No money for Mojo but there is for grandstanding

The Green Party this week decided that grandstanding is their?preferred?method of engagement. The made a huge fuss over Mojo Mathers despite?the?fact that they are paid millions in taxpayers cash for support staff in the first?place.

They cried poor…complaining about Parliamentary Services funding. But their poverty it seems doesn’t extend to spending more parliamentary services cash on flying escorts to Wellington for more grandstanding:

The Green Party flew Ms Wysocki down to Parliament and she sat in the public gallery yesterday while questions were asked about her.

Ms Logie asked Mr Borrows if he thought it was fair that she was reluctantly considering sex work to cover her costs.

Last minute airfares to Wellington would?have?cost about $600 or one week of support for Mojo Mathers. It seems the Green party can find money for grandstanding..but not for their own MPs.