Lunatic expedition brings joy to our lives

News that a Norwegian loony and others, including a Mana Party activist have sailed to the Antarctic, and planted a Mana party flag in the polar ice can only bring us joy.

The so-called accidental stowaway on a Norwegian sailor’s expedition to Antarctica is said to be a Maori political activist who has planted a Mana Party flag in the polar ice.

Adventurer Jarle Andhoy abruptly sailed his boat Nilaya out of Auckland last month, after Immigration NZ served him with a deportation notice.

Aboard was an unnamed New Zealander who was said to have been working below decks repairing the anchor when the boat departed.

But the Herald on Sunday has been told the New Zealander joined the boat trip deliberately.

He is 53-year-old South Aucklander Busby Noble, an acquaintance of one of the three men who died on Andhoy’s last Antarctic expedition.

Mana Party candidate Kereana Pene said he spoke to Noble by satellite phone this week, after the Nilaya reached Antarctica.

Noble had marked his arrival on the continent by planting a Mana Party flag he had taken with him.

Is this the first recorded case of geese migrating to the cold, rather than away from it?

Speaking of loonies on expeditions…. time for some Monty Python!


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    And if the canoes had missed NZ,he would have been down there visiting relatives.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that the Norwegian guy is crazy.

     I’m still puzzled as to the exact reason for this trip. He said something about wanting to investigate for himself how his friends died down there. How on earth could he do that when his friends’ boat is underwater in some of the coldest waters in the world – in other words, inaccessible to him? This assumes that he could even find the sunken boat in the first place.
     The guy (and the Mana Party idiot) both seem to be just attention-seekers. They remind me of the idiot protesters who go into war zones, get themselves kidnapped and then have to be rescued.

  • Thorn

    And the next thing Kereana Pene will announce Busby  found remnants of a KFC meal together with a couple of empty beer bottles, and a jandle as evidence of early Maori habitation. Expect a claim soon.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone in the Mana party should be sent to Antarctica, perhaps then $200 a week and a state home won’t seem so much like “poverty”.

  • Ummm so tell me again what Gareth Morgan is going down there for? LOVE the Monty Python sketch – thanks for posting that – as a side note you realise you won’t be able to do that for much longer without breaking the law…..or paying money for the privilege. ACTA is coming….