Mocking the ABC

In Australia there have been calls for ABC to correct their news stories saying that Tony Abbot caused the riot that necessitated Julia Gillard being rescued by Police after her own staffer misrepresented what Abbot said.

The ABC has published a defence of their article that only TVNZ could possibly beat for utter hypocrisy:

What is true is that Mr Abbott’s comments sparked the demonstration perhaps because they had been misrepresented or exaggerated. In that sense it is accurate to say that they “were enraged by remarks Mr Abbott had made”.

Well that has created an online backlash of people using photoshop to mock the ABC about their truthiness:


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  • nzd.gbp

    It reminds me of Gordon Brown’s famous quote: “I take full responsibility for what happened, that’s why the person who was responsible went immediately”.

  • Ha ha – love this – what a great bunch of weasel words…..I think the ABC has got silicone on it’s collective ass – non stick definitely…..

  • Anonymous

    NZ Labour Party are wowsers.
    Can they beat , killing 6 of there own citizens ,burning down at least 100 homes, wiping out hundreds of boat people and starting a race riot.
     Can the NZ Labour party take up the challange and better the Aussies