Lazy repeaters and a good feed

Yesterday, I was spurred on by tantalising tales of forbidden food and a new burger chain that purportedly served up foot long cheese-burgers with more calories than a KFC Double Down.

I checked the locations for Carl’s Jr and found that there was one at Takanini. An excursion was needed from Manukau. I popped onto the motorway and two exits down at Takanini I headed towards Papakura…it was easy to find.

The Herald had repeated that Carl’s Jr:

Has a notorious foot-long cheeseburger that has twice as many calories as KFC’s Double Down

That is exactly what I was looking for…turns out that the repeater, Anne Gibson, appears to have researched using Google and not actually gone into a Carl’s Jr restaurant. Sounds like she may have been coached in “journalism” by Simple Simon Collins.

Carl’s Jr doesn;t have a foot-long cheeseburger…but they do have quite possibly the best fast food burgers in New Zealand and the certainly the yummiest fries.

One of my loyal army members contacted me on Facebook when he heard I was heading down there and so he joined me and my mate for lunch. We were all very satisfied with our nosh.

Carl’s Jr do things  a little differently. You go in and order, they give you a number and a short time later your yummy, extremely hot burger arrives at your table.

I had the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger which was a whole lot of yum and though not a foot long either it is 1000 calories which is almost double the 540 calories of the puny double down.

I reckon the only thing better than that would be two of them.

I am reliably informed the Guacomole Burger was awesome. Most menu items I am told are available in low carb which is exactly what I require.

As far as price goes it wasn’t as cheap as Maccas, but a whole lot tastier…and beats Burger King hands down as well.

The service and surroundings at Takanini were pleasant. Again a distinct difference from the lazy repeating of the Herald. Most people attending the restaurant appeared to be reasonably well dressed. They were certainly well above the dross you would see scoffing up at a KFC.

As a final note, the repeater at the Herald carped on about locating the restaurants in poor areas…and cited Glen Innes as an example. Now on the surface most Aucklanders would nod sagely and say that G.I. is a poor area..hard hat even…some times worse than South Auckland. However the repeater, mainly because she was researching via her kepyboard neglected to notice that the address of 113-117 Felton Mathews Ave is actually in St Johns and near to the swanky new manufactured suburb of Stonefields where a 4 bedroom terrace house will set you back $720,000.

It certainly looks like the Herald is really continuing to pimp out the poor  in order to sell newspapers.

I will be eating again at Carl’s Jr.

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  • JD

    The address says St Johns, but it really is in Glen Innes – only a block away from the GI takeaway shops (but my god those burgers are good)

  • Carl’s Jr is awesome. Try the Teriyaki burger. 

  • Killjoy

    I agree on all counts!
    I don’t even live in Auckland and have been there and can’t wait to get back there!

    As for ‘the repeaters’, well I don’t read anything expecting credibility. In fact, I find it a fun game to red the paper at work and count the number of articles you are going to blog on- usually i get it about right, sometimes I miss some!

  • Tom

    **DROOOOL** That guacamole bacon thickburger looks like the absolute business!

  • thor42

    Yuuuuuuuum! Sadly, I’m in Wellington, so I guess it’ll be a while before they come down here. I imagine they’ll open a place at Porirua so that’ll have to do.   

    • Mickrodge

       Suits me…I’m in Plimmerton.

      They do look the business though.

  • this reminds me of hearing brian edwards on jim moras’ show yesterday.. was a man..self-admitting to having diabetes…and having got that diabetes from the unhealthy/fats-laden irish working class diet he has been knecking all his life..

    ..and he was railing against that list of unhealthy foods/foods to avoid..many/most of them essential components of that ”unhealthy/fats-laden irish working class diiet’ that did him in..

    ..a disconnect/blinker-blindness of epic-proportions…i felt..

    ..( perhaps proof of my abilities to cause trans-ideological-offence…i am banned from the website of the edwards…

    ..(i think mainly for ‘questioning/challenging…’cos i chose my words carefully..)

    ..anyway..a little while back there..when he extolled a staple of that ufliwc-diet that has given him diabetes..

    ..when he waxed lyrical about the yumminess of luncheon meat..(shudder..!..i mean..even as a carnivore..that was vile-muck..and when you find out it its the eyelids/sweepings etc..blech..!)..

