No they shouldn’t

The Herald editorial today suggests that the Government should stay out of the rail debate for Auckland. Clearly the editorial writer this morning is Brian Rudman:

If the council can convince Aucklanders to stump up for it, the plan can be considered economic. We will not agree to pay for it unless we can be convinced enough of us will use it. It will be up to Mr Brown and his team to convince us. In taking on that task they have done the right thing. The Government should not get in their way.


Len Brown drew the government into the debate when he proposed 13 additional new taxes as means with which to pay for his train set.

The whole set up by Brown was flawed because it pre-supposes that teh Rail Loop is a good idea and will happen anyway. There should be another couple of option:

  • We don’t want the rail loop at all and so funding option are unnecessary
  • No to all of the above

By asking us to chose one makes it look like Aucklanders are happy to have the silly train loop…we are not.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Unfortunately the counillors voting for this rail loop are raving nutters. It isn’t the Council’s mandate or right to raise income taxes and GST, it’s the right of the Government of the day.

    • Guest

      Get a grip. NZ is Auckland and a semi-hick rural hinterland, a south island city that Auckland is paying for a pointless rebuild,   oh, and f**king W*ll*ngt*n.

      Auckland is nothing to do with the rest of NZ – apart from paying it. 

      Auckland needs its own government independent from the “rest” of NZ.  A ratepayer government where only those that pay rates get to vote. 

      • Killjoy

        Get a grip. Auckland IS NOT NZ.

        The “semi- hick hinterland” actually provides the substance of what Auckland needs to consume and for their skills that when put together make NZ, NZ.

        We need to work together, not seperate ourselves like some policial parties and the media suggest. Grow up.

  • Allancathy

    Roll on the next election. For the sake of Aucklnnd’s future we need to get rid of looney Len and his band of clowns. They seem to be determined to put Auckland’s future on a similar path to th e current Greek shambles with thie desire to spend,spend,spend. Any right thinking person can see that the train set is bullshit, it will never be economically viable and has to be stopped before any further damage is done by Looney Len to the Auckland economy,

  • Karl Laird

    Len was elected on a mandate to get this in place (unfortunately).
    However it was also part of the same mandate that it was to paid for by PPP and Infrastructure Bonds; no if’s buts or maybes – it’s how he promised it would be funded.  If that’s not actually possible perhaps he should resign. 

    • That be the points (or rather points). The question is if Len is brought back in 2013 and with a supportive council or the opposition even supports the CRL then what folks?

      • Agent BallSack

        Then we all sing the Monorail song, burn our man bras and settle down for a nice long bong and say fuck it! 

  • Then ABS I think its time to sing the Monorail Song, burn our man bra’s and settle down for a nice long bong and say AH FUCK IT. Btw share it round.

    Unless someone within the next 6 months stands up and categorically declares I am running for Mayor and do not want the CRL FULL STOP and is not considered a fringe nutter (that is they can actually win) then yeah – how did that song go again?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    You are not listening to Aucklanders Len Brown.
    Stick your fucking Socialist Train Set wher the Global Warming Sun don’t shine

    • Matt is right below Steve. The majority of submissions including my own supported the CRL although maybe some variances on the time frames. Further more the 210,000 that voted in Brown also gave indicational support for the CRL otherwise they would of voted someone else.

      Did you make a submission Steve and I assumed you voted as well?

      Now where go next is the Draft Long Term Plan on funding the CRL – dont like the JAFA Taxes then write a submission and ratify (or not) the LTP in next years election. By ratifying the LTP means you agree with and bring Len back in, to reject the LTP means you vote in someone else and hope they win.

      So sorry Steve – if I look at pure numbers and submissions – he has listened

      • Karl Laird

        Ben – that is a somewhat circular argument;
        Saying Len has listened to those that listened to him saying he could build the CRL, Airport Link and harbour crossing using PPP and Infrstructure Bonds as being a mandate to get one of them funded through new taxes?

        Cmon – you’re talking about people that won’t even support building new links if it means they’ll have tolls on the new bits; no way he ever would have been voted in with a CRL mandate if he hadn’t lied and actually admitted Aucklanders would actually have to pay for it.

  • Matt L

    He is actually listening to Aucklanders, something like 89% of submissions on the master plans support it being built now or very soon i.e. within 10 years. What’s more the cost of the CRL pales in comparison to the amount of money planned to be spent on motorways alone, the Auckland Plan is predicting 10b+ on motorways along with billions more on local roads. Most of the new funding these potential taxes are for is to pay for those projects.

  • Guest

    You really don’t get it. The CRL is the only NZ rail development that makes any sense.

    Sell the rest for scrap – but build an Auckland network!