No Shame Peters

You’ve just got to laugh at Winston promoting a story that involves financial misrepresentation. The man has no shame…

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been handed out to organise family reunions, it has been alleged.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said this afternoon that about $6 million of tax-payer cash had been “squandered” on a Whanau Ora programme that funded “family reunions”.

“Whanau Ora is a waste of tax-payer’s money. It’s going to be a disaster for Maoridom. It’s a pet idea of the Maori Party and John Key is selling out on separatist policies,” Peters said.


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  • Pot; meet kettle.

    Where’s the $158k Winston?

    • Anonymous

      under the crooked wig

  • Euan Rt

    At the Brown Day Out yesterday, I had to agree with Winnie when he challenged the media for reporting on the protesters. I think he has a point. The media should act like the cameramen at sports functions when streakers run onto the field and give them no airtime.

  • Caleb

    why does it take winston to say this stuff, no one in national or labour find it a problem..

  • Alex

    Have to admit he’s cunning.  WP is now gunning for the conservative National vote who are uneasy at its relationship with the Maori Party.   I think that chipping away national’s conservative base will be WP’s main strategy this term.

  • Anonymous

    He might have no shame, but he does have a point.

  • Kosh103

    Go Winnie. Shit stir away.

  • dsf

    “Whänau Integration, Innovation and Engagement Fund” = Awesome

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for the 158K Winnie (the pooh).  Bet if he was part of the coalition it would be different story… then again maybe not… nothing in it for him.  Winnie needs something to keep him busy, maybe The Clown could be pictured “watering” the bushes at Parliament.. that should keep Winnie occupied for a couple of days.