No money for Mojo but there is for grandstanding

The Green Party this week decided that grandstanding is their preferred method of engagement. The made a huge fuss over Mojo Mathers despite the fact that they are paid millions in taxpayers cash for support staff in the first place.

They cried poor…complaining about Parliamentary Services funding. But their poverty it seems doesn’t extend to spending more parliamentary services cash on flying escorts to Wellington for more grandstanding:

The Green Party flew Ms Wysocki down to Parliament and she sat in the public gallery yesterday while questions were asked about her.

Ms Logie asked Mr Borrows if he thought it was fair that she was reluctantly considering sex work to cover her costs.

Last minute airfares to Wellington would have cost about $600 or one week of support for Mojo Mathers. It seems the Green party can find money for grandstanding..but not for their own MPs.


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  • dutyfree

    and $43000pa of tax payer investment is not enough for her…………….

    • groanswhilebumming

      this is the whinging beearch who had a SECOND child whilst already receiving the DPB!!!

      good luck with prostitution I say, she has a face like a bucket of smashed crabs…

      • Callum

         I want to know if she intended to declare the earnings to WINZ, as no doubt it would impact her benefit. Although she would probably struggle to actually make any money based on the story/pictures I saw.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Some years back I had to drive past a socalled “Gentleman’s Club” on the N Shore.

        One of La Dames de nuit was arriving for work.  It was a 4 paperbag job.  Three over ger head and one over the clients!!!

        I put this person at two papaer bags.  One over hers and one over the clients.  Hope she is on the pill when she starts touting for business o’wise more brats to feed

      • Pete George

        I doubt that many of the clientele in the industry are anywhere near the top of the attractiveness or smartness ladders.

      • AnonWgtn

        Don’t, I like crabs – but you would be past desperate to pay for sex with that.

  • JK

    Typical for the Greens. First they create a problem that does not really exist. Then they demand others to pay for the solution of that problem, in the mean time filling their own pockets with the money they should have used in the first place to prevent the problem from happening.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I think everyone is missing the big picture here. The Greens, for years, have been desperately searching for the fabled “money tree” to hug, love and strip of it’s cash fruit (non dairy of course). Not being able to find or breed one, and after a raft of meetings, they then realised that “money tree” was only a figure of speech and all stood around slapping colourful head band adorned foreheads and scuffing roman sandals across the ground, saying “of course, silly me!!” Pooling all their University education in several think tank type meetings, and whilst drinking de-caf, soy milk coffee with vegetable biscuits, it was realised that the fabled “money tree” was in fact, the public purse! And of course, the obvious way to get at it was form a political party.

    So, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that it took so long for them to conclude the “money tree” wasn’t literal says it all.

    • Richard B. (formally poorman)

      I did hear many years ago that someone wanted to genetically modify a money tree for the greens to hug.
      They are against all GM so refused the generous offer that would help them and all of the country, and concentrated their efforts on harvesting public purse.

  • Sarrs

    $43kpa? On a benefit? Holy shit…no wonder people decide to have kids instead of working for a living.

  • Agent BallSack

    If you read the original story, Herald I think, the cost of childcare was included in her outgoings at $190pw even though she had been told she could receive 50hours free per week. So if you go by the budget she has provided she can scrape by once you remove that 190pw. BTW shes not alone, however most prostitutes are prettier and just do the fucking job without whinging to Parliament. Perhaps she can blame Helen Clark.

    • politically unstable

       50 hours a week free childcare seems really high???? She will never make money as a prostitute based on the pics

    • Guestosterone

      she also wants funding for the bus to Unitec but lists sixty odd dollars a week for petrol/vehicle maintenance..?


    •  Just as a point of clarification; she won’t get “50 hours free childcare” but she will get 20 hours of “free” ECE for her four-year-old and a childcare subsidy for the remaining 30 hours. She’ll also get a 50-hour subsidy for the younger child; 80 hours at the WINZ top rate of $3.84 per hour is $307.20 per week.

    • Sarrs

      Now every time she is seen out in public with a man they will think he’s a john and she’s on the job. She has more front than a row of shops to go to the papers with her story – this might not be 1955 but people will still judge the hell out of her for hooking with two young kids at home. At least her kids aren’t old enough to be a school getting stick from the other kids about it. Nothing ever dies on the internet though – what happens when some obnoxious classmate of her kid digs this up in 10 years? Prostitution may be legal but there is still a stigma attached to it. 

      • Thorn

        Looking at Tania Wysoki, it may be a $10 per go behind the shed at best. Probably the only women who let Hakim have a shot at goals.

  • Lost Cause

    The money would’ve been better spent in some budgeting advice for her. Maybe all beneficiaries should have to have compulsory budgeting advice given to them, and then make them stick to it! Don’t come back and ask for more if you’ve waivered from the budget!

  • Apolonia

    Why are the Greens flying in wanabe prostitutes from Auckland?

