No sh*t Sherlock

Tv3 really takes the cake for this headline….I mean really…it’s news that there are bones in a cemetery?


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  • Scanner

    Now I see why the media is held in such high esteem, the other side of it, at least we know this story is the truth.

  • Roland

    Quite apart
    from discovering bones in a cemetery, these ones are a little too strategically
    positioned for my liking. I don’t know that anyone needed to involve the news
    media why not just call up the council quietly and let them know.- what an
    unbelievably daft thing to say “well maybe the people (relatives) don’t
    know that the bones are there”  Why
    on earth would anyone want to know that Aunty Mabel’s bones might have come up
    from underground?  I suspect that these
    graves are way too old to still have bones in that condition I would think. –
    but I am happy to be corrected on that.

    • Totally agree with you – all too much like someone’s takin’ the tasteless piss here.  Aren’t bodies buried in casket’s wouldn’t they have floated up first? and how come the bones are all broken? Notice the empty beer cans and bottles also displayed but not mentioned?

  • Kosh103

    Im more intrested in the lack of a thread on here about the other TV3 story. You know the one, where the Govt has dropped in the polls and Key is at his lowest for PPM since becoming PM.

    Yes they are still way out in front, but the dropping has begun. Such good news.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      My sword is glowing – must be some trolls coming…..

      • wannano

         STC..I hope that is not the “sword” in the Karma Sutra sense.  ;-)

      •  Where’d you get Sting from – it’s my precious…..!!!

    • Sarrs

      I don’t doubt that there’ll be a post about that later in the day – probably taking a slight bit more to write than something like this though. Give it time, then you can gloat :)


      Nature of the beast.Polls go Up and down..Have since day one.If remember they showed a drop before the election.Media(TV3)etc,have been leaning left for sometime,so dont take much notice of their results.Keep your chin up though,one day the sun might shine back on you.

    • Roger

       For a moment there I thought you were going to note TV3 can’t spell cemetery – then I saw you can’t spell interested.

      • So TV3 is dead in the water for spelling and Kosh’s intrest causes more interest than the actual post itself. Irony for today?

    • Hakim of phut

      There it is Kosh, top of the page. Poll shows declining faith in Key.

      The good news is that they have follow up questions tonight about….. Duncan’s not saying  but has ‘implications’ for Crafar farms decision.

  • Gazzaw


    Obviously the subbie who wrote the headline qualified NCEA!

  • Bunswalla

    And in news just to hand, in what has been described as Ireland’s worst civilian air disaster, a two-seater Cessna 105 crashed into a Dublin cemetery yesterday. Police and emergency services have so far recovered 312 bodies, and that figure is expected to increase with overnight digging.

    • Kosh103

      Sounds like the way National does its sums.

      • Bunswalla

        You mean your former leader’s CGT projections, surely.

      • Kosh103

        No, I mean National.

  • Old Bones

    Council spokeswoman Jocelyn Ritchie told NZ Newswire five of seven bones found at the cemetery were tested by an archaeologist and they were determined to be animal bones.

    Read more: