New rule is the same as the old rule

In politics most politicians operate purely out of self interest. It is a hard and fast rule.

In Australia is is highly unlikely that Rudd will win through but you never know when politicians start thinking about themselves:

Rudd’s only, very slim, hope is to stay schtum and see. If he can continue to be accused of undermining the government after losing decisively in today’s ballot, his remaining support is likely to slip away. (Many senior Labor figures believe he has been so publicly discredited, and the antipathy towards him is so intense, a desperate caucus facing defeat would still not turn to him, but instead look to an as yet unidentified third person).

In any event, both collectively and for each camp, self-interest now dictates a deep breath, a truce and a period of stabilisation, at least for a while.

And as the former NSW premier Jack Lang advised a youthful Paul Keating, in politics you should always back the horse named self-interest.

You never can tell with that horse…self interest wins an awful lot.


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  • Hakim of phut

    Same old same old. Liberal party when Howard was PM had his Treasurer after his job

    Costello doesn’t have the numbers to blast John Howard out. But he does have the dirt to make him look bad, and he’s throwing it. – Michelle Grattan in the Age 2006.

    After the loss in 2008, Liberals went through Bredan Nelson , Brian Turnbull and finally Tony Abbott, the mad monk.  They would have had Costello as well if he had stayed in parliament. Much mud was thrown by the Liberals as it continues with Abbot

  • Doug_S

    News Just in Gillard by a long way 73 to 29…

  • Hakim of phut

    Not even close ….what was Rudd thinking.
    Its really about interstate rivalry.
    This was Vic v Qld. 
    Usually its NSW v Vic for the liberals and will continue with that Taleban Catholic Abbott

    • Doug_S

      Hakim, The only winner out of all this is Abbott. Australians have had a guts full of the socialist government. Mark my words…They will be gone by lunchtime come the election.

    • Super_Guest

      Meanwhile Labour continues with a childless atheist former communist who most of the electorate and a good chunk of the party hate. Bring on the Tories next go-round.

      • Hakim of phut

        And  a failed trainee priest will do better…..?

  • Blair Mulholland

    I used to think politicians operated by that rule.  Unfortunately, I was wrong – there is one rule that supersedes it – on balance a politician would rather be a general in a losing army than a foot-soldier in a winning one.