  • Thorn

    The Green Party is a magnet for white trash with aspirations way above their capabilities. 

  • Hakim of phut

    If Mojo was a national MP they  would have parliament paying  for a ‘notetaker’ on her holidays or get a chinese businessman to pay for it.

    • In Vino Veritas

      And if Mojo was a Labour MP, Labour would have just stolen it.
      That would be a touche moment for you Hakim.

      • Guestosterone

        Mallard would have already scalped it

      • In Vino Veritas

        Ha bloody hah! Someone help me!! Groans, you are on fire….

      • Hakim of phut

        Mojo may need a note taker to understand what others are saying but  she has the ability to be well  understood, compared to the stream of random thoughts that issues forth from Key

      • In Vino Veritas

        Stream of random thoughts? Hakim, could you please explain to everyone what colour the sky is in your world? There’s a good boy.

    • Vij

      You are an idiotic, moronic troll.  Stick to the point of the post

    • Guestosterone

      you’re turning into mr would of could of should of…

    • Sarrs

      If you’re going to make this about Mojo Mathers can someone please answer this question – sign language is an official language of NZ – not lip reading. If she doesn’t/can’t/won’t sign then why should she get extra funding?

      • Dr Wang

        Excellent point Sarrs!

  • Steph

    Prostitution isn’t illegal so why all the fuss.  If she wants a better paying job than say a checkout operator and has decided that prostition is the way then why is this news?  Many women support their children this way and they are not playing to the media.  The media is acting as though she is going to do something illegal to support her family but of course she isn’t it is perfectly legal.  In fact if the money she gets is more impoortant to her than the way she earns the money then she would be better off not doing the course she wants to enrol in as she is more likly to earn more as a prostitute than as a vets nurse. 

    • Guestosterone

      because simon collins is a grandstanding pinko of the highest order

    • In Vino Veritas

      Concur Steph. Prostitution is a job. So, what she is saying is that she is going to get a job. I would have thought this was all good?

      Hmm. Years ago one didnt need a qualification to be a vets nurse. But then I guess you can get a BA majoring in womans studies, diplomas in baking and hairdressing, a Bachelor of Alcohol and Drugs and most useful of all, a diploma in embalming these days. I wonder how long before a BA in basket weaving is available?

    • Gazzaw

      To be quite blunt Steph she would make a lot more money as a checkout operator than as a prostitute.

  • Can I ask what all this personal attack and
    vitriol has got to do with the topic of the blog?

    • RightNow

      Weeeell, you COULD ask, but your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory and you’ll never be the man your mother was.

      •  Ha ha – love it – !!!

    • In Vino Veritas

      Neil, as far as I am concerned, yes, you may ask. But I’d council referring to the statement(s) you find vitriolic.

      •  I try not to take up too much space…

    •  have you not been reading here for very long..?

      ..i have made the same observation… would think those just slinging the same shit..over and over again..

      ..are both intellectually not up to debating a topic..

      ..and they have the false-courage of being able to say what they matter how vile..

      ..because they hide behind false names..

      ..if they had to use their real names.. might get some on-topic real debate..

      ..and you would definitely get less outright abuse..

      ..and tho’ i have been reading that crap for years..mainly at kiwiblog.. still surprises me sometimes.. deep they can dig.. they mine for insults..

      ..and they also don’t seem to realise their anonymity is only transitory..

      ..the troll i.d-app will be here soon..

      ..and we will be able to match the aliases to their real names..

      ..i’m picking there will be some surprises..

      ..on the day..

      ..’famous’ people revealed as the lowest/worst of shit-flinging-trolls..’ll be a ‘pass the popcorn!’ kinda day..

      ..when that app. is released..

      [email protected]

      • In Vino Veritas

        “are both intellectually not up to debating a topic..”
        Phillip, please tell me you aren’t referring to me? I’d be most distressed!

      • Perhaps the taxpayers who comment here Phil would be more kindly disposed to you if you got off your arse, got a job, and stopped being a drain on their taxes. That you have the gall to flaunt your beneficiary lifetsyle and your drug habit here day after day is abhorrent to those of us who work our arses off to make an honest crust, while you just put your hand out for more.

      • Euan Rt

        and phil we have repeatedly made the observation and asked you to stop using up the worlds resources of full stops and line spaces; and yet….

      • Mr_Blobby

        Ok I’ll say it Phillip and Neil you are both Morons. Back on topic maybe she plans to specialize in bestiality.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Ok I’ll say it Phillip and Neil you are both Morons. Back on topic maybe she plans to specialize in bestiality.

  • Euan Rt

    So by my accounting, and Sars you may want to correct it where I am wrong, I make it that she is ‘earning’ $20 per hour for an equivalent 40 hour week for doing nothing… And the Greens think this is outrageous? Well so do I! Cut it back to $13.50 per hour and stop giving her special treatment. I earn less than her, and I receive no benefit from the state – hey I must be a story, I think I’ll talk to the Greens.

