No means No? Again

Winston Peters attacked Whanau Ora yesterday and again today but Tariana Turia isn’t lying down for the wig wearer:

A bitter and personal battle is underway between Winston Peters and Tariana Turia over Whanau Ora funding.

The New Zealand First Leader’s criticised the scheme, claiming it’s wasting taxpayer money.

But the Whanau Ora Minister has responded claiming Mr Peter’s partner, Jan Trotman, has done work for the Waipereira Trust, a Whanau Ora provider.

“Yes it is true, she was a consultant in 2010 and 2012,” she says.

“Why would he be criticising Whanau Ora when within his own household they are benefiting from it by being employed within it?”

But Winston Peters says the allegation is false.

“Well she can make allegations but the answer is no.”

We all know what happened the last time Winston Peters emphatically declared “No”….it actually meant yes.

Hmm the word of an honourable member or the word of a proven liar?


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  • Guest

    Didn’t take him long to blow himself apart…

    • Troy

      And to think we are paying for this wigged goat’s cock to be playing his stupid games in the debating chamber.  I watched the whole clip today and I don’t think it will be long before the Speaker kicks him out of the chamber, let alone naming him at some time in the future. 

  • sthnjeff

    That would be easy for Turia to prove and have the old prick up for lying to Parliament again

    • Anonymous

      God I hope she proves him a liar!!

  • Doug_S

    Groundhog Day!

  • spike

    This is what i don’t get. This forum is constantly often again Winston despite the fact that he is a major player for right wing politics in this country and there is the added bonus that he is in opposition to help keep key on his toes and help Shearer shrink into the background. He is a major and on our side….so what if he’s got a wig, whale is fat who gives a f*%k. We ahould be supporting these attacks by Peter’s not  being sympathetic with Turia the racist from 

    • Callum

       He is a thieving liar, what is there to support?

      • Jbsherriff

        what he stands for Callum, it is in our best interests to maintain a strong NZ First. Think forward to 2014 etc.

      • Callum

         Winston stands for Winston, he will suck up to anyone that might get him into power. NZ First should have been history and I hope it is by 2014.

  • Thorn

    Winston is the perfect kamikaze pilot to destroy the Maori Party.

  • Macca

    And to think we have another 3 years of this childish drivell to look forward to from the old Rug Doctor/Snake Salesman – God give us all strength!!!!!!

    • spike

      You’ve been brainwashed by the left. It’s important to keep his party strong for us. Just because a star rugby player who scores all the points is an idiot doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want him on your team (if you really wanted to win) and would rather lose the match as long as everyone gets along and you like them…that’s PC leftist b*#%sh#t.

      • Macca

        Sorry Spike but I don’t agree!
        Winston Peter’s is poison – period!  His so called Politics are nothing but a whole bunch of negative ideals designed with nothing else in his pathetic mind than winning him the minimum number of votes to get his egotistical, bludging arse in to Parliament!
        Had our snivelling, socialist media not wanked on so much about the tea tapes, he would never have got back in – and what a sad endightment that will turn out to be!  The media gave him the perfect platform for him to spin his tissue of lies and trash to his poor, sad voters who actually think in their own simple minds that he can actually do something positive during his term!
        I have the utmost respect for John Key and have friends who have met him by accident in a restaraunt.  Apparently everyone there ended up wanting their photo taken with him – its just the sort of man and magnetism he has.
        To that end,  I reckon there is no way Key will ever entertain having anything to do with Winston!  Winston has poisoned every other coalition he has ever been in.  Although we all know that Peter’s will entertain ‘Power at ANY Cost’,  I believe Key is a man of scrupples and it just won’t happen on his watch!

      • Euan Rt

        Are you guys seriously thinking Winston will be in any condition to run a party in 3 years time? Without him there is no NZ First.

  • bereal

    winston had a bad first day of parliament yesterday.

    Today he just made a prick of himself.

    When the speaker told him,”I can’t instruct the minister if he finds the members question to be unintelligable.” The old, pointovordermisterspeaker, didn’t work for Winston.

    Brownlee did him like a dogs dinner today.

    Winston seems to be a spent force.
    Jan Trotman must have worn him out.

  • bereal

    And when Plughead has to come to your defence, that proves your a gonner.

    Winston may well have a point about the Whanau Ora gravy train but the smart arse way
    he has tried to go about the exposeure has resulted in an own goal.

    • spike

      At least he is making the shots on goal. More shots on goal usually leads to more points.

      • MrV

        Depends on which way you are facing.

  • bereal

    Jan has dreened him.

  • Winnie is a socialist. He’s a big government knows best, authoritarian racist bigoted shit and its to NZ’s shame he is back in Parliament. He’s against personal freedom and good economics….to hell with him.

    • Liberty

      James that is a very good post.
      So true.

    • Boss Hogg

      You forgot to include Vainglorius, Arrogant Admirer of Mirrors.

      Your description is correct but not complete.   He needs to shot with a ball of his own shit, is what I think of the greedy, drunk has-been.   To have such a selective memory suggests some psychological disorder, but that would be an excuse.  I think he is just dishonest.

  • Will he be having a mixed grill at the Green Parrot tonight as he licks his wounds?

  • Sadu

    I don’t see the apparent conflict of interest here that Turia is banging on about.

    If Peters was praising the virtues of Whanau Ora while his missus is somehow working for them – that would be a conflict of interest.

    But that’s not the case.

    Can Turia can demonstrate that Peters will somehow benefit by Whanau Ora having it’s funding cut? If he’s not somehow benefiting, then there’s no conflict of interest right?

    Turia has successfully steered the conversation away from the important matter – whether or not Whanau Ora is a rort. It’s of course worth checking carefully if Peters has some hidden agenda, but as it stands his point is completely valid and deserves due discussion.

    Personally I’m pleased Peters has found something useful and original to complain about, instead of the continual moaning about asset sales from everyone else.


    Guess this is the byproduct of MMP.