Labour’s cheap shots, Ctd

This is unbelievable… more cheap shots from Labour over appointments:

Labour spokesperson for education Nanaia Mahuta said there was a concern Apryll Parata’s promotion came so quickly after her sister was appointed minister.

“There is a perceived conflict of interest. People will draw all sorts of conclusions given the proximity of the appointment.”

This from the Party that put Mike Williams on every board under the sun, and appointed union hacks all over the show as payback for support.

They conveniently forget appointments such as Michael Cullen to Kiwibank, Mike Moore to Washington, Paul Swain and others.
Labour has no shame when it comes to taking cheap opportunist shots.

At least the Member for Mars, Catherine Delahunty recognises that this a merit appointment:

Green spokesperson for education Catherine Delahunty said Apryll Parata had been involved in education for a long time.

“It’s not someone who is coming in from the outside with no knowledge. It does become interesting when it’s two sisters running the Ministry of Education because it does sound to the public like it puts power in the hands of one family.”

She said her main concern was about the direction the ministry was taking, not the personnel.

The Greens once again showing a whole lot more maturity in opposition and leading the way, no wonder they are continuing to steal Labour’s votes.


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  • Good Lord; Cath Delahunty is actually sounding more sensible by the moment!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      err that was what the Martians made her say

  • Tom

    Bahaha   “…the Member for Mars, Catherine Delahunty”

  • Gazzaw

    Mahuta would know all about nepotism. How else did she get to be an MP.

    • Dr Wang

      Nanaia Mahuta is “the wahine who married her own cousin”. She’s taken nepotism to a whole new level – she is the obvious expert that Labour have selected to deliver this latest low-brow accusation against the Nats.

    • joe bloggs

      ummmm that’d be Princess Nanaia as her colleagues call her??

      – was it by coasting to power on the coat-tails of her dad Sir Bob Mahuta?

      – was it through her aunty being Dame Te Atairangikaahu?

      – anyone remember NZ Herald reporter Gregg Wycherley writing “Tainui is Ms Mahuta’s home ground and she intends to make full use of the connections that catapulted her from obscurity as a university researcher to eighth on the Labour list in 1995 … Ms Mahuta has been helped in politics by her tribal connections and political pedigree.”?

      Yup that’s the one – a dirty old pot calling a shiny bright kettle black

  • Kosh103

    You can say whatever you like, but it does not look very good. There is prob nothing to it, but a brand new post created and the Minsters sister gets it – Labour can spin this into a PR nightmare for National if they do it right.

    • fifibelle

      that seems to be a pretty big “IF”….

      • Euan Rt


      • Kosh103

        Oh more like a MASSIVE one.

        But it is still a bad look and if Labour is any sort of opposition they will be able to make the Govt squirm over it.

      • Sarrs

        Kosh – Maybe we wait and see what Winnie has to say about it but I seriously doubt Labour will make any real issue unless they have backing from Winnie or the Greens and it doesn’t look like the Greens are planning on grandstanding this one. 

      • Euan Rt

        Kosh, I am all for Labour being a good opposition, but I have no doubt that there would be any squirming over this as it can be proved that it is not jobs for the boys (or girls in this case)

      • Kosh103

        Euan – it was a newly created positon. Never exsisted before.

        She looks very impressive, but it is still doable on Labours part.

    • Sarrs

      Kosh – I thought you’d be happy that they’ve appointed someone from within the teaching profession who has a proven track record. See Joe Bloggs’ comment below – even Labour thought she could do the business. 

      • Kosh103

        As long as she does the job, and she is far more qualifed than her sister thats for sure, Im happy.

        Im just saying it isnt a good look when a newly created (high up) position is given to a Ministers sister… its not a good look. And lets not pretend that if this was a Labour govt and a Labour Ministers sibbling had been appointed that all the righties would not be saying the excat same thing.

    • Euan Rt

      Kosh are you sure you don’t have a split personality? Today you are being reasonable again. I like the other kosh ’cause it’s fun to poke sticks at. Todays’ kosh requires reasoning, and almost having to agree with sometimes. This is much more painful and embarrassing.

      • Kosh103

        I was correct yesterday and I am correct today.

        Simple as that.

  • joe bloggs

    Apryll Parata’s pedigree is pretty damned solid:

    – the youngest female principal ever to be appointed to a state secondary school in NZ – Ngata Memorial

    – at Ngata she eliminated truancy, trebled the school roll AND lifted academinc achievement from the bottom 5% to the top of schools of its type in 3 years

    – was awarded the NZ Order of Merit for outstanding leadership in education and policy

    – appointed deputy-secretary Maori Education in 2007 (under a Labour Govt)

    – heavily involved in Iwi, regional and national Maori education and policy

    Our education system needs more of her type.

  • Steve (North Shore)

     Nanaia Mahuta, why are you not there? All you can do is sledge Hekia Parata by attacking her sister. Typical of a leftie. Someone has to fill these positions, would you rather it be you Mahuta?
    Or another fucking Unionist Teacher?
    Labour’s spokesperson for Education needs some education
    Hekia Parata will go a long way

    • Kosh103

      I see you are being as level headed and well considered as ever. Damm wheres a “rolling eyes” smiley when you need one.

  • Peter Wilson

    It’s fine to raise questions about nepotism, it’s not a lot different from financial or other conflicts of interest. Perhaps there is even a subliminal pleasing the minister at work from the appointments body.

    EXCEPT, if you’re going to raise questions then perhaps there needs to be some kind of register, the same I think there is for financial interests. In simple terms, what positions of responsibility do family members of Ms Mahuta hold?