M.A.D. in Labor

I’m enjoying immensely the battle in Australia over the leadership of the Australian Labor Party. The current infighting is giving up plenty of ammunition for the Liberals:

At least when the US and Russia were locked in a situation of mutually assured destruction during the Cold War they each had the good sense not to press the button.

Not so the Australian Labor Party.

As the Rudd camp kept saying yesterday, down at Liberal HQ enough material has been recorded in the past 24 hours to make lethal attack ads for every day of the next election campaign.

The best ammunition for the Liberals has been provided by Gillard supporters against Kevin Rudd. Minister after minister fronted the cameras yesterday in a clear attempt to tear apart Rudd’s record and reputation so comprehensively that – whatever the merits of their arguments – the caucus has to conclude he is unelectable.

This is a strategy to smash Rudd on Monday and bury the idea of a second ballot at the same time.

If Rudd’s ”people power” campaign unexpectedly prevailed, the only problem for the Liberals’ federal director, Brian Loughnane, would be choosing which clips to use.

Would he start with Wayne Swan calling Rudd ”dysfunctional”, ”deeply flawed” and ”erratic”, or go for Julia Gillard openly accusing the leader she served of ”sabotaging” the 2010 election campaign, lacking the ”discipline” to stay focused in the tough times, and of leading a government ”paralysed” by Rudd’s ”difficult and chaotic work patterns”? Truly an embarrassment of riches.

But if Gillard wins, as seems most likely, Loughnane can still roll out Rudd explaining that the Labor Party organisation needed reform so it was ”no longer governed by the faceless men”.

You can imagine the scary red and black images and the deep voice-over: ”Julia Gillard isn’t the real prime minister – just ask Kevin Rudd”.


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  • redeye

    If Rudd loses the ballot it’s almost certain that’ll he’ll resign from politics. Griffith will then fall. That’ll cause an election which Gillard will have very little chance in.

    Therefore their best chance is with Rudd which as you quite rightly point out will just make the Abbott even happier.

    Happy times for my Aussie friends.

    • Gazzaw

      Those were my thoughts too redeye but my Aussie mates reckon that if Rudd loses the ballot he will go to the backbenches and keep white-anting at Gillard and have another go in a few months. Much similar to Keating v Hawke.

  • raider580

    Labors problem is niether Rudd nor Gillard. Its their crackpot policeys. From wasted spending on schools, pink batts, boat people.and the big one, There will be no carbon tax under a goverment I lead.
     No Liberal supporter is overly keen on Tony Abbott but he is the only one who would oppose Labors idiot schemes. Not even Malcom Turnbull would do it and thats why Malcom isn`t the Libs leader.

  • @BoJangles

     Krudd is the second worst PM in history. Gillard beats him by a nose.

  • Guest

    The whole problem stems from the fact that Tony Abbott won the last election and is the rightful PM of Australia. It really is that simple.  SMH is calling Rudd by 1, independents baulk, gov-gen appoints Abbot as caretaker at an election where the liberals will smash Labour to pieces — and the Greens will pick over the carcas.

    This should be the end of the ALP

  • @BoJangles

    I’m getting the feeling Krudd could pull off a stunning victory on Monday, leveraging off threats of resignation / by-election defeat in Griffith,   which will have  vacillating ALP ministers (not to mention the Independants) contemplating early retirement if the status quo remains.
    Roll on midday Monday.

  • jay cee

    all very interesting, no matter who wins, the aussies will still be the team to beat in most sports.
    anything else is just a sideshow.