More Union Bullying, and now blackmail

As Garry Parsloe suns himself in Sydney while his unionised workers sit in the wind at the port on strike he is now issuing blackmail threats from Australia:

Mr Parsloe later called back to the Herald to say a ship due to arrive in Auckland last night and be unloaded by non-union labour was no longer heading here.

He said Mr Gibson would not see another ship in the port “unless he behaves himself” and abandoned plans to contract out the jobs of his unionised workers.

What the union did last night in threatening a ship owner with blacklisting is not only illegal in New Zealand it is also illegal in Australia.

Nonetheless Garry Parsloe and his union mates still made a call to a ship and forced them to avoide Auckland and now in the NZ Herald he is on record at saying that not another ship would be unloaded. That ship has diverted to Tauranga where it will be unloaded. More business exported to Tauranga by a foolish, racist and bullying union

We know the union are bullies, we also know they are racist. Now they are dirty blackmailers.

As a reminder here is the video I posted on Sunday about union bullying and racism at the Port:


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  • Coventry

    Stand Strong – Don’t let the scum grind you down.

    • Hakim of phut

      Once the union goes , so does the high pay. 
      How does $25 Hr -flat rate, no shift loadings , weekend loadings and so on.

      Does he sound like someone who could negotiate a  $90,000 salary on his own ?

      • Biker

        They will join the majority of people in the country who don’t earn as much as $25 an hour and don’t get shift loadings and perks.

        DRRR DRRR DRRR that’s the sound of your alarm clock going off telling you to wake up

      • HDADHD

        There are no penal rates at the port.

      • Killjoy

        Does he sound like someone who could negotiate a  $90,000 salary on his own ? 
        Hakim, I thought you socialist types were meant to stand for equality and the like and against racism and supposition…??

        MUNZ goes down, workers are then paid what they’re worth, what value they contribute to the success of the company and their reliability.
        This equals successful business, as long as PoA is fair with their workers- as long as they’re following the law they will be, unlike the illegal activities of MUNZ.

        If they’re not worth $90k pa then they should only be paid what they’re worth or find another job.
        PoA exists to pay dividends to its owner, not give WINZ style support to those that don’t deserve it.

      • non-union

        well actually “hakim” he negotiated exactly the same as me and if i work it out yes 91k plus per year. Shows you  know fuck all about the ports. So think before you type or open your mouth

  •  i really think that many underestimate the international-support the union can call on…

    ..and as for calling on/using that support..wouldn’t you..? a last resort..

    ..this govt/the employers are trying to smash the union.. they can privatise/transfer to the elites/1%… the port-operations..

    ..i hardly see warning of that support as ‘blackmail’… is a heads-up to those gloating-triumphalists on the right..

    ..who feel smashing this union will be a  walk in the park…

    [email protected]

    • Phil it is illegal to blacklist in New Zealand and Australia, I think you will find the union is in deep trouble now.

      •  surely there is nothing to be done here to stop..say the wharfies in london/wherever..

        ..taking it upon themselves to blacklist any ships/shipping-lines breaking the picket..? support/sympathy of the ak-union..?

        [email protected]

    • Doug_S

      Yes Phil, you can clearly see the support (or lack there of) on their website. 5795 have signed the petition…an overwhleming show of support you think? Eh? I was very pleased to hear Michael Barnett busting the unions lies on ZB this morning. About time NZ business had a say in the matter. MUNZ are munted. These are the death throws of a dying union. I only pray death comes quickly for he sake of the owners of POAL…the NZ public !!

    •  Oh Phil; you’ve been sucked in by Matt McCarten’s untruths again. The port is not being prepared for privatisation. Len Brown and his left-leaning council are simply demanding that Auckland receive double the amount in dividends that PoAL is currently delivering.

      Fancy that eh; a Labour Party member mayor, and a council dominated by lefties will be responsible for bringing the Maritime Union to its knees. How the unions will be regretting having thrown their support behind Brown in 2010.

    • ConwayCaptain

      You will find Phil, if you read the overseas news, that the wharfies in Europe, Asia etc are more interested in seeing their employer prosper and giving them better wages and conditions for doing a good job, than putting that in jeopardy by blacklisting ships from NZ.

      I can see Maersk, who make up 25%+ of the GDP of Denmark, putting up with the Rotterdam union blackballing ships from NZ.  How many Maersk ships use Rotterdam Port per day??????  You would be surprised. 

      All these ports, R’dam, Bremen, Hamburg, Antwerp, Felixstowe would have a weekly throughput EACH of nearly an Akl two monthly throughput.

