Mike Lee throws a tanty

Watch this video as Mike Lee launches into a monologue and gets interrupted by Penny Hulse with regard to procedure.

Penny Hulse, no shrinking violet herself, calmly points out the procedure while Mike Lee gesticulates and storms out. Check out 5m onwards.

He’s clearly showing pressure after his Ports of Auckland disaster.

He is showing all the signs of someone who would rather bully and hector than follow process.

One thing this video does prove though is how powerful having video footage of council proceedings is in holding the grandstanders to account.

With a city the size of Auckland I think that it is highly appropriate that this level of scrutiny be applied so that all citizens have access not just those who have the time to attend the meetings.


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  • @BoJangles

    Looking  a bit a la Ruddesque 

    • @BoJangles

       Hope he follows suit

  • Dr Wang

    Very unprofessional.

    • Guest

      Yep. Mike Lee is one step removed from the bully boy tactics of his union thug mates. And when bullies are stood up to, they melt away, just like Mike

    • Kthxbai

      Unprofessional, yes, but at least he didn’t let the dippy woman in charge get away with calling him “passionate”.  For that he deserves some respect.

  • Jman

     What a buffoon. He displays the maturity of a 5 year old who has just had his favorite toy confiscated.

  • Euan Rt

    I noticed early on someone(Penny?) tried to interject and he just talked louder over her. This is unacceptable in a meeting context. While his points are valid, his method is appalling.

    • Hakim of phut

      meetings 101, when someone ‘interjects’ you DO continue talking. Its is the interjector who is out of order

      • Guest

        Hakim, not if the interjector is the Chair, Penny Hulse. Mad Mike should have shut up when the chair talks. That’s how it works

      • Stop sticking up for your comrades on the left you nupty and muppet. As Guest says below – it was THE CHAIR of the Committee and probably one of Lee’s comrade in arms that interjected for his waffling. Last I checked in meetings the Chair can interject at any time apart from maybe interrupting a formal presentation unless it was off topic or over time considerably. And that is what Deputy Chair who is also Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse did in the absence of Chair and Mayor Len Brown.

        Then again someone like Phut is someone like Lee who is like those pesky Occupiers, Their Way and Their Mouth but no one else’s way and No Ears to listen but to themselves or sympathisers.  

        So much for a debate

      • Vij

        You are a moron.  You have no clue how meetings are run.  Don’t comment when you have nothing to contribute

  • Hakim of phut

    I would have thought bankrupt Kane Glass of Maraetai would have better things to do than run a council committee video stream.Stopping a supermarket opening in Beachlands worked out well  Kane ? Then as a developer himself maybe he  has a few little local shops that would be goneburgers

    • joe bloggs

      What a great attempt at diversion Hoik’em Pttuuuiiii The apparatchiks in Willis Street woudl be proud of you.

      Nevertheless Mike Lee is still a self-opinionated twat who has an over-inflated view of his self-worth.

      Rather than grand-standing and posturing like a spoilt brat he would be well advised to remember his responsibilities to the citizens who elevated him and who pay his inflated salary.

      • Hakim of phut

        Well I was knocked back as a honey trap for McCully, they have geeks who can do it better  from a computer

    • Vij

      There you go again, trolling

  • In Vino Veritas

    Mike Lee is a cant.

    I note with some irony, that he rails against central government bureacracy. That would be a bureacracy in a large part created by his socialist mates………

  • Guest

    Mike needs
    to take a chill pill, he obviously has no respect for women or anyone else’s
    opinion – he was droning on and on, frankly I am amazed that they let him
    ramble on for so long.  Ultimately he
    showed himself up to be an irritable, self-absorbed fool.   Oh how I wish Christchurch City Council had
    video now that would be entertaining.

    • Guest

      Speaking of no respect for women, has anyone asked Sandra Lee what she thinks of Mike? Was, for example, the alimony paid on time and all debts settled?

  • Ran some commentary on it yesterday in my own Blog.

    But the pressure must be getting to Lee, Council is serious adopting a more liberal approach to land use then Lee wants, he can not define productive land to save his life, Port of Auckland is the worst bloody disaster I have ever seen with inept leadership from Council, the CRL I have happily pointed out will cost around $3.6 BILLION and take longer to build and most of all our integrated ticketing scheme is so delayed, useless and over budget that the archaic paper tickets on trains seem rather simplistic and efficient compared to HOP/Snapper. Oh and as Cllr Lee is the head of the Transport Committee which is meant to be keeping AT on the straight and narrow with HOP – I think his head should be served on a platter? 

    • Guest

      Not to mention how Mike Lee’s big share market gambit with Ports of Auckland has seen Auckland ratepayers lose half their investment. Well done Mike. Who needs Lehman brothers when we have lunatic councillors investing money.

      • That be true. I wonder if we suck a major huge —-ing Lemon and sell down POAL to Infratil (that is sell down not flog off) to get some market capital, market expertise and stop this slide in POAL?

  • Allan

    Mike Lee couldnt organise a piss  up in a brewery. 
    From Union delegate to ARA to Auckland Council, where is his exposure to the real world. He wants everyone to live in cramped conditions in a box apartment, whilst he remains on Waiheke.  The guy is a waste of space and a typical Socialist wanting to control peoples very existence and ways of life.  Also when he doesnt get his own way resorts to bully boy tactics or throws his toys out of the cot.  As a previous commentator has said he has a self opinionated over inflated sense of his worth.

  • Vlad

    A self-absorbed, incoherent drone.  Does this mumbled shallow twaddle equal “passion” on the left?   Capped by a truly feeble example of handbag-throwing.  

  • Doug_S

    Mike Lee = Fucktard

  • Grandstream

    The only weakness he didnt mention was his own caveman thinking and lack of any real world experience !  And he is a liar – he said he would shut up ! Obviously he did not !  Was loser Len asleep ?? And where did Mike Lee go in  a hurry ? Off to see his mate Gary Parsnip at the POAL ? 

  • Dave

    What a fucking child, takes his ball and goes home.  Hilarious, its behavior i wouldn’t accept from a child, be clearly this left wing numpty thinks its an appropriate way to act when he gets called for talking through his arse.

  • Hairygoblin

    He did the right thing in walking. Now all he needs do is keep walking and not stop. Be gone and do not return.

  • Dion

    I thought he behaved pretty maturely by Mallard standards :)

  • jay cee

    ms hulse was right to pull him up he just seemed to be waffling without actually saying anything
    she should have interrupted earlier and asked what was the point he was coming to.  

  • Tom

    Goddamn he can ramble

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Ms Hulse wanted an ending. ‘Late on a Friday afternoon’ she said.
    Friday afternoon is party and food time in the City. Debate can wait.
    But Mike Lee is a cock, just dragging it all out

  • Chris

    Toys out of the cot, what a dick head.!