Just a few before the Police…

Here’s a quick (but not all inclusive) list of complaints the police are(n’t) dealing with.  The complaint against Daljit Singh was lodged way back in Sept 2010

Labour candidate Daljit Singh referred in September 2010.

Labour referred in July 2011 for their illegal postcard.

Labour (Again), Act, and Charles Chauvel referred 16 August, 2011

Jim Anderton was referred on November 8 2011

Jolyon White was referred 18 November 2011

Three more referrals December 5, 2011

Maori Party and two others December 09, 2011


An illegal bus shelter ad was referred on 22 November 2011

NZ First’s Brendan Horan referred Dec 22 2011

Act on Campus referred February 2 2012

RadioLive referred February 9 2012

The good people at the Electoral Commission are doing their job, it appears the Police are letting our democracy down.


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  • Rockyr

    The case against Daljit Singh was the most blatant and serious and for a lengthy period up to 30 detectives were reported working on it, yet no result, I thought I must have missed it. This type of criminality could well have affected the outcome of the Auckland Mayorality.

  • Colin

    Meanwhile, a senior member of Levin society, with a medical condition, is bailed up by the cops for erratic behaviour (a common trait of heart disease) and is about to be arrested when he snuffs it (He needed an ambulance, NOT a cop!). Cops ignoring real crims, while bailing up pseudo-crims…
    I wonder who is the lunatic is who prioritises the police case-load…

  • Argon

    Hope they get onto it quick, they’ll be too busy chasing everyone who goes 101 km/h on the open road soon!

  • Petal

    Good post Cam.  This needed to be presented in this format.  The enforcement is a joke. 

    • Thorn


  • MrV

    And here is where the Police are effectively putting the ‘complaints’ because it’s not worth their time.

  • Kosh103

    LMAO ahhh Whale Oil is in dammage control for Jonny Key.

    • Thorn

      By the time the police get around to Key, we will be pushing up the daisies.

      • Kosh103

        Good to see that you are not denying that WO is running defence for National.

      • Greg M

        Small but vital point here, the radio station is in the poo, Not John Key.

      • Thorn

        No Kosh. The point is the police have such a backlog with similar allegations its going to take forever to get to Key. Lets start with Daljit ‘Chod’ Singh first.

      • Kosh103

        No Thorn, lets start with the leader of our country. The man who is ment to lead us in a good and honest way.

        Lets start with his breaking of the law.

      • Kosh103

        And you know what Greg, thats wrong. Yes they should cop some of it, but so should Key.

      • Greg M

        I can’t agree with that, the radio station has broken the law, not JK,  or both would be getting prosecuted. I am certain the police would have done their homework very carefully, given the PM’s high profile.

      • Kosh103

        Greg: If Key is as smart as the right make him out to be, he knew damm well this was illegal.

      • Greg M

        There is definitely a grey area here Kosh, the BSA investigated it and found nothing wrong, but the electoral commission did. Sounds to me that we need to tighten up and clarify the appropriate laws.
        My opinion, he would have known it was pushing the boundaries, to say the least.

      • Kosh103

        Oh I have no doubt he knew how dodgy it was. No doubt at all.

  • Apolonia

    Maybe the police would act with urgency if they all had recording devices.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • dad4justice

    Lowlife pollie types causing trouble for dumbo keystone cops.

    Taxpayer is loser again!


    Sour grapes is a nasty motivator.Come on Labour clean up your own nest first.


    For fucks sake,blah blah blah,John Key should be held responsible.Who actually gives a fuck,I dont.It made no difference to my vote,and I am sure the rest of NZ took little or no notice.Ok there are rules,and I am sure there could be a better way to deal with the problem then wasting Police time. Seeme the only ones bitching are Labour,and thats not out of the ordinary.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – it is sooo funny to watch the 2 faces of the right wing. If this was Labour you and every other right winger would be having a field day with it. But because it is your beloved National, oh well lets pop it aside and ignore it.

      Suck it up. Key was caught out doing someting he knew was illegal. Doesnt matter if it would have made a difference or not. It was wrong. So we either smack those needed in this case, as with others – or we ignore all the breaches.

      Which do you want?

      • Boss Hogg


        You have school tomorrow, go to bed.  I am 5 time zones to your west and our school boy is in bed reading.  Hurry up.

        The only thing Nixon did wrong was getting caught………….Whatever, Politics is full of lies and bent people, just matters of degree as far as I am concerned.

        Good night, sleep well.