No place for abuse

via Andrew Sullivan:


At the Grammys, both domestic abuser Chris Brown and abuse victim Whitney Houston were honored. Megan MacKenzie is appalled by the contrast:

Does no one connect Houston’s drug abuse to her experience of domestic abuse and her tumultuous private life? I don’t look to awards shows to stand as moral beacons, but I do think it is worth considering these counter Grammy narratives as a signal of the state of popular culture and gender relations at the moment.

Spousal abuse is disgusting, we should not tolerate at level in society, particularly amongst political leaders. Standing up against it is a duty for all when they are made aware of it…sweeping it all under the carpet just leads to the abuser receiving the tacit approval of silence for his/her behaviour.

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  • Hakim of phut

    Someone has compiled CB’s disgraceful record  here at Buzzfeed 

  • Blair Mulholland

    I think Andrew Sullivan should STFU, stop being a whiny bitch, and apologise for his bizarre obsession with what comes out of Sarah Palin’s vagina.   Houston was responsible for her own demise, not her ex-husband or anyone else.  Nobody forces you to take drugs and do stupid shit to yourself.

    • Hakim of phut

      Did you mean or the Youtube hit 

    • Thorn

      Perhaps Andrew’s anus is so chunneled and warty he is jealous of those things tighter and cleaner. 

  • Alex Taylor-Innes

    I had my views of her life changed after I read this story
    by Larry Elder.

    She was labeled “too white” by spiteful liberal entertainment