    ..i pointed out to him that if he liked luncheon-meat he was a prime candidate to enjoy being vegan…as most of the fake-meats tasted/textured just like luncheon-meat…

    ..i received a sullen silence in reply…(he is chatty to most..with me he chose to sneer…he was another one whose gears were particularly ground by my formatting/eschewing of capitals..which always amuses’s only words on a

    ..i wasn’t banned for this…but was soon after…and i’m sure that the luncheon-meat episode didn’t help..

    ..and thinking about it..i think edwards has spent a life being deferred to as an expert…

    ..and even if he is talking absolute shite…he gets that nodding deferral…

    ..i don’t think he has been challenged/questioned nearly enough..

    ..anyway…this post made me think of him..

    [email protected]

    • Bob

      Sentences (you know, sentences?) have one full-stop numb nuts.

      • i don’t ‘believe’ in sentences..there..’bob’…

        ..they just interrupt the natural flow of speech/language… you use full-stops when you speak..?

        [email protected]

    • @BoJangles

       knecked  ufliwc  ……….

    • Euan Rt

      If your posts are more than a half dozen lines, I refuse to read them. I don’t know what you have written above ’cause I didn’t read it. If you want people to read you then get more words on a line and limit the length of your posts, otherwise I humbly suggest you don’t waste your time posting.

      •  your loss..there..euan..

        ..and you are a traditionalist/reactionary on the corralling of words..?

        ..i take it..?

        ..are you like a lot of the conservative-ilk..?

        ..disturbed by the prospect of any changes in yr certainties..?

        …crippling…isn’t it..?

        ..that wholesale closing down/closing of the eyes/mind…?

        [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        Very happy to be the loser in this situation Phil.

    • Symgardiner

      Phil… the problem with your formatting is that it is REALLY REALLY difficult to understand. So much so that I am unsure whether you like luncheon or not. 
      Most of the civilized world has accepted that we should conform to a standard approach to writing. There is a really good reason for doing this. It means other people who read what you have written can actually read it. It would be useful if you considered your readers once and a while.

    • titanuranus

      English  , Motherfucker, can you write it?

      • Mickrodge

         Phil’s a bit like herpes titanaranus.

        A bit fucking awkward & annoying but only painful when he rears his (grammatical) head a little too frequently for ones liking.

      •  you seem to be a bit of a wordsmith yrslf there.’.tit’…(or is it ‘anus’..?..)

        ..albeit a guttral/staccato-styling…

        ..and seriously veering over into existential-territory…

        ..(i mean..whio can really claim to ‘write it;..?..whew..!..heavy-question there ‘tit’..(or is it ‘anus’..?..)

        [email protected]

    • @BoJangles

       Your metre is novel , but actually pleasing because you make a point on each line.

      Your prose reminds me of an old poet mate of mine, Sam Hunt.

      ..  so carry on Phil,  and give them the Pill…..

    • parorchestia

      Your pretentious writing style goes well with your pretentious content,  Phil.  The Greens will have your balls for wasting so much paper.

  • Kiwikea1

    The quality of Herald journalists now is a reflection on the NZ education system of the past 20 years. Gibson did an article on Laminex last week that was based on info from 2010.

    Good thing the Herald don’t charge for their content online!

    • Travdog

      precisely why I’m happy to read online,but will never buy paper.

  • Jimmie

    Tasted  their fare in the US – was very good & I’m sure with NZ pasture flavoured beef it will taste even better. 

  • Mr_Blobby

    Come on guys stop encouraging that Fuckwit Ure, it just clutters up the Blog.
    Back on to the serious stuff Carl’s Jr is certainly on my do list.
    1.       Because the septic know it all brigade say I shouldn’t.
    2.       It may be unhealthy.
    3.       Because I can.
    4.       I hear it tastes good.
    The Herald falls into the, I would like to salute you, but I can’t seem to rise to the occasion. But by all means go Fuck yourself, category.

  • Sarrs

    How can people say that the placement of outlets like Carl’s Jr makes poor people fat when Invercargill has only 2 KFCs, a McDonalds, and a Burger King and we still have exactly the same problems as South Auckland?

    • Bunswalla

      Because, Sarrs, to be fair, there are only 14 people in Invercargill…..

      • Sarrs

        Oh we count penguins and sheep as people too 

    • Hakim of phut

      NZ has been awash with dairy, butter milk etc and for a long time mutton. 
       So how come we weren’t obese before the explosion of fast food outlets since the 80s’South Auckland has  400,000 people  , as they say expect more.

