JK should lift his game

Only 70% of Maori are unhappy with his leadership. Only 9% of Maori vote National so he could burn a few more off.’

The vast majority of Maori are unhappy with Prime Minister John Key’s leadership on Maori affairs, according to a new poll.

A Te Karere DigiPoll surveyed 1000 Maori voters last month and found 70 per cent of respondents did not think Mr Key provided good leadership on Maori issues, while 17 per cent did, and four per cent did not know.

Labour leader David Shearer fared slightly better, although Maori still appear to be weighing him up.

Of those surveyed, 28 per cent thought Mr Shearer provided good leadership on Maori issues, 16 per cent did not, and 56 per cent did not know.


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  • Thorn

    John Key may find an even higher percentage of National’s potential support base are unhappy with his alliance with the Maori Party.

    • Travdog


      Heres hoping they get shitty over the state assett sales and walk out. A big step in the right direction.

  • Euan Rt

    I was unaware that David Shearer has provided any ‘leadership’ on any Maori affairs. It seems that if you provide no leadership then Maori are more happy. I suppose it could be argued that if you provide no leadership, then you also provide no accountability. I can understand some Maori thinking that was good.

    • Travdog

      I was unaware David Shearer has provided any leadership on anything.

      • Paulus

        I was unaware of David Shearer  !

      • Guestosterone

        he took the lead on chesticle exposure @ the big gay out

  • K eith

    labour and the greens will be wanting their rainbow rooms open 24/7 next and subsidised
    K Y jelly where will it end?  keith

  • Scanner

    7 out of 10, only 30% more to piss off and we can all be happy with his performance, closing TPK, and binning the treaty would be a good start.

  • Honcho

    Te Karere digi-poll …. might as well just called Hone for his opinion and run the article based on that.