No Legends up North

The NZ Herald has run a story about a Mana Party volunteer who crashed his car into a family and is now in hospital in a coma, unlikely to ever recover.

The article raises more questions than it answers.

Awanui is a small place and the street where Hone Harawira lives is even smaller…my sources tell me that the accident occurred less than 1km from his house, where a pre-wedding party was in full swing and had been all day. The article supports the distance being short from the party:

Members of the Harawira family, who were partying at home ahead of a family wedding, ran to help in the aftermath of the accident.

Is it really believable that Joseph “Reti” Nathan was never at Hone’s house during the day. Hone Harawira is adamant that he was “never” at his house….a Mana party activist, in Awanui where a party is being held full of Mana party people and he was “never” there….yet smashed his car just 1km away necessitating Mana party people to run to the scene…not to save Joseph or assist in the rescue of the poor bastards he drove into…no instead they ran to retrieve a flag:

…Mana Party members were waiting at the cordon wanting to retrieve a flag in the back of Nathan’s car but were restrained by police.

So, let’s get this straight…Hone says Nathan wasnt at the party or his house at all yet moments after the accident Mana party people and Hone’s family are running towards the accident…to retrieve a flag…How did they know there was a flag in the car of the person who was never there, or that the person who was never there had been involved in an accident less than 1km from the house he was never at.

My local sources also tell me that the reason this story has taken a month to get out was because of a culture of intimidation. The local media initially ran a story but have been told to remain silent. People are now all singing from the same song sheet in a Kahui style culture of silence.

Which is all in stark contrast from Hone Harawira’s public stance on the evils of alcohol:

Mr Speaker, today is Armistice Day – the day we remember the deaths of soldiers and civilians sacrificed on the altar of war and greed.

And today we also remember the deaths of soldiers and civilians sacrificed on the altar of ignorance, drunkenness, profit, greed, and government’s ongoing unwillingness to put an end to the destruction visited upon our communities by alcohol in all its pernicious and evil forms.

And today we remember the families who bear the scars of lives lost to cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, depression, alcoholism and heart disease, and those families suffering the lasting effects of drunk driving, and alcohol-related falls, drownings, poisoning, assault, injury, and foetal alcohol syndrome.

There is more to this story, and I suspect that the Herald on Sunday has withheld some information because there is now a wall of silence from all involved. Hone Harawira needs to come clean on what happened that day.

Why didn’t someone stop a mate from driving drunk…no legends up North apparently:


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  • you didn’t mention the driver was blood-tested for alcohol at the hospital..and passed..

    ..did you think that unimportant to the story..?

    [email protected]

    • Phil, I am writing not just with the herald as my source.

      •  so/but how did you not think the passing of the blood-test is irrelevant..?

        ..surely a fact that kinda deflates this souffle..?’d think..? could he be blind-drunk..(after being force-fed alcohol by harawira..?..why not..?..go for boke..!

        ..and then pass the test…

        ..and he may have had alcohol..but were he blind-drunk at the time of the crash..

        ..there was no way he would have passed that test..

        ..the facts..and yr story..’don’t stack up’..

        ..(to say it politely..)

        [email protected]

      • Phil do you think 3 litres of IV and Blood might have had a diluting effect?

  • Callum

    That is a little dishonest there Phil, the driver was under the limit (not a zero reading) when tested hours later and after being fed a lot of saline. That confirms there was alcohol in his system and it is extremely unlikely he was under the limit at the time of the car crossing the centreline into the path of the other vehicle.

  • Dr Wang

    This story stinks like a month old fish.

  • put it away

    So this is where phool hangs out now to make an idiot of himself to get attention? I can’t blame him for not wanting to spend time on the silent empty abyss of his own blog. Ooooh look phool, someone made a comment on your site last week Things are really jumping!!!!

  • Adybombs

    One other big hole in this story – Are we seriously expected to believe there is even one let alone several members of either the Harawira family or the Mana Party that are capable of running a kilometre.  Bullshit!!!!  I would suggest the accident was a lot closer to the house than that or they drove from the party to get there.  

  • Anonymous

    What’s the odds they were in no condition to run anywhere and were busy internalizing a very difficult situation in their collective heads, that’s why they arrived after the Police. What a bunch of spoof heads.


    Spoons!! Givus some ghost chips! Contrary to what Phil thinks, there is obviously more to this story otherwise why else would there be so many holes and a cone of silence bigger than the one Phil smokes! It would take someone truly off his spoon head to drive into a family.

  • Roimata Rameka

    Ok Whale Oil aka Cameron Slater! Your sources are as bullshit as that mud reporter at the NZ Herald! I live in Oz and it took 2 phone calls to find out what really happened, not to prove you wrong, but because I was worried about the gutter journalism aimed at Dad and our family, this time involving LIVES! Its not my job to fill you in, take up the challenge to see if you have what it takes to be a real journalist, which would involve real research. Know this Cameron Slater, Reti wasn’t with my father that day or our whanau associated with the wedding at all. But he was with whanau. Who was Reti with Cameron Slater?? Where were Reti & that whanau that day Cameron Slater?? What event were they preparing for that day Cameron Slater?? Come on you badass journo, you and the rest of your armchair critics seem to have it all figured out!!! Who was Reti drinking with Cameron Slater??? Who dropped him off to sleep it off Cameron Slater???? Ahhhhhh let me guess….Cameron Slater didn’t know that part though huh???? Who expected Reti to get up and drive,after he’d been taken home by friends & whanau Cameron Slater???? NO ONE DID!!!!! No one could ever expect to foresee that happening. And now for the grand slam on your gutter trash journalism, you uneducated fool! Yes there was a whanau, but it wasn’t our whanau, yes there was an event, but it wasn’t our whanau event! Yes he was drinking, but it wasn’t with our whanau. You, Cameron Slater and your idiot sources took 2 and 2 and came up with 137! Two different, seperate & unrelated events, one man, a terrible accident, one accident location, some moron journalist decides to focus not on the hurt, tragedy & drink driving situation at hand, but turn their attentions instead to Dad and the MANA Movement making this a political spin. Furthermore, your brilliant idea to further lead the insanely gullible on a wild gossip goose chase, has done nothing but hurt another whanau in the process. Dislike my father all you want, for whatever reason, but know this, you’re wrong! Whether you admit that is a niether here nor there, you won’t of course, because that would put you into the legion category of men and you’re no man! Finally Dad & Whaea Hilda don’t drink. Dad stays up to watch that we’re ok, his children, his siblings, his friends alike. Whaea Hilda keeps an eye on our babies, both young and old while we’re enjoying ourselves. That’s how they’ve always been, how many parents you know, do that Cameron Slater? Want further proof Boy?? 5 May 2004, a 40,000+ strong Hikoi, which began from Te Rerenga Wairua on 22 April, marched onto Parliament grounds led from the start by Dad. Police confirmed that Hikoi was without incident, without arrest. Dad, Whaea Hilda, my sisters, my brother, my grandmother, cousins, uncles and aunts protected those whanau from all walks of life, from all over, from Day 1 of that Hikoi. Am I blinded because he is my father? No. I love him and support him as any daughter should, but we don’t always see eye to eye, that’s fact. However, when the likes of you & moron at the NZ Herald, falsely accuses our Dad, holding him responsible for the life of another which currently hangs in the balance, I will come at you Cameron Slater every time, verbal guns-a-blazing!! Roimata.