  • Couldn’t figure out where to put this post, but its in reply to Phillips’ comment

    “ you use full-stops when you speak..?”

    Finally I actually ‘get’ why you write like that. It still annoys me and it is often hard to follow your point, much like a spoken conversation would with you I would suggest, but the style makes a little more sence now.
    Now that doesn’t mean to say that I agree with much of what you say, but I now understand why you choose to write that way.

    • Hakim of phut

      Punctuation is relatively new.
      The full stop symbol derives from Aristophanes of Byzantium who invented the system of punctuation where the height of placement of a dot on the line determined its meaning. The high dot (.) was called a “periodos” and indicated a finished thought or sentence, the middle dot (·) was called a “kolon” and indicated part of a complete thought, while the low dot (.) was called a “komma” and also indicated part of a complete thoughtWikipedia .
      We could still have high and middle dots !!!

      • Euan Rt

        we could also have no phuts. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen either.

    •  i’m good with that..stacy..

      ‘agreement’ will dawn later..’ll see..

      ..we all have to get past the shouted slogans…

      ..and to speak..

      [email protected]

  • Vij

    Phil Ure writes rubbish very few people understand.  He lives in his own weird world. 
    May I make a suggestion: Don’t respond to any of his comments then he can’t reply with more rubbish.  This post was about lazy journalists and them creating news.  As I live in the area I will try Carl’s Jr. based on what I’ve read.
    Remember ignore Phil.

  • Jman

    I’ve eaten at the St Johns Carls Jr a few times. It’s definately pitched more up-market than BK or Maccas. I particularly like their Portobello mushroom burger and their chicken tenders with ranch sauce. 

  • Nigel201065

    Hmmm jalapeño thick burger if you like it spicy plus they have xtra jalapeños and gherkin free not as an xtra cost 

  • jay cee

    i don’t agree with what phill ure and hakim of phut say all the time either,but you’ve got to admit they keep this blog interesting. without them all you would have is a lot of sychophantic back slapping and you would end up just preaching to the choir. if you’re honest you’d have to agree that that would get pretty tiresome pretty quickly.

    • @BoJangles

       Couldn’t agree more JC…

      ..those two add spice and season up the sycophantic ,boring, predictable posts…

      ,. its a new way to post, interesting, and funny how it enrages the plebs..

  • I live just up the hill from the GI Carl’s Jr and have to say its the worst thing that ever moved in to the area. The burgers are so damn tasty and addictive. Whenever I can’t be bothered even trying to cook, Their guacamole thick burger is always at the top of my list of local takeaway offers.

    Fortunately, its a downhill walk to get there, and an up hill walk to get home. So I can pretend to myself that I’m walking off those bazillion calories afterwards. ;-)

  • Hakim of phut

    Wast one of Carl Jrs burgers Whitney Houstons ‘last meal’ . It could have caused her death?

    • titanuranus

      Does anyone give a fuck?

  • wiltinpenis

    Anyone tried the fish burger? Just curious – might shout myself one.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Think I may pay a visit to the Cal Jr place. Other fast food is shit so I won’t go near it. Gotta try it.


    The full stops phool uses are waiting periods, he is so stoned all the time it takes a while for the brain to catch up with the mouth ie what’s on the screen

    •  nearly right steve..they are breathing periods..

      ..and natural breaks in the dialogue..

      ..that’s’s as simple as that…

      ..just like breathing in and out..

      [email protected]

  • Euan Rt

    Off to St John’s for dinner tonight. Whale you should get free feeds for the rest of the year for such promotion. Thanks for the tip.

  • Mike

    Looks very nice – how do they compare to my standard “best burger” – Burger Fuel?

    Comparing Maccas to BF is like comparing Dominos to Hell

    • Euan Rt

      St Johns very busy but lucky drive through queue not too bad. Must say taste is great but mushroom burger had no detectable actual mushrooms, just a bit of sauce. A bit disappointing. Anyone else recommend another? Large drinks are American size. Chips good.

  • A-random-reader

    Those burgers look absolutely delicious.

    But they won’t help you to win any cycling races.

  • nzspambot

    try the crosscut fries as well

  • Sounds like I need to head out and try it

  • parorchestia

    Can we have informed comment on the fat/saturated fat content of Carl’s burgers. Am I wrong or do their burgers have a lower fat content than competitors?  
    Tasty healthy burgers – sounds too good to be true.