Mallard Redux

I was looking over the footage from last night’s appearance by Trevor Mallard on Campbell Live… and then realised… he used exactly the same apology the last time he got into trouble.  Most amazingly, it’s word-for-word.

“It’s not flash”
“It was a mistake”
“I’ve cocked up”

He also employed the same strategy after he smacked Tau, saying that he had been the subject of widespread criticism which had embarrassed him.

This man has no shame.

He is a recidivist offender who to my knowledge has never said sorry .. but it’s the hardest word…

But more importantly, where on earth is Daydream Shearer? Missing in action.


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  • Sarrs

    I’ve always thought that people who say ‘I apologise’ instead of ‘I’m sorry’ aren’t really sorry at all. 

  • Elaycee

    So this is Mallard’s third strike? 

    Mmmmmm  … there’s a thought. 

  • Spanishbride

    WO has made genuine apologies to me during our marriage which I appreciate. However he also knows how to make a non apology. My favourite is…..I am sorry that you are upset.
    Recently at work I received a non apology from a very rude man. He said I am sorry for saying xxxx but you have to understand that I am an up front kind of guy and that just is how I am.

  • Troy

    wow, the last 5 or so seconds of the clip really show the man for what he is – devoid of responsibility and drenched in the power of position that he held then, and seems to also hold now as an opposition MP. What a goat’s cock – and where is Shearer – probably giving him a hug.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Love the backgrounf music. Mallard could learn from the lyrics – No? Prob not

  • GPT

    Has anyone asked him if he has done his anger management course?

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Wanker Management would be more appropriate

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing the outcome of a by-election in Hutt South, if I may say so.

  • kayaker

    The boy’s always been a bit murky, ever since the days he was student president at Wellington Teachers’ College, dirty dreads and all.

    • Wainuiofarian

      You would be referring to the arbitrage opportunities created by natural herbal remedies there Kayaker? Definitely learnt a bit about trading back then.

  • Kimbo

    Ordinarily I’d take the attitude that politicians are human, they all
    make mistakes, and short of the government we are going to get after the
    Resurrection, our leaders will always make mistakes and no one is

    However, as a former member of the Labour party I’m happy to make an exception. Trevor
    Mallard has long been the reason I left that party, and no longer vote
    for them years ago. An ugly person, playing ugly politics, who more than
    anyone else is responsible for lowering the tone of NZ politics for at
    least the last 15 years.

    I don’t usually like engaging in schadenfreude, but in Trevor Mallard’s case I’m prepared to make an exception.

    “Burn, baby, burn. Disco Inferno!”

  • MrV

    I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for Trev.

    Sure it’s total hypocrisy his selling of the tickets (lucky the buyer wasn’t Chinese). His credibility now requires the James Webb space telescope to find it in the galaxy, but a TV interview is probably over the top.