It’s the ice free seas…ooops

Apparently the big freeze going on in Europe is because of the now ice free Barents and Kara seas:

The bitterly cold weather sweeping Britain and the rest of Europe has been linked by scientists with the ice-free seas of the Arctic, where global warming is exerting its greatest influence.

A dramatic loss of sea ice covering the Barents and Kara Seas above northern Russia could explain why a chill Arctic wind has engulfed much of Europe and killed 221 people over the past week.

The death toll from Arctic blast has been particularly severe in the Ukraine, where many of the dead have been people sleeping on the streets. Heating and food tents have been set up to ease their hardship. In Romania 24 people are known to have died and 17 in Poland.

A growing number of experts believe complex wind patterns are being changed because melting Arctic sea ice has exposed huge swaths of normally frozen ocean to the atmosphere above.

And a reality check for us all:

The southern half of the Barents Sea, including the ports of Murmansk (Russia) and Vardø (Norway) remain ice-free year round due to the warm North Atlantic drift. In September, the entire Barents Sea is more or less completely ice-free. Until the Winter War (1939–40), Finland‘s territory also reached to the Barents Sea, with the harbor at Petsamo being Finland’s only ice-free winter harbor.


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  • Dr Wang

    WO: I know it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but you’ve got to go easy on debunking the latest doom’n’gloom scenarios these numpties come up with. They put a lot of effort coming up with this shit, we wouldn’t want their self-esteem shattered by blowing the latest theory/press-release out of the water before it’s done the rounds on the 6 o’clock news “shows”.

  • NZGroover

    WWe need to something about Global Warming because I’m fucking freezing

  • Geri Sjovik

    Not forgetting of course that Finland lost that port in the 1939 Winter War invasion where Russian NKVD troops fired a bombardment on their own border post and used that as a pretext to invade.

    Finland lost 10% of its territory and 30% of its natural resources.

    Shame really that no-one rallies and protests and demands that be handed back to the rightful owners

  • fatnuts

    AWG, an ‘unfalsifiable hypothesis’…

  • grumpy

    it’s damn cold here in Berlin, can’t get any takers on AGW, in fact more people are getting pissed off about green taxes this year.

  • Detcom20

    who the fuck are these idiots… global warming is causing global cooling… we should have a list of all global warming scientists so we can throw eggs at them… funny how they call it climate change now… when hasn’t earths climate changed? 

  • Jeremy Thomson

    I totally missed what was Whaleoil’s issue, for me that “ice free seas” doesn’t equate to some loony scientist is claiming the entire Artic, or even Barents and Kara seas are completely ice free. But I can see how someone might think that. The Independant should be more careful, but hey, when do journalists ever get the science precisely correct?
    There has certainly been significant ice loss in the Barents and Kara seas. See the National Snow and Ice Centre’s picture showing the retreat of ice from the median, in particular notice Novaya Zemlya almost ice free. For comparison The University of Illinois graphic for the same day , 6 Feb. 

    • Jeremy Thomson

      Oh I get it “the NOW ice free Barents and Kara seas”. Whaleoil’s objection is that the seas were free of ice before and them being ice free isn’t a recent occurrence. Nowhere in the linked article is it mentioned that the seas have only NOW become ice free.