Not with our money

Hasn’t anyone noticed there is a recession on? And that most New Zealanders are struggling. A gay pride parade is just a totally gay waste of tax payers and rate payers money.

And why can John Key waste a whole lot of tax payers money on gay pride when a simple law change would give gays something infinitely more important, Gay Marriage?

If I were gay I would be running a protest outside Nikki Kaye’s office for doing something trivial, rather than actually doing something that matters to gays and introducing a marriage equality bill into parliament. Hopefully Gays in Auckland won’t be bought off with this shallow bribe. Parades mean little in the battle for equality.


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  • Grandstream

    The gay community wants a high profile not equality.  John Banks must be in line for a few more baubles of office if this goes ahead – he crushed the gay parade in his last turn as Auckland Mayor.

    Also agree – huge waste of money !

    • Kosh103

      Oh my it seems you are talking out of your arse there.

      To hell with high profile, equality is what we want, and unless you yourself are gay I would suggest you are talking from an ill informed hetro view point. Also, Banks had NOTHING to do with ending the HERO parade at all. Not one thing. It was all down to money – unless, again, you were on the HERO board.

      Now that you have been corrected – yes HERO would be a waste of money. Its time has past. How about Mr Key if you are so worried out us fixing the problems within the law. Deal with that before making some stupid out dated costly token gesture.

      • Guest

        Kosh is right – the hero parade fell apart due to bad financial management in the Christine Fletcher Mayoralty – well before Banks’ first term, much before his last term.

  • Anonymous

    Worse, parades reinforce negative opinions.

    • Doug_S

      Let the parade go ahead then!

  • Euan Rt

    When is the heterosexual parade?

    • Guest

      Boobs on Bikes. Your tax dollars paying the Police to maintain public order while Steve Crowe makes his money from the free advertising. Choice aye !

      • Euan Rt

        I reject that as a hetero celebration. Some guys might want a perve, but I doubt the wife wants to celebrate being hetero at that!

  • Groans

    Marriage is betweeen a man and a woman.  The gays need to come up with their own word, howabout Garrage.  Then they need to be told no, you already have civil unions and by the way stay away from our kids.

    • James Gray

      I can’t refute your argument, because you didn’t actually make one.

      So all I’m going to say is No.

    • Kosh103

      Marriage is whatever the community says it is.

      And what the fuck does that last comment mean??? Explain now.

  • Gazzaw

    A gay parade FFS. There’s more class shown in the Boobs on Bikes parade.

    Nikki, God bless her is only trying to pre-emp Jacinda in sucking up to the gay vote.

    I don’t really care as long as none of my rates or taxes are used to pay for this ‘cultural’ display.

    • Kosh103

      Jacinda has been a LONG time supporter of the gay community. Take the right wing blinkers off.

      • Groans

        Yeah, Cindy, she’s a bit screwed up eh

      • Doug_S

        Of course she has, otherwise she would have go nowhere in Liabour. She had no choice but to suck up to the predominantly gay caucus.

  • Paulus

    Where was Red Len ?
    Surely he couldn’t miss a photo opportunity.
    Or was he playing with his model train set.


    Wasted money on Waitangi.Rather give it to poