More likely because it is boring

Apparently women aren’t into mathematics…not because it is boring as hell but because supposedly a career in mathematics would interfere in bringing up children:

Women are shunning academic careers in maths-intensive fields because the lifestyle is incompatible with motherhood, researchers at Cornell University found in a study to be published next month in American Scientist Magazine.

Universities have long been criticised for hiring and evaluation policies that discriminate against women, but the findings of this new study point to the female biological clock as a main reason why so few women end up as professors in fields such as math, engineering, physics and computer science.

A woman who wants a family looks at the rigorous path to a tenured position and considers how old she will be before she can start a family and how little time she will have to raise her children. Many of those women opt for a more flexible career.

You are hardly going to pull a bloke by yapping on about mathematics are you?


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  • Pete George

    You are hardly going to pull a bloke by yapping on about mathematics are you?

    Probably not about lengths, but projected frequencies and displaying curves might be tempting.

  • tas

    You are hardly going to pull a bloke by yapping on about mathematics are you?
    You forget that female mathematicians are surrounded by male mathematicians. Women in maths, computer science, or engineering have no trouble finding guys!

    • Euan Rt

      but they all talk ‘geek’.

      • Kthxbai

        Nothing wrong with talking geek. 

  • Jman

    It depends on whether she has big tits or not

  • Kthxbai

    I think the real reason women don’t go on in mathematics much is the female role models who get time in the media and who seem to be proud of their lack of ability to think their way out of a paper bag.

    Even Kathryn Ryan did the girly-giggle-I’m-no-good-at-maths-aren’t-I-the-sweetest-thing line on Morning Report a couple of months ago.

  • fifibelle

    I doubt that many girls are thinking about child rearing while they drop it from their high school subjects, and that’s when those maths-rich careers start falling away as an option (oh, and maths IS boring!)  Not sure what’s really “new” about this though – similar papers were being published about womens’ career options when I started at med school in the ’80s. Tenure in a uni job is always going to be a challenge for people who want to be involved with their children, and unsurprisingly, that includes fathers too. Reverse sexism, so over it…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Easily fixed, just ban Maths

  • Pharmachick

    I (partially) work in a maths heavy area. 

    There are bugger-all women that work in this area… and I have no credible ability to comment as to why… simply because I do okay at this type of work (there are many that are much better than me); but because I do okay, it *mystifies* me as to why females/women “give up” on maths and don’t go into the myriad careers it can supply. 

    The one thing I will say is that it is bloody INFURIATING when I have male mentees that do well and then have the general community in my discipline wonder, sometimes out loud; whether or not the “horse is leading the rider”. Since my mentees (thus far) are generally outstanding people, they always pass on these comments and I ALWAYS confront the speakers/writers of such statements. Although not strictly directly … I find that sometimes a more veiled comment about such baseless statements to a much larger audience can also have good effect.

    So I guess I’m saying, the chicks in Math and Maths-related discilpines need to harden up and be prepared to call out the twats that try and assert the old “chicks-versus-dicks” mantra. Its just not necessary to have such a dichotomy.