“Just shoot the bloody things.”

I love this story from Australia…a developer is battling bureaucrats and regulations concerning bats:

A GOLD Coast developer has had to delay the construction of a unit complex to allow a colony of bats on the site to get enough sleep.

Developer Terry Balson began clearing trees on the Labrador site yesterday, a job which should have taken three days.

But it will now take at least six days after the Department of Environment and Resource Management told Mr Balson he could only work between noon and 4pm because a colony of bats roosting in trees at the back of the property needed adequate time to rest and feed their young.

Delaying construction on the 13-unit development, which will employ 10 full-time builders, could cost Mr Balson more than $100,000.

There are between 19 and 36 bats in the colony, which was only discovered by DERM in January, just before work on the site was to start.

Mr Balson was forced to stop works and employ five specialists — fauna and wildcare specialists, an arboriculturist, landscape specialist and an environmental planning consultant — to devise a DERM-approved plan to safely clear the land around the bats.

In six weeks he has dealt with more than a dozen different government departments to get the right approvals to proceed.

Lord give me strength. Luckily Bob Katter, the leader of the Australian Party seems to be the only one blessed with commonsense:

DERM confirmed the colony is only new to the site. DERM director of wildlife Dr Ashley Bunce said a DMP permit was granted to Mr Balson with several conditions for work designed to encourage the bats “to move to the area of retained vegetation of their own volition”.

Katter’s Australian Party leader Bob Katter slammed the government regulations.

“What is the world coming to?” he said. “It’s bloody outrageous.

“It’s his land, he should be able to do what he wants.

“Just shoot the bloody things.”

The development is already six weeks behind schedule and will cost Mr Balson in excess of $100,000.



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  • Steve (North Shore)

    Shoot the DERM tossers.
    Reminds me of the doterils on the North Shore. Council spent thousands of dollars providing shell and sand for nesting; road works were held up. Then the bastards moved across the motorway to nest in front of Tindal’s Warehouse Head Office.

    They are only bats, get rid of them and the save everything wankers

  • Kiwidon

    PC BS gone mad! Time to get the 12g out! 

  • kehua

    I knew Bob Katter years ago, mad as a bat himself. The dirty fruit bats shit through their mouth, their are literally 10`s of thousands and also spread the deadly virus `Hendra` which kills horse and humans. Kill the bloody things.

  • mihalku

    Greenism strikes again. Let us not forget the poor man in Victoria who was fined $50,000 for cutting down gum trees around his house to form a fire break. His house and family survived the bush fires in an area where others died. My contempt for mindless greenies knows no bounds.

    • Gazzaw

      The Aussies haven’t got this all on their own. Let’s not forget those fucking snails on the West Coast or worse still the mystical Taniwha that eats whities’ koha and disappears.

  • Heathernjohnc

    and the former watakere city council that wanted to spend thousands of dollars to put a tunnel under a road so some frogs wouldn’t get run over