No surprise

John Banks has been confirmed as Act’s leader:

Act’s sole MP, John Banks, has become its new leader.

The decision was made by the Act board and the announcement was made this afternoon at Parliament.

Announcing the decision a short time ago, Act president Chris Simmons said the board’s decision had been unanimous.

Mr Banks told a press conference said he was focused on taking a repositioned Act Party into the next election.

“Every day is campaign day.”

He said the party was returning to its heritage – the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers.


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  • Hmm. Its heritage, eh. It would be nice if they could find a middle ground between the moderate and ideologue factions, and present a consistent image on economic and law and order images, based on simple policies of making things easier for business, and being tough on crime. I hope they are able to experience a resurgence in 2014. I hope they can collect some votes back from NZ First, perhaps they could do so by being strong on “one law for all”. 

  • Anon

    What are the liberals of the party supposed to do now?

  • Paranormal

    The policy hasn’t really changed much over the years.  What they really need to focus on is clearly and simply stating to the public what Act policy is and why it will work for all people.  Up to now they’ve let the opposition and media position Act in the publics eye. 

    • Exactly, and Act was too busy saying they were there to be sycophants to John Key, and being “the right partner for the government.” They should have been saying exactly how they were different from National – then they might have kept some of the votes that the Conservatives picked up, from the Non-National Right.

  • watching him in parliament..his slogan should be:..

    .”..’every day is a nana-nap day..”

    [email protected]

  • “;;it’s heritage’’

    what exactly is that..?

    (..i musn’t have been paying attention.. i missed that one..)

    [email protected]

    • bruno32

      stop smoking that shit,and your attention span will improve. So I’ve been told.

    • Perhaps you were high throughout the period 1993 to err… 2011, but the Act Party has forged its heritage since its split from Labour, and its shift to being a Liberal, Free Market party. 

  • Guest

    Piss over Banks all you like – he delivered in one election more than everyone else in ACT put together.

    Charter schools. Fiscal responsibility. Welfare termination.  ACC Privatisation.

    Another few elections and we should be rid of the DPB, Dole, and super – and have finally sold off all the schools & Hospitals not to mention the fucking train set.

    Sounds pretty damn good to me.  Shut the fuck up & vote BANKS.

  • Blair Mulholland

    It says everything about what is wrong with ACT and ACT party people that they are talking about labels and positioning rather than practical policy.  Banks seems firmly committed to the latter, and even if it is hard to believe that he is now an ACT guy after being a Muldoonist for so long, let’s give him a chance.

  • Kosh103

    A lurch further to the right on the way.

    • Boss Hogg

      Kosh – you are so wrong.  It will hopefully be pulling back from the far left where things currently are.  And we have a long way to go just to get back to centre before we start heading the “RIght” direction.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      And here’s you hangin out with the “righties” again Kosh. Guilt by association perhaps?