Lucky Phil Goff didn’t do a show

Last year when John Key’s DJ spot went to air Phil Goff made demands for the same consideration.

Labour’s Phil Goff says Radio Live refused a request to give other party leaders their own show.

His party has complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority and the Electoral Commission about last week’s ‘Prime Minister’s hour’, when radio station bosses allowed John Key to host a programme.

Coming so close to the election, Labour believes it broke broadcasting and election laws, even though Key didn’t talk about politics.

Goff this morning confirmed his staff contacted Radio Live to voice concerns about fairness, and he denied rumours Key offered Goff the chance to appear on the show.

”We contacted Radio Live and we said that you can’t have, in this part of the electoral cycle, one party leader being given a programme where he has full editorial control without extending that to other political leaders.

“Our request for that was declined. It was not just for ourselves it was political parties across the board.

”They said no. They said this was not political. Frankly, yeah right would have been the answer to that. This is either naive or worse than naive.”

Lucky he didn’t get his wish or he could be the one referred to Police now along with John Key’s show.



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  • spike

    NZ must be the only country in the world where minor party leaders expect the same rights and privileges as the Prime Minister. Surely the leader of a nation has earned privileges greater than that of these want to be’s? 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Once Goof & the Labour Party have paid back the almost $1millon that they stole from the tax payer last time they were in government, when they attempted to skew the 2008 election – only then can Goof and his cronies attempt to cry fowl.

  • Apolonia

    Phil could have done the night show and cured the nation of insomnia.

    • Thorn

      Labour must regret being steamrollered into replacing Phil with David Shearer. 

  • Paul

    Is it possible to refer to the police, attempted breaches of broadcasting and electoral laws