Not on straight

I think his wig is a askew, check the video.


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  • Brown out

    Doesn’t he look old and hagged?
    Maori do not age well.

    • Alex

       Not sure that statement is quite correct: Dame Kiri looked far better looking at 50 than she did at 20.

    • Dr Wang

      Luigi is Italian, not Maori (according to the old sleazeball’s oldest pickup lines…)

  • Anonymous

    Must of been a hard night, hes forgotten to put his teeth in also.

  • Winston Gourami look? Dead ringer for Joan Rivers

  • Angry Croc

    Carrying the baubles of office wears one out.

  • Patrick Murphy

    The title is incorrect Not on Straight – drop the “on” & you have Peters to a tee. He is bent as hell – couldn’t lie straight in bed if he tried. Corrupt tired old trougher should feck off & leave running NZ to those who care & are able to make a positive contribution.

  • Scanner

    The wig looks straight, I’m not so sure about the bent twisted old c*@t underneath it

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant, just brilliant.

    • Kim Arnold

      agree with Travdog….love it

  • Hakimofphut

    Get used to looking at Nationals next coalition partner…… oh you havent been told yet…..politics is like that , the supporters are the last know.
    If Key doesnt like it , they will do a ‘”julia ” on him

    • Anonymous

      Puh-lease. All Key has to do is keep the polls around 45%, then give Epsom to Act and Rodney to Colin Craig and we get three more years of sanity in government. All without involving a rotting corpse in $3000 suit paid for by the taxpayer.

      • Anonymous

        Colin will need to make himself noticed alot more between now and the next election, resurfacing at the start of the election campaign won’t cut it.

      • Hakimofphut

        Oh really, and  THAT worked last time.  

        Only with the Maori party  are they able to keep a chin above water and thats at the start of the 3 years not the last year

      • Rodney will never be “given” to Colin Craig. Ever.

    • Gazzaw

      Dream on HoP.

  • Anonymous

    Thank your God; Time flies fast; Gods’ wills be done; Win’s will retire and we”ll all have a good laugh.

  • jabba

    you should have played Peter Framptions “lines on my face” with this caption .. Winny should simply retire and concentrate his energy keeping his chick happy

  • Hagar

    Sales of botox will rocket tomorrow

  • starboard

    ” make up..make up..wheres the fucking makeup ! “

  • starboard

    ” make up..make up..wheres the fucking makeup ! “

  • Hakimofphut

    Ake Ake  indeed.

    Winnie has the best sound bites, while Key bleats about some guy with a megaphone …..pleeesee.
    They will be working late into the night getting the  APN and Fairfax  papers to spin this as  not John Key running away, ….he has merely late for another appointment and had to leave …  quickly

    • Gazzaw

      Didn’t Klarke run away………….permanently??

      • Hakimofphut

        She stayed  for the duration on the day in question and then announced she wasnt coming back.
        Key did a “Julia”. 

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      Winnie may have the best soundbites, but then he is in a position to do so.  As a prime minister, like it or not, Key should be more circumspect.

  • kehua

    Best anti-smoking face ever, a sad end to a colourful figure.

  • Greg M

    He looks like he has slept under a hedge, the wig’s on straight, his face is twisted.

  • CrabbitRabbit

    As they would say back in Scotland, he’s got a face like a “well skelped a*se”

  • Roscoe

    At least Winston had the sense to tell Maori and Pakeha
    protesters that they lacked manners and decent protocol for Waitangi – throw them
    in the tide he says?  Cancel Waitangi Day
    altogether until Maori and their dozy protesters get the message that it is not
    a day for antagonism and anger.


    Should take a couple of Viagra,might blow the wrinkles out of that dickhead.But did like what he said anyway.

  • Anonymous

    John Komene from Ngaphui – you are spot on! See at 1:46. Good to hear him speaking out. He was a good Christian preacher many years ago when I was a young thing and is a menber of Mt Roskill Chapel now.  Reckon that Titewhai Harawira should give those noisy ex Aotea Square occupying protestors a good “clip around the ears”. Who was that ginger headed one?