More about the Mayoress

The tip line and commenters have pointed out that the story about her office is true, and she shares the executive wing with the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the CEO. Councillors apparently are not welcome.

Several people have pointed out that the Mayoress not only occupies an office funded by ratepayers she seems to think she is entitled to perks.

Christchurch mayoress Jo Nicholls-Parker said it was “perfectly legit to take some perks” such as coffee and muffins because she worked fulltime for the city for free.

Nicholls-Parker yesterday responded to criticism of her role after revelations that she sat in on breakfast meetings with her husband, Mayor Bob Parker, and spent ratepayer money on muffins and coffees. The couple later paid back more than $600.

Nicholls-Parker yesterday defended her role, saying some people had shown “mean-spiritness”, although she had generally been well-treated as mayoress.

“I’m working fulltime for this city without getting paid to do that, so I think it’s perfectly legit to take some perks, even if it is just a small muffin and coffee.”

The position of Mayoress is unelected, and from what this blog can gather, the voting public would love to unelect the mayoress if they had a chance. Her sense of entitlement seems to enrage voters and ratepayers in Christchurch.


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  • MrV

    Are people really phoning the tip line over some coffee and muffins?
    Seems petty to me.

    • Paulus

      I would suggest that it is part of the increasing movement to get rid of the Mayor and elect Lianne Dalziel along with Jim Anderson and take the Council more left than ever. This would be to tackle any National Government head on like Len Brown. It is part of a longer term Socialist movement to control Local Government. It happened in Britain before Thatcher took it to task, and it took a long time to ameliorate to a balance.
      Look at the so called leaders of our other cities and towns, and the way they spend other people’s money.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of “work” does this mayoress do?

  • nzd.gbp

    Taking a break from being an art curator and calling it “taking a break from an art career” is a tad pretentious wot?Apart from that I must be missing something here. Free coffee and muffins? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sounds pretty cheap to me for a secretary. Why wouldn’t the mayor’s unpaid secretary be situated near the mayor? Should we put them in the basement with I.T?Please spell it out for me – perhaps use bullet points.

  • Geoffk

    couldn’t get to exited about this….she is right she is unpaid and supports mayor… fair nuff

  • James Gray

    Funny way of hiring a secretary, but I’d say ostensibly this fits in to the “probably not worth worrying about” category

  • Gazzaw

    I don’t have an issue with this as long as the mayoress is doing a decent job. If there’s an empty office that’s fine with me and what’s the cost of a few muffins and some decent coffee? Fuck all in the overall scheme of things.

    Of course she has to be able to host official visitors – sit them down, chat & have a coffee. Pour them a glass of wine if the time is appropriate.

    All seems to be a storm in a teacup to me.

  • John Q Public

    Even smaller potatoes. This and the other bullshit about the CEO’s pay is starting to bore my tits off. Not one Gingerslovakian has said what they think their CEO SHOULD be paid, just that they object to him getting a pay rise. If not half a mill, then how much should this job pay then, Einsteins?

    How many of the angry mob at CCC this morning turned up with pitch forks I wonder.

    • Gazzaw

      Don’t know what they think down there John. I don’t have a problem with his pay as long as he’s doing a good job. One problem that I have is his moral commitment – he’s in a high profile job at a very difficult time & I think that not only does he need to be living permanently in Ch’ch but also his family. Ch’ch, love it or loathe it is an insular sort of place and he really does need to immerse himself into the social, cultural & sporting life of th city. His wife needs to do the same and if he has kids then they should be at school there as well. Marryatt can commute from Hamilton till the cows come home but unless he makes some great strides into immersing himeslf and his family down there he may as well start packing his bags.

    • Aldousk

      “… how much should this job pay then, Einsteins?”
      About one-third of what it is currently paying. Here is an explanation of how the current fashion of grossly overpaying “executives”: 

    • Anonymous

      Campbell Live last night reported that he earns more than Barack Obama, let alone John Key. Seems like the private consulting company might be inflating things just a tad if a council CEO is “worth” more. 

  • I like her leather jacket

    Sounds like all the unwanted aspects of MMP without a pesky by election. ie: Not voted in – strong feeling of entitlement and a self inflated sense of self worth. Ah well – I’m nice and safe down south with Tim – I mean, what could go wrong….

  • Southshore

    all about culture actually how many senior managers would even tolerate the CEO’s
    wife parked in an office next door to his in a highly confidential and secure
    environment unless she was a director of the company?.  This is while councillors who ARE elected and
    paid to do council work have to work in their cars, in ONE shared office in the
    council chambers or at home – when we get rid of the Mayor, Mayoress (sic) and
    Marryatt there will be three spare offices the councillors can use – oh forgot
    four there is no point Button sticking around she is useless now God forbid
    what would she do if not cowering to Bob and Tony?   Maybe make the entire area for councillors

  • dad4justice

    I’ll have a Bob Each Way the Mayoress has a girlfriend.

  • jay cee

    whats that old saying about keeping your friends close,and your enemies closer.