      I flew from London To Paris in 2009 and looked out of the window and the number of LARGE box boats thundering up channel was amazing all making for the ports mentioned above.  They arent interested in SOLIDARITY with a bunch of dinosaurs in Akl.

      Liverpool now has more tonnage moving through it witha FRACTION of the workforce than it had in its hey day of the 60’s, London Docks are now Yuppie Tower Blocks, Tilbury cant take the biggies so it is Felixstowe and they are thinking of building a new port at Sheerness.

    • Light

      No, this will not work – not this time Phillip.
      The age of men terrorising is passing away
      The terrible things they have wreaked upon others in the name of solidarity – their brothers and comrades…. the bullying mode where there is no care for the life of others or the beauty and uniqueness that each individual has. 
      The prioritising of union above family, followed by the big drinking while the strikes are on with children going hungry and women carrying the burden of how to protect the family.
      The stubborn self destructive choice to not make up your own mind and to allow others to fill it for you with their own agenda
      The punching, spitting, vandalising and threatening behaviour that goes hand in hand with striking
      These are the days of shame.  When you ramp up negative emotions in others wanting confrontation, not cooperation.
      All organisations are being challenged in these new times to move towards cooperation, to find new ground and flexibility. All organisations are being exposed and made to become transparent.  Those that cannot adapt and change become extinct. 

      I have no doubt that those who end up working for the Port once the contracting out has been completed will be happy there and well looked after.  They will still be well taken care of by the Port and their employer and will continue to earn above the average wage to support their families. If they get tired of the job and feel like a change, they will leave and try something else. 

      For that is the thing with creatures and organisations that become extinct … what existed before cannot exist again.

    • Bunswalla

      I know what you mean, those poor union bastards, being forced to work 26 hours a week, get paid for 40 and earn only $91,000 each and every year.

      And good on the MUNZ for crippling the port, illegally blackmailing skippers of vessels to further erode their rapidly reducing income, all from the backroom of some dingy hotel in the Cross. God bless ’em, every one.

      That’s a really smart thing to do – closing down the business to save their jobs.


      • ConwayCaptain

        Dingy Hotel in the Cross!!!!!!!!

        NO way it will the Sheraton, Hilton or whatever for the Bruvvers

    • Grandstream

      I have seen the support they are mustering locally. A couple guys from the meat processing union were at the traffic lights this morning off to support their brothers at the POA line.  They had their union t-shirts on, and ear muffs on top of their heads (no doubt ready to use when faced with hearing facts).  What I did find intersting wa steh way they were leering and wolf- whistling at a girl in school uniform – she can’t have been older than 14 or 15. So, heads up to those those wanting to smash the union, be warned they are rolling out the really smart ones to take on the POA management ! 

    • Lunacy08

      I think maersk should withdraw the funding from the ITF, oh thats right you didnt know maersk  partly funds the ITF

  • Gazzaw

    Parsloe has escalated the dispute and MUNZ must now accept the inevitable consequences.

  • len who..?

    [email protected]

    • Vij

      Sorry Phillip, nobody agrees with you, so sad

      • that makes for a refreshing change..dosen’t it..?

        ..and there i was..

        ..thinking i am here for the love….

        [email protected]

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      And despite the fact that a lot of people disgree with you Phil, you still have the opportunity to present it. Unlike those members of the dinosaur union being commented on.

      • ChrisH4

        Which is interesting… as I was a “friend” of Helen Kelly’s on Facebook for a few weeks…

        Unfortunatly she decided a couple of days ago that I wasn’t “empathetic” enough and defriended me – go figure!

        Its amazing the sort of pathetic comments her other friends make though, makes you wonder what planet these people live on??

        Classic case in point was Hobbit Hater drubbing up support for some dodgy on line poll (can’t remember who’s) where there were 4 options, A) support the wharfies, B) don’t support the wharfies, C) don’t care, D) don’t know… A) was running at 27%…

        So I posted “thanks for the heads up, just voted against – along with the other 61%!

        Some ignoramus then said “I’ve voted for them 10 times – hope that helps” – as if it actually makes a difference?!

        …got “unfriended” before I could point out that in total 73% of those polled disagreed with her – even with their vote rigging…

        Another classic post was about Air NZ cutting staff in response to falling profit levels, some Tree Hugger posted “Unbelievable – did they never think they could just accept a lower return”?!

        …pointed out to her a few economic truth’s about why businesses exist… then mentioned that you could make EXACTLY the same argument about Leftie Len – if he wanted to keep lining the pockets of his MUNZ mates – only problem is – then no one would vote for him…

        Think that might have also contributed to me becoming an “ex-friend”… maybe in hind sight I should have just been more “empathetic” towards the brain dead??…

  • Has Parsloe, via his illegal action inadvertantly given the Government grounds upon which to deregister the Maritime Union?

