Latest Battle for the Falklands now on Wikipedia

via the tipline

The Argentine Navy Wiki page to be specific:


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  • Anonymous

    Was that you Whale?

    Whoever it was, nice job.

  • Pete

    They can’t spell its.

    • Anonymous

       Sounds like Whale. :)

  • Ejtma2003

    If you look at the history there are some more amusing ones, including one that refers to prince william

  • NX

    The four Eurofighter Typhoons based on the Falkand Islands could turn the Argentine navy into coral reef! 

    • Tony

      Typhoons are for Air Warfare – the only way they can destroy a surface fleet is to crash into them.

      • NX

        “Four Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft provide air defence for the islands and surrounding territories and have a secondary ground attack role.”

        Learn to use the internet.