Labour not taking sides, Ctd

Yesterday David Farrar has a photo of Socialist Cindy and Caropotamus looking fetching in their National party blue t-shirts supporting the sexist, racist and bullying Maritime Union.

Also yesterday, via the tipline:

Was at Auckland Uni today, it’s our O-Week so all the clubs have their stalls. Went to the Young Labour stall to have a nosey, and saw that they had a petition in support of the wharfies. Asked if Labour was officially supporting the wharfies and was told that they were but that it just hadn’t received much media attention! At the stall were Goff, Ardern and Robertson, so they would have been fully aware of the existence of the petition.


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  • Hakim of phut

    Good to see POAL private eyes photographing those on the picket line, beats hanging around the  street outside the union office.

    • Super_Guest

      Tinfoil hat on a little too tight there, phut?

    • WellWellWell

      How about getting a job? David Farrar doesn’t seem to do a hell of a lot other than let drivel run out his mouth via the internet. Is that really considered a job?

      • Euan Rt

        as long as he is not riding the taxpayer why would you care? Do you want to control what people do too?

  • The day Labour does not take a side is the day that it grew a brain, some balls and some nous to fight off the Greens being the new Major Party in NZ. But then again, it could do a Len and support BOTH SIDES. 
    Vote Len 2013 – he supports both sides :O


    Looks like Labour are aligning themselves with all the shit stirrers in this country.Wharfies,and the Mana party.Whats next Winston Peters(or have they already??).Guess when you are short of will befriend anyone.

    • Hakim of phut

      Yeah its a worry that Labour is aligned  with parties  like Mana who got 24,000 votes , while ACT got 23,000.

      • Doug_S

        Actually, Mana 24168 and ACT 23889 a difference of 279…since you bought it up phut. As usual you are incapable of stating facts.

      • Super_Guest

        And your point is?  Mana is so far to the left it makes Act look like a bland centrist party.

      • Hakim of phut

        I rounded both down. Does that worry you SO MUCH. of course Mana didnt have the huge sums from donations that Act had, care to tell us how LARGE that was

      • In Vino Veritas

        A worry? Mana = Marxists, Greens = Communists without the revolution. Can you imagine Labour in bed with this lot? Wonder who would be on top……

      • Gazzaw

        It’s a sad day for you HoP when you have to support Hone. Any port in a storm eh? Such great partners for Shearer.  A commie, a shyster and a racist.

      • ConwayCaptain

        The only reason that Mana got that many votes was that the Harawira whabnau voted for them.  No one else did.

        After a term where he delivers nothing he will be out


        Not the point,Mana/Hone,not a great choice.You agree with his white mother fuckers comment etc.

  • BW_Lord

    Watched Helen Kelly on the news last night. Dont think I’ve ever seen a liar so bad at hiding the fact that she knew she was lying, as the shit flowed from her mouth.
    Definitely let down by the union trainers, thought this would have been a staple of their trade.

    Still with tells like that I wouldn’t mind playing a few hands of poker with her.

    • joe bloggs

      Yup she sure gave Sergeant Schultz a run for his money!

    • AnonWgtn

      Her body language was beautiful – showed she was lying.
      Needs lessons on lying and how not to show it.
      Should have listened to Helen Clark.

  • Scott Miller

    It’s sad when Young Labour are trying to kill off jobs in this Country by listening to hags like Darran Fenton and other union scum. Thought they would be the ones screaming out for jobs 

  • Hoha

    I would think Labour would be backing POA so that many people would lose their jobs and have to go on the dole. That way they would vote Labour the next time around.
    Or is their strategy make them believe they support them so that the ones that dont get made redundant vote for them as-well.