Maybe she was lending them to him?

It is possible that the personal items of a Moldovan stripper…oops..I mean dancer, that were found in Captain Schettino’s cabin were “just resting there” after she lent them to him for a crew fancy dress:

Items of clothing and lingerie belonging to Domnica Cemortan, a Moldovan former dancer, were found in the cabin of Francesco Schettino, the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, it was reported on Thursday.

Divers found the clothing, as well as a beauty case, when they searched the private cabin of Capt Francesco Schettino, 52, who faces charges of abandoning ship and manslaughter, according to La Repubblica newspaper.

The items are believed to belong to Miss Cemortan, a 25-year-old former cruise ship dancer and tourist rep who had dinner with the captain on the evening that he accidentally steered the 950ft long luxury liner into rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio.

Miss Cemortan reportedly told prosecutors in Grosseto, Tuscany, this week that she was “in love” with Capt Schettino, who is married with a teenage daughter.

She was interviewed for nearly six hours on Wednesday by prosecutors in a police station in Grosseto, Tuscany, amid reports that divers had found some of her belongings in Capt Francesco Schettino’s cabin.

According to Italian press reports, based on interviews with prosecutors, she said she had fallen deeply for the skipper – despite him having a wife and a teenage daughter.

“I love him, and it’s not right to destroy his reputation,” Ms Cemortan allegedly told investigators. “Everyone is hammering him.”

I guess it is possible that the Captain was also in charge of lost and found and she had recently misplaced her thong, bra, and other personal effects and Captain Schettino was just guarding them.


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  • Hollyfield

    He tripped and fell into a lifeboat.  
    It’s obvious – she tripped and fell into his room.

    • Hollyfield

      sorry – cabin.

    • Anonymous

      Then he tripped and fell into her.

  • Killjoy

    “Everyone is hammering him”
    Not in the same way you were my dear….

  • dad4justice

    The Itie skipper was having nooky while his ship hit some rocky nasty. He then ejacualted himself onto a life boat and the love boat sunk.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In the days when all these passenger vessels were manned by poms there was a huge gay community on them The reason was that homosexuality was illegal in the UK but not at sea.

    They would be “over the top” and dress flamboyantly and even stage weddings on the ship.

    There was also a large proportion of the catering depts on cargo ships who were gay.  The Dominion Monarch of Shaw Savill was renowned for the number of gay stewards on board.  With several on board a cargo ship they could get really “bitchy”

    • Kthxbai

      Much like the Cook Strait ferried used to be, then.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Yes and the Rangitira and Wahine as well.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Someone I know who has a wide experience in the pax ship industry tells me thyat if a Master or officer has his wife or girlfriend on a ship, if he is transferred to another vessel the wife/girlfriend is transferred as well.

    Wonder if Miss Moldove was transferred around the fleet with Il Capitano????

  • Ploughman

    But according to her he saved lots of lives.  Maybe he started one or two as well!