Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

As if it wasn’t bad enough for Labour that Trevor Mallard ignored his leaders instructions and set about trying to maximise the damage of his scalping when minimisation was the goal of the day.

He singlehandedly distracted the entire news media of New Zealand with his high-handed, arrogant and nasty attitude in insisting that he had done no wrong…which is true legally…but politically it was inept, and unhelpful.

But to make matters worse he has compounded the issue by going nasty on Facebook late last night and insulted all the kids of Newlands.

Sorry really does seem to be the hardest word for Labour MPs.

This is a SMOG on the scale like we’ve never seen before in NZ political history


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  • peterwn

    Time for IRD to ask for a Trademe printout – except he is rather ‘small fry’ compared with some other Trademe traders.

  • Jimmie

    Perhaps Mallard is trying to attain the status of the Jim Jones of NZ Politics – (un)fortunately his Labour party is likely to be the co-victims of his political death mantra.

  • Agent BallSack

    This is bad news for Labour. Ahh fuck it who gives a shit lol.

    • Kosh103

      Not really. This will go away in about a week. The Govts mismanagement of the economy will be a story for a hell of a lot longer. And then there is this farm carry on.

      • Gazzaw

        I disagree Kosh. The pandora’s box on Trev’s escapades has not fully opened yet and the public just loves the sniff of a political scandal eg Carter, Hyde. Went on for ages & ended in disaster for both.  The farms? Don’t hold out too much hope.  

      • Agent BallSack

        I agree with Gazzaw too Kosh. The MSM have surprisingly jumped on this story and seem intent on hanging Mallard up by the neck. About time too, he gives politicians a bad name. And none of us thought that was even possible.

      • Hakim of phut

        You both are right on one thing – the little scandals which the public  would have liked to be in on ‘the deal’ all ways run longer.

  • devlsadvocate

     Are you fucking kidding me? How thick is this guy?

    Where the hell was the advantage in posting that? Do wrong, get spanked, then blame the people who caught you and lost hundreds of dollars in the process?

    This is bad – if Labour keeps doing these fucking stupid things, we’re going to have a weak opposition right to the next election. That is bad for everyone, government of any sort should never have a complete walkover, we’ll all suffer for it unless these fuckstains get their shit together.

  • Petal

    Go Big or Go Home, eh Trev?

  • Petal

    It really just proves (as if we needed it) that Trev is a loose cannon and Shearer has no control.

  • honcho

    It should be pretty easy Trev, you deal with them the same way as you should deal with anyone … with morals and impartiality.

    • John

      come on, morals and Mallard can’t be used in the same sentance!

  • parorchestia

    In a way this sort of immoral malarkey will strengthen  Winston’s position as de facto Leader of the Opposition.  Already he has been interviewed on TV with Shearer standing beside him dumb and nodding agreement.  The odd couple springs to mind.

    • Troy

      More like Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men lol   But you are right.  Since question time started again last week Winston has been up front doing what he always does – and only a handful of questions coming from Shearer – he’s been virtually absent from the debating chamber.  Wonder what’s going on there.

  • joe bloggs

    Fuck me Trev, you just don’t learn, do you!

  • John

    since Mallard has sold 5 times (TV 1), on trade me in the past and 4 of those times were event tickets (TV1). Is the IRD going to investigate him for non payment of tax, and the companies office for running an unregistered business?…Seems his second job is selling second hand event tickets!

    • Gazzmaniac

      There is no crime in running an “unregistered” business.  You don’t need a company to run a business, you can run it in your own name as a sole trader.
      The IRD would also have to prove that Mallard bought the tickets to make money out of them, which if he bought them months ago (or was given them) and can show he thought he might attend the festival at the time he bought them would be very difficult to prove.
      It would probably also cost more for the IRD to enforce it than they would get in tax.

  • Doug_S

    Trevor Mallard = Toast

    • Guestosterone

      Hopefully because he’s usually Teflon Trev


    What a cock.Will see if his party has the nuts to deal with him.

  • Mike

    Says the MP from Wainuiomata! Newlands might not be Karori, but it sure aint Wainui! Then again, kids from Wainui would probably be able to afford tickets on their welfare income, or have stolen them already.

  • Bobo The Idiot

    He just spat in the face of the people that vote for Labour……   Poor old Newlands, what a dick

  • bhudson

    All, steady on.  Just consider this for a moment..

    Trev’s a teacher. If he wasn’t in Parliament, he’d be teaching our kids!