McCarten confused by Len’s Ports omelette

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Matt McCarten is surely confused about the Ports Of Auckland debate.

He says it’s all about privatisation.

This is strange because the owner of POAL is the council. Len Brown and his motley majority are opposed to any kind of sell down.

So what is Matt saying?

That Len is a liar?
That Len isn’t really in control?
The the centre right C&R bloc with only 5/20 councillors is really in control?
That maybe Len is simply the acceptably goofy sales face of a reformist free market council?

No, Matt is mistaken. in fact, Len is simply carrying on the policies of the old ARC where their investments are being plundered to pay for the spending Len needs to win votes in his heartland areas. The Ports are going to get their pips squeezed to make some nice sugary Len-onande.

The difference is that Len is prepared to turn a blind eye to his leftist kin – the unions. His re-election through free pools and community grants is more important than the economic well being of the union that backed him.

And so, Len sacrifices his workers to ensure the Ports can pay the massive dividend needed by him. Oh sure, he says he supports both sides of the Ports dispute, but it’s pretty clear Len is only out to support one side- his own self.

He has handed huge amounts of power to his CEO, Doug McKay to make the Ports an economic performer again and deliver on his dividend targets. McKay just the other day famously referenced broken eggs and omelettes about his plans to fix the ports, that’s why the Ports are going to triumph over MUNZ. Len has let his officers rule the roost, betraying his union mates so he can get the suits to deliver for his coffers.

So it is Len that Matt should should be blaming, not the centre right.

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  • Petal

    What are the odds Len will get a 2nd term?

    • peterwn

      John Key, Murray McCully and co I think will wish Len well for a second term. Len was most probably National’s saviour in 2011 and may well be in 2014. I understand that some Auckland lefties in 2010 considered the super city with Banksie as Mayor was going to be the downfall of National in 2011.

    • starboard

      about the same as Bob Parker getting a third..

    • Hakim of phut

      POAL has its own board . Len Brown  didnt appoint any directors
      All the shares in POAL are owned by Auckland Council Investments, 3 of which directors incl Chair were appointed by Rodney Hide. only 2 were appointed by AC subcommittee which is chaired by Len Brown.Effective say of Len Brown in Ports of Auckland – zero which is the same as his say in MUNZ. Even the CEO of Auckland Council was appointed by Hide and  his henchman before Brown won the election overwhelmingly

      • Guest

        It’s not an omelette – just a hash.

      • HappyMe

        Don’t mislead Hakim.

        Lenny controls the budget. He can send the signal to the officers – “I don’t want to see the Ports pay out such dividends at the expense of the workers”

        He also has the power to hire and fire CCO directors, all he has to say is “I don’t have confidence in Auckland Council Investments over their Ports strategy”, and Gary Swift et all will go.

        Speaking of which, Auckland Council Investments has brilliant businesswoman Pauline Winter on board. She’s a Brown stooge, probably appointed by Brown within minutes of being sworn in. Maybe all this industrial relation stuff is all over her head.

        Brown has something else – huge amounts of moral authority. If he wanted to, he could easily leap in and influence the debate. Trouble is, Len’s too frightened to do so.

      • Hakim of phut

        Sorry  happyme , cant fire CCO directors , another of Hides ideas.

         You would think he was elected Mayor, but in reality Hide is unelectable for anything

    • Unless a credible and strong independent or CnR candidate comes forward by July, Len will have his second term.

  • Simon

    The dead hand of socialism now sweeps across all of Auckland.  Thanks to National. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now the thugs at MUNZ have thretened a container co PIL.

    POAL say that they can now take MUNZ to court for restriction of trade.

  • rouppe

    Can anyone show where Len Brown has actually made proper leadership decisions?

    All I ever see is him in front of the camera, with his squinty eyes, making non-statements like “game changer”

  • Freddie_Robdul

    They now have advertising on Newtalk ZB saying that the reason the port want to make the change is they want to sell the asset