Letter to Tim Murphy

New Zealand Herald

February 23rd 2012

By Email & Blog

Re: Complaint about Simon Collins’ Article on Tania Wysocki

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you under the rules laid out by the New Zealand Press Council about Simon Collins’ article on Tania Wysocki. The article may be linked to here:


Having discussed this case at length with Ms Wysocki I wish to make complaints on the following grounds:

Accuracy, Fairness & Balance:

Collins’ article is inaccurate, unfair and unbalanced. I believe he has omitted (for effect) significant relevant information about Ms Wysocki, information that you will find in four posts on my blog.





I specifically wish to take issue with the serious over dramatization and exaggeration of claims that relate to Ms Wysocki’s choices.

This runs contrary to the principles outlined here: http://www.presscouncil.org.nz/principles.php “An independent press plays a vital role in a democracy. The proper fulfilment of that role requires a fundamental responsibility for the press to maintain high standards of accuracy, fairness and balance and public faith in those standards.”

I believe in his coverage of Ms Wysocki’s story, Mr Collins has betrayed all of the above principles.

1: Accuracy – Mr Collins ignored significant relevant details and chose not to publish these details in his story.  He sensationalised suggestions that prostitution was a serious and legitimate option for Ms Wysocki.  Sadly, she now believes she has been ‘used’ by the media.

2: Fairness – At no point did Mr Collins contact the Minister of Social Development despite his collusion with the Opposition spokeswoman on these issues.  In fact, Mr Collins received his ‘tip’ for Ms Wysocki’s story via the Labour Party spokeswoman.  At No point was this declared.

3: Balance – Mr Collins chose to present a one-sided view of the truth and failed to outline all relevant details pertaining to Ms Wysoki’s circumstances. This is despite numerous subsequent opportunities. Mr Collins and the NZ Herald have failed to provide sufficient context/background.

4: Public Faith – Public faith in the media has been eroded because of an irresponsible and sensationalist approach to Ms Wysocki’s circumstances. The public have not been able to draw a reasonable conclusion about her situation because Mr Collins and the NZ Herald have not fairly explored relevant aspects of her position.

Please be aware of my intention to complain formally to the Press Council if the NZ Herald fails to reasonably deal with this gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Kind Regards

Cam Slater
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  • wannano

    Good Lad

  • wally

    good on you mate. there’s far too much superficial, sensational, crap “journalism” in nz

  • Tim

    Well done.  Chase them hard!

  • Hakim of phut

    Balance ?
    “Work and Income’s Pukekohe office told Ms Wysocki in writing that she could get only nine hours a week of subsidised childcare for the fulltime course, plus a one-off $500 loan towards the weekly $72.20 cost of a 10-trip student train pass from Pukekohe to Mt Albert.
    Yesterday, after Herald inquiries, Auckland regional social development commissioner Isabel Evans said Ms Wysocki had now provided further information and was actually entitled to up to 50 hours a week of subsidised childcare.”
    Thats TWO times he gave the views of Winz/MSD I gues we could include this in fairness as well.

    Note ‘after Herald enquiries’ the regional executive gave  her an increased number of hours. Yet to find out what extra she got when local MP ‘promised to write to MSD’

  • allanspear

    Go Cameron!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Bloody brilliant Mr. WO. – WO for President!

    Could you or your other readers also do something similar somehow regarding MUNZ, Labour Party and CTU holding us rate payers to ransom whilst they deliberately inflict over $ 1 Billion in trade disruptions and over $25 Million in direct sabotage to our rate payer owned PoAL?

    Thanks so much…

    Could Cactus Kate and her legal mates file something in the High Court that would have the lot of them rounded up and charged with Treason / theft as servants or even peadophilia – anything to get them all locked up – without bail?

  • Hakim of phut

    This is WO comments on her  going to National MP Paul Hutchison
    She went and visited her local MPO, Paul Hutchison. Tania agrees that at the time Paul Hutchison treated her with respect, with caring and agreed to write to the Minister and to the WINZ office in Pukekohe…both things he did. 

    Fat lot of good that did. The Herald asked and got a reply THE NEXT DAY. I suppose she is still waiting for Hutchison to ‘get back’

    • Euan Rt

      Your ship is sinking phut. Great fun watching your flailing about :-) You also are spending much effort trying to support the Herald?

    • Guestosterone

      this isn’t the herald phutface, you’re on the wrong page/blog again

      • Hakim of phut

        WO is putting in a lot of effort but the Press Council will make a Chairmans ruling and return   the letter as  without foundation. As for the poor women claims of being ‘used’ …Hello  no one told her to put herself up as a piece of meat

      • Euan Rt

        if that be the case, then why all the arm flailing from you? Nobody gives you any credibility here. You could just wait and say I told ya, but instead you seem intent on defending the Herald? 


    Good on you,give him hell.

  • Rockfield

    Well done Cameron.


  • Paddles83

    Great Work Cam

    But I do think you will be waiting a while for a response from the Herald

  • LesleyNZ

    Excellent. I was told by one of the Editors (not Time Murphy) a few years back that they do not read blogs. I think perhaps they read the blogs nowadays? Once again an example of how blogs and bloggers keep the mainstream media honest. Once again this NZ Herald story proves that you should not believe all that is written in mainstream media and that objectivity has given way to subjectivity, manipulation and self interest, with personal agendas. Beware MSM – you are being watched and caught out.

    • jay cee

      and blogs are paragons of editorial freedom and unbiased opinions?

    • Wally

      Of course they read the blogs. Lying pricks!

  • Groans

    Another job well done Cam

  • Well Done Cam. This is why we have Blogs out there for this very reason (when I mention blogs I mean respectable blogs and not the “stuff” you see over either at RA or The Standard – although they do set The Standard for making Stalin proud in well you can work it out).

    You know when you make someone/thing squirm is when those in question begin lashing out – believe me am in that boat at the moment. 

    But four thumbs up to Cam on this one.

  • AnonWgtn

    Typical stupid Herald – nothing new – getting worse.
    Only superceeded by Bill & Ben at TV3. Sadly was on TV3 last evening when I saw silly puerile diatribes by Labour activists Batman & Goofy. Pair of even worse parasites.
    Poor TV3 having to still employ them – they ballsed up the last election and still expect to be listened to.

  • Beenthere

    Well done Cam

  • @BoJangles

    Wasting your time WO, the NZH is just a flea journal now, full of lite-weight journos and  candyfloss stories.   Expect more of the same, over and over , its their new MO for ‘news’.
    Much better was your expose of Comrade Ardern, and commendation of the new green MP trying hard to help the lady.  Now that’s what I commend.   Give us MORE

  • Dr Wang

    Excellent work Mr WO.

  • Gazzaw

    How times have changed, a ‘Pretend Labour’ supporter defending what now passes for the NZ Herald.  Can you ever imagine the hard men of Labour when it was a true representative of the working classes defending the NZ Herald in its heyday? The likes of John A Lee & Mickey Savage would be spinning in their graves if they could see HoP’s pathetic posts.

  • thor42

    Bloody well done, WO!  Go get ’em!  

  • philup_ure_a_cock

    Great work Cam!!!! Hey, where’s Phul? Do I have to change my name to Fhakhim of Shit now?

  • parorchestia

    Great stuff, but it was published in the NZFerald so I guess what else can you expect!