Labour is the Nasty party, Ctd

More Nasty Party Smears from Nasty MPs.

This week, Labour’s Moana Mackey made some very serious allegations under the cover of Parliamentary Privilege.

This has totally flown under the radar of mainstream media.

During her address in reply speech on Tuesday this week, Mackey claimed the National Party “refuses to disclose who donates to their election campaigns”.

Here’s the relevant clip:

This is a serious allegation.

Parties are required by law to disclose their donations, and if National’s breaking the rules it should be pinged.

But on the other side of the coin, saying something in Parliament that is demonstrably untrue is a potential breach of Parliamentary Privilege.

If Mackey has proof that National is breaking the law then she should stump up with that proof.  If she doesn’t, she should apologise for another Labour smear job.

One other thing, if Labour’s keen to disclose who donated to their campaign, I have their database and I’m here to help.


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  • Anonymous

    Sounds a bit like Winston’s baseless WINZ BMW claim some years ago.

  • Mattyman

    Is it just me or does she look an awful lot like Grant Robertson (not a compliment). 

    • Paddles83

      Grant Robertson in Drag

    • Legions Host

      Nah, she looks more like ‘Spoilt Bastard’ from the Viz comic…………….

  • Anonymous

    C`mon, this is Labour ,the facts are what they say they are.

  • MrV

    She obviously spent the holidays studying Darien Fentons new watch and learn course NASTYFRUMPYCOW101.

  • Roger

    I’m sure Labour would happily disclose their donations – all three of them. 


    They need to focus on sorting their shit election result out.Not sticking to this bullshit routine of smear tactics that has worn thin with everyone else.

  • Brendan Walsh Nz

    Her mum was useless – and she’s not much better. She managed to turn a safe Labour seat into a very strong National seat.  Damn shame her filibustering backside got a seat for this term.  No chance she actually has anything, no bugger would even know she was an MP let alone her name.