Mitt Romney has a bad day at the Office

Mitt Romney has had a really bad day at the office losing two and possibly three primaries.

Santorum has been declared the winner in Missouri and Minnesota. In Minnesota, Romney is currently trailing Santorum by almost 30 points and Ron Paul (!) is ahead of Romney by 10. Santorum is also ahead in Colorado, but very few votes have come in thus far. Josh Marshall finds no silver lining for Mitt.

Rick Santorum won Missouri and Minnesota convincingly, in Missouri he won every county. The turn out is low though and so Santorum cannot claim much other than a moral victory.


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  • Kiwikea1

    Don’t believe there are any delegates on offer in these primaries, also Gingrich wasn’t on the voting options so Santorum picked up the entire conservative vote. Romney will still get the nomination, which is a shame cos Gingrich v Obama in debates would offer a better PPV watch than SBW v Clarence the clown.

    • Mattyman

      I believe there are delegates for Colorado and Minnesota.

    • Blair Mulholland

       Missouri was a beauty contest with no delegates on offer, but Colorado and Minnesota were huge wins for Santorum.  And frankly, nobody should be placing any more bets on Romney, because I’d say his odds just dropped below 50% for the first time.  This helps Gingrich, because it means he can focus on Super Tuesday and the southern states to get the delegates he needs.

  • Agent BallSack

    Rick Santorum and moral in the same sentence? 

  • @BoJangles

    The jerkin is working again for Santorium

  • LLM