Matching Australia through stronger unions?

Only a hardened socialist could think that the only way to match Australia is for stronger unions:

Voters will have cottoned onto the fact that this country won’t match Aussie wages without stronger industrial relations laws that give people more power at work.

Riiiight, how about political parties that are willing to dig up our resources instead of opposing it at every opportunity? That is what Australia is doing, they are digging up their mineral wealth and selling it to the world, meanwhile people like Jordan Carter, apparently a “thinker” in the Labour party wants stronger bloody unions to get us on an even keel with Australia.

You know what, a miner earning $175,000 cares about three fifths of five eighths of bugger all about a strong union every week as his pay packet comes rolling in.


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  • tas

    Don’t you realise that the rich pricks are just sitting on a big pile of unused money—it’s just sitting in a bank vault collecting dust. We just need to forcibly redistribute all the money and then everyone will be rich. Undoing 40 years of economic underperformance is easy for Labour.


  • This would be very important if people were working 18 hour days for minimal wages and bosses were aloud to beat their workers, not pay them etc. 

  • Anonymous

    Imagine stronger teacher unions….

  • Anonymous

    Imagine stronger teacher unions….