    • Sarrs

      Euan Rt – I was in the process of making a comment about this myself!
      $43kpa translates to approx $827 per week. An M tax rate will deduct $142.74 from the wage – $684.26 per week or $2,737.04 per month. $827 gross per week is about $20.68 per hour based on a 40 hour week. 

      I earn marginally more than that but can’t compare my situation because I live alone with no dependants. Anyone else able to comment on the ‘liveability’ of this situation?

      • Hollyfield

        Sarrs. I am a single mother working full time.  When I took the job my salary was $40,000.  Nine years and about seven pay rises later I now earn more than that – but I can confirm that my earnings have been quite “liveable”.  Back then the threshold for WINZ subsidy for childcare was a lot lower, so I didn’t qualify and had to pay $180 every week in childcare out of my salary, and what was left was still “liveable”.
        I choose to scrimp in some areas (eg I make a salad to take for my lunch to work at least 4 days a week), so that there is plenty left over for the seemingly never-ending sports, music lessons and other activities.

    • Sarrs

      Wait though, I just read the original article and she takes home $706.94 a week (I took off the loan because she has to pay that back) Work that back to a gross income (from page 29 of this table
      and her gross weekly income is $855 (theoretically $148.22 in PAYE) so that’s actually $44,460 gross per annum which is actually $21.38 an hour. 

  • She does realise that if she starts earning money that she her benefits would go down? or was she planning on not actually declaring the income?

    IRD should keep an eye on her.

  • Agent BallSack

    Why doesn’t someone simply walk up to her and scream in her face “Welcome to the real fucken world, Bitch”? Problem solved. 

    PS I earn less than that and I manage a business, plus am the only staff member. No one cried me a river.

  • LesleyNZ

    Anything to get into the media spotlight. I reckon the Greens jacked it all up with this “Escort” mother in the first place. Something doesn’t ring true about the Greens interest in this woman. $43,000 of taxpayer money because she and the father of her children decided to split up. So easy! Spare a thought for those who work hard at their jobs to get $43,000 of non-taxpayer money by earning a wage. This woman deserves no more taxpayer money. She can get her and her ex partner’s extended family and friends to look after her children.Shame on the Greens for manipulating this situation to their own political advantage. (But they didn’t think that they would get caught out).

  • honcho

    I think she should be out on the street, I think of it as ‘on job training’, having intercourse without getting pregnant is a vital life skill this lass has yet to learn, so it will do the nation some good.

  • Guestosterone

    Who paid for the airfare?

    • Gazzaw

      The Greens – out of their $5.64 million taxpayer funded parliamentary allowance.

  • jay cee

     she can’t live on $20 per hour? try my wage then lady. is there a market out there for a 60 odd yr old gigolo?

    • Euan Rt

      sorry JC, I’m not hiring – but try kosh, he may well be interested!

      • jay cee

        i haven’t sunk that low.

  • Health Checks 4 you

    Give the poor girl a break.

    She will become self employed and have to file a taxation return and if she brings in enough have to register for GST. Good Servicing Tax in her case. This will taxed at around 33% a higher marginal rate and she will lose benefits as well.

    She will need to pay ACC up front in case there is an accident (such as the condom) breaks otherwise she will not get lose of earnings.

    She needs to goto beatician and makeup school first for an extended make up course. She may fail and need to repeat.

    Then she will need to seek prior training. This is the hard part.

    She will need to earn before she does that otherwise it will be not be tax deductible.

    All and all I can see she will need a one of business establishment grant of say $50k even before the first client is taken on.

    If she does not seek the right advice she will just have to suck it and see what happens.

    No one has mentions if the clients would be male or female.


    • Sarrs

      You have put more thought into this than I am comfortable with :)

    • Thorn

      Clients are more likely to be dog, horse or goat.

  • there are always exceptions to rules…

    i am actually really puzzled..

    ..i they really have nothing else/more to say..? that it..?

    [email protected]

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Well I would put a positive spin on it Phil.
      Solo mum chomps cock to fight way out of welfare dependency trap.

      • jay cee

        or solo mum doing it hard.

  • landly

    Mojo Mathers was not, in any sense of the word, “elected” as she put it in her maiden speech.   She was picked.   You are supposed to tell the truth in the House, Ms Mathers.   Not misrepresent it.  

    A saintly expression and a hard-luck profile won’t protect you forever.  

    So don’t trade on it too much.

    Here’s what baffles me.   What planning did the Green Party do for Mojo Mathers and how she would function before the election?   These people want to be big-time managers of our country. Wouldn’t a decent manager assess it carefrully and plan for it?  

    Seems like the Greens merely saw publicity, smacking their lips over all the saintly fusses they could make as Ms Mathers’ choir of angels in the wings…

    Can’t figure out what they do all day.   Don’t actually have any work, do they?