No authority?

Tamati Mason thinks the Crown has no authority to try him for crimes he is charged for:

The man accused of murdering Bellevue resident Sandra Brown believes the High Court does not have the authority to hear the case, although a trial date is set.

Tamati Mason appeared in the High Court in Rotorua on Thursday for a pre-trial application where he again protested the court’s authority.

At each court appearance, Mason has argued Maori never agreed to give sovereignty to the Crown, rendering New Zealand’s justice system powerless over him.

The 41-year-old is represented by the lawyer Annette Sykes – an advocate for controversial Tuhoe members such as Tame Iti.

The pair was instructed by the court on Thursday to define their argument before the case goes to trial on August 27.

A further hearing to determine if the trial is to proceed is scheduled for May.

Mason is accused of murdering Sandra Brown, and attempting to murder her daughter, Katie, in their home on February 2 last year.

So he believes that he shouldn’t be held accountable for murder. I’ll bet you dollars to knob of goat poo that he’s been living off state benefits since being born but suddenly doesn’t recognise the Crown when in court for murder. If you don’t recognise the Crown then you can hardly avail yourself of the benefits of the Crown, which more than likely also includes legal aid.

As for his lawyer, Annette Sykes, she doesn’t recognise the Crown but wanted to be an MP…how does that work?


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  • Troy

    Sykes is like a bad smell, just appears all of a sudden, pisses off after offending everyone and always leaves a little bit of a stink behind.  I suppose we can all be grateful she didn’t become an MP.  There’s something hiding in her closet, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.

  • Guest

    I’ll see your knob of goat poo, and raise you a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys that once someone points out to him that tribal Maori usually took a fairly dim view of the attempted murder of your ex-girlfiend and the actual murder of her mother, he might accept the courts jurisdiction…..And I would further wager that the likely punishment from said pre European sovereignty Maori would be a damn sight worse than the likely roof over his head TV and 3 meals a day from the current legal system…..

    • Jimmie

      Heh he’d probably turn into 3 meals a day for the tribe

  • Guest

    Her client doesn’t recognise the Crown, she is putting forward his view, not necessarily her own.

    • Troy

      Oh come on!  Sykes is well known for taking any case concerning Maori which fights the so-called “holocaustic” law of the land.  She’s a shit-stirrer from a long way back and pushes her own agenda (and that of her “leader” Hawarwira) at any opportunity.

  • Andrei

    He might claim that
    the High Court does not have the authority to hear the case”
    ,  he might even believe it.

    But as Mao once said “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun” and regardless of what this fellow might think the trial will go ahead and whatever the outcome he is just going to have to suck on it.

  • GPT

    One assumes she does not claim legal aid from the Crown which she does not recognise

  • Blair Mulholland

    I say we call his bluff.  According to pre 1840 Maori custom, we should lop his head off, boil it, and eat it.

  • Gold

    So in Maori culture you could just murder people and get away with it? Bollocks.

  • Anonymous

    He should be careful what he wishes for, he may just have to pay back all the dole he has received  from the govt he does not recognise.

  • Grant Stantiall

    Am I to assume the taxpayer is picking up Annette Sykes tab for the legal aid? We should follow the potential CHCH ratepayer threat and withhold a portion of our taxes in these situations. 

  • Michael

    He’s obviously never read the Treaty of Waitangi. Both the English and Maori version make it explicit in Clause 1 that the Queen will govern New Zealand – meaning the Crown could make the laws.

  • Anonymous

    Lets go with his argument, then let mob rule decide.

  • Anonymous

    I he believes the Crown has no sovereignty over him, then he can’t expect any habeus corpus rights. We’ll just throw him in prison and leave him there to die.

  • Boss Hogg

    A murder committed one year ago going to trial in another seven months time – The system is broken !!  The trial will take weeks and will then have some basis of appeal.

    I keep raving on about Singapore Law.  No jury trials, if found guilty by the judge he is dead within weeks.  The streets and homes are safe places to be.


    Here we go again,one more raving, mad as bat shit loser,and maori to boot.Should have added a clause to the treaty,”if you cheeky darkies dont pull your own weight,and contribute to the running of this country,you will be put back in the waka you arrived in and sent on your way.Ps Do the crime,and you will do the time.”.Got the logs ,anyone know how to make a waka??


  • EX Navy Greg

    If someone a little unhinged put a bullet through his bonce, In theory, no crime would be committed because he is ” not in the country”.

    GPT, Quintin hogg, your thoughts?

  • jay cee

    annette sykes is actually arguing this point? as a lawyer she should know that we,all of us,are equal under the law.none of us can go around deciding which laws and therefore which courts can administer them. if he wants the court changed to suit maori then he needs to petition parliament, good luck with about the lunatics taking over the asylum. 

    • Thorn

      Well said. The three Maori-led parties are going to try exactly that next session of parliament.

      • Three Maori-led parties?

      • EX Navy Greg

        Maori led parties? That’s like saying Penny Bright.

      • Yeah, but what’s the third Maori-Led party? 

        Green (Turei?)? 

        NZ First (Winston)? 

        Labour (who knows?)?

      • Thorn

        Joel, Hone’s Mana. 

  • Nice try but possession is 9 tenths of the law. 

    He is lucky that we do not try him under the pre treaty law, then we would be killing him off. Never mind about due process and trial. 

  • Anonymous

    He is arguing for the ancient custom of Utu. A custom where there is unlikely to be a fair trial and if he loses (One assumes he has already lost) he will be executed slowly with clubs and a sharpened stone. I say we should let him have his wish.

  • Patrick Murphy

    what about the law of natural justice, shoot him, feed him to the pigs & move on.

    Next mongrel please.

  • Anonymous

    Ceding sovereignty to the crown was the first article. 

    It is inconceivable to believe that the British would have concluded a treaty wthout them having total control. Just like Singapore. Just like India. To think otherwise is mornonic