New Combat Shotgun for NZ Defence Force

Defence has recently bought a number of additional Benelli M3 (NZ) Shotguns to enhance its current fleet of weapons.

The Benelli M3 (NZ) is a 12 guage shotgun capable of being operated in either pump-action or semi-automatic mode. Check out the shotgun in action at a recent tri-service training day.


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  • Hakimofphut

    The gangs will have their orders in pretty soon.
    Funny how many weapons fall off the back of a truck

    • Honcho

      That doesnt happen.

    • Thorn

      Gangs can get anything they want anyway. Its the security services that needs better culling equipment.


        Hope you dont mean the security industry.Would not issue a popgun to some of those clowns


    Maybe if they issued them to the Police,there would be less leg shots in the future.And less wounded scumbags.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    I have the M4 at home – and love it !!!!

  • Kiwidon

    Try a Saiga with a bunch of 10 shot mags! 

  • popeye

    a telescopic butt – the navy boys will luv it then….

  • Gazzaw

    Any good to use on Israeli drones? Shearer could include in his next gift parcel to Palestine.

    • Gazzaw

      Sorry meant to say ‘against Israeli drones’.

  • EX Navy Greg

    They are bloody good at bowling over goats etc….

  • They’ve never impressed me when I’ve seen them in three gun competitions. Maybe it was operator error but they seem to be pretty unreliable.