    • Vij

      I really hope so.

    • Hakim of phut

      What illegal action ?
      Saying a ship has changed its port of call because they can unload faster elsewhere is hardly a big deal

      • Callum

        That is not what he said so stop skirting the issue, he has threatened the port will see no more ships unless contracting plans are abandoned. That is a clear threat.

      •  @ea91275d146dd69f674c75b2aa3d9366:disqus Hakim – assuming you can read, check this out:

        The port company later blamed a blacklisting threat from the union for a
        decision by the operator of the container ship Kota Permasan, carrying
        freight from Asia, to bypass Auckland and head to Tauranga.

        It said the vessel’s operator was called by a union official with a
        threat that it would be blacklisted if unloaded by non-strikers and the
        shipping company would be targeted by union action in Australia and New

        That would be illegal, the ports firm said.

        Mr Gibson said “such threats, bullying and intimidation” were
        characteristic of the union’s behaviour during the dispute and would
        fuel public distaste for it.

        “It is abhorrent that a New Zealand union is making direct threats
        against shipping lines and is inciting Australians to act against the
        interests of our employees, Auckland businesses, Auckland City, New
        Zealand consumers, the New Zealand supply chain and this country.”

        Certainly looks like a union-initiated threat to me.

      • Lunacy08

        see missinformed again, what did i say about thinking before you type. Also nice to see the company wallace another steveodoring company all munz members unloading a ship that these guys on the picket line usually unload today….. yes solidarity brothers

  • Owl

    I read the blog on here that unions now only represent 8% of the private work force. Now in the corporate world that slide from 40% market share would tell you two things. The leaders jobs are on the line for such a huge market slide and secondly you have a product people don’t want.

    The first easy the second just tells you that your business is outdated. Your product or what you are trying to sell just isn’t needed anymore. Just read the kodak story. Once innovative now dead. Unions were once innovators or champions now they are just trying to survive.

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work all this out but maybe they unions need to employ some. At some point of time this strike will be resolved. They always do. It will be the aftermath which will be interesting.
    A comprised will be reached and you will see a weakened union and a port caught in limbo for a few years unable to make change for change sake. The union bosses will leave or get voted out and the council will watch ports of auckland like a hawk.

    So we will all have to wait for the next council election before any real change is made and the next mayor will campaign on the back of this with a vision of poal. Whoever does that will become mayor.

    You know the saddest thing about all this is…were are all the leaders..nothing from govt, nothing from the opposition, nothing from the mayor, nothing from anyone. Where have all our leaders gone in this country?

    • Doug_S

      @b087b1d6ce0d4faa19d9bf86d4bcb884:disqus …POAL are just biding their time. Yes it has an impact on it’s business, Yes they have done the numbers and yes it stacks up just to leave the Union to it. I believe the saying is; Give someone enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves. I’m pretty sure we will NOT see MUNZ anywhere near POAL in the very near future. They have the rope and they are tying the slip knot as we speak. POAL knew Parsloe would use this latest tactic and know he will drop himself in it. Interestingly he has denied his actions on public radio today. His words were, he cannot stop other MU’s around the globe issuing such threats to vessels….Was he implying another MU did this out of some sympathy for MUNZ?? 
      POAL may have been playing cat and mouse with MUNZ late last year but the tables have turned. POAL are quietly getting their proverbial ducks in a row behind the scenes and are about to drop a bomb on them. I said earlier, MUNZ are munted, they munted themselves. They have never had the support of the wider community and they lost what little business support they had the moment Fonterra walked. 

      It is painfully obvious that POAL is probably munted to a certain degree also. All this has highlighted a number of issues, poor performance, limited capability and some idiotic idea of expanding the wharf. 

      MUNZ = Munted ToastParsloe = Future Labour candidatePOAL = Doomed and defers to POT or Marsden or both

  • Agnes

    Light, you have just summoned up everything, Cheers for that

  • Tom

    Sack the fucking lot. Start again.

  • Leata

    I spoke to one of the young men on Thursday night as he was preparing to leave, he didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want to go on strike, unfortunately he was too scared not to. His wife was asking him to leave the union and so was his family. He also felt that all of this was only because Dave Wheeler had lost face when he lost his department. Talk of the shit hitting the fan goes as far back as march last year. When we lost seapack no one cared and the union refused to negotiate to save 4 jobs there. As for the claim from MUNZ regarding privatizing the wharf that is scare mongering and such exaggerated lies is what got the vote to start the strikes in the beginning. As it is a council owned asset and owned by the people of Auckland it can not be privatized.