No wonder Trevor Mallard is so tetchy

He isn’t getting his busted leg over much:

In a recent survey of 5000 Bicycling magazine readers, 50% of men and 58% of women said that—if pressed to choose between sex or bikes—they’d pick the bikes.(Via Maria Popova)

I chose sex and gave up cycling especially after Missus told me to stop cycling because she was worried about me sitting on my nuts for 60ks.

She said “Whale, there’s no way I am coming second to a bike seat”

For once she had a point.



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  • Grandstream

    WTF must Shearer be thinking – his most senior/experienced MP’s, his heavy artilary to win back power are either growing beards or sitting on their nuts !  I bet the UN job seems like a hoilday job compared to running this rabble !

  • Gazzaw

    Aren’t cyclists supposed to shave their legs?  Maybe Trev can’t bend down that far these days.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    It’s Labour’s new strategy to stop the landslide of voters defecting to the Greens. Should have paid a bit more to the strategists instead of going with “Fleesem Botchit Leggit & Scarpa” though…

    • Hakim of phut

      Wake up – there is no connection to Labour other than Whales fun with the  picture.

      I guess the’ tip line’ from Wellington provide the image and the new World reference , our taxes at work funding the National party boys and girls who do this to send to Whale

  • the ‘confusing the punters..’…is funny..

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Is the banana significant?  Is on the way home to the missus with his damaged nether regions?

  • aah..!..paro…you clearly need to get ‘out’

    [email protected]

  • Horidude

    This topic is waste of time why cant we debate with you stupid looney rightwing fools about flogging of our state owned assetts in a recession to Key and a few of his rich mates.The crap your mate Key has been telling the NZ public that mums and dads will be able to buy shares knowing that most mums and dads are struggling out there in the real world with job security if they are lucky enough have one and the GST tax hike which gobbled all the tax cuts Labour  and the Nats gave hurting the middle and lower income earners at the same time giving the rich a tax cut hoping the trickle down theory would work.well it didnt.This dumb theory didnt work in the 80s or the 90s’.You stupid idiots must realise NZ cant’ compete with China, India or any other third world nation for cheap labour and thats all National and you idiots push.In 3 years Key and National will be kicked out and your looney rightwing ideology will be gone with him.   

    • M3N78L

      you’re right Horidude, us “stupid looney rightwing fools” can’t get our point across to save ourselves, let alone debate..
      What would you have us do oooooh i know! Lets remove GST from fresh fruit and veg, and while we’re at it why don’t we have a capital gains tax as well (that’ll screw those rich prick homeowners) and how about extending WFF to beneficiaries?, jeez that’ll get the country out of the financial quagmire it’s in (well duh!)
      What i think you fail to realise Horidude is that we love this country too,(seriously, this is not a solely left wing trait) and want to see our people, whether they be maori, pakeha, asian or pacific islander, prosperous and happy, and that means fixing the legacy of woe your dumbass mates on the opposition benches have left us.
      I’ll take my “stupid looney rightwing ideology” anytime over your “poor me, the world owes me a living, the government should do something” suckfest every time.
      It ain’t the government’s job to pull you up by your bootstraps mate, It’s yours. So quit bleating and get on with it.

  • Chris

    Nah, he’s just pissed off because he’s lost all his teeth – old bastard.