Not a mutter, not a murmur, not a whisper

Maurice Williamson pwns all those who opposed the sales of the Westpac Farms formerly owned by they Crafar family.


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  • “pwns” – totally accurate use of the verb there, WO. 

    It was a ripper of a speech.

  • Williamson is one of the best debaters in the House, and this is a masterful performance even by his standards.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if the former Dear Leader is txting Mr Mallard tonight asking why no-one came to her defence over the high-country-photo-opportunity-with-Shania-Twain taunts. 

    • Troy

      Maurice did a very good job of highlighted just how hypocritical Labour is – and they still aren’t learning from their last election loss – they just can’t let go and front up as an party and agree when they really do agree.  What a joke.

  • Vlad

    Way to go Maurice, glad you posted this WO, where are the rest of our MP’s in the wide shots? 

    • This was during the Address in Reply debate – most MPs had left the Chamber after Question Time.

    •  He only posted it because I sent him the link and the embed code Vlad!!! But no mind; I had it blogged first, and as Whale is fond of saying; “you snooze, you lose”!

  • Anonymous

    Now thats what I call taking it to the Pinko’s. Way to go Maurice.

    Whole lotta yeah ha

    • Boss Hogg

      And didn’t Phil do well?…………Goose.   When will he realise that he should give up and leave?

      Maurice might want to control that right hand a wee bit though.  The Pinko’s will not like being faced with straight black and white facts – oh no.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t until about 3 mins into the clip that what he was saying managed to distract me from the wandering hand. Must say, he’d do bloody well in front of an orchestra.

  • bruno32

    Thanks WO .Maurice Williamson hit all the nails on the head.Slaughtered Clarke and her pashing up to Shania Twain,showed up winston for the two faced piece of shit he is,and highlighted how untrustworthy and duplicitous is the ginga green .Great to see Phil Goff  smiling again.

  • Anonymous

    Labour hung, drawn and quartered courtesy of executioner Williamson.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Pelican and Vodascum will be overloaded now with the texts from NY

  • Just needed the icing of “Racism and xenophobia” added to complete their just deserts…