Riverstone obviously are not Simpsons fans. The residents of Te Anau are though.

Good to see that the same xenophobia acting against the Westpac Farms formerly owned by the Crafar family is acting against the monorail.

One resident questioned how the company could change the natural landscape of the area “just to bring a few Chinamen here”.

No it’s not racism at all…Chinee don’t count.


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  • Kthxbai

    If it’s true that the Riverstone’s chairman told the meeting that the ‘end destination”, whatever that means, was Te Anau and not Milford Sound, it’s no wonder they though he was bullshitting.

    ‘To link Queenstown and Te Anau you’d need to go from the Dart valley to the Hollyford road, and there is no way Te Anau would be a destination in that case except for a few extended-stay visitors who wanted to include Manapouri in their trip.  The visitors would flood off to Milford to be shepherded around in crowds, given a bit of a boat ride, then bussed back out to the monorail/gondola/whatever.

    Using sales techniques to try to bullshit rural Southlanders wasn’t the brightest move.

  • Sarrs

    The issue is Te Anau, as a tourist destination, is struggling for relevancy. I would guess 85-90% of visitors only go there on their way to Milford Sound and if an alternative route was available that bi-passed Te Anau (the monorail or the Hollyford tunnel) – Te Anau as a community would sink. 

    I think the inaccessibility of Milford is part of it’s attraction – especially in the Winter time. 

  • Auto_immune

    Te Anau should really be marketing themselves as more than just a Milford Sound ‘stop’.  Doubtful Sound, the tracks (e.g. Kepler) and Manapouri are all worthwhile things – relying on Milford traffic alone does the town a disservice.     

  • AnonWgtn

    Anyway Te Anau is a boring cheap tourist trap – most crap Made in China anyway, including so called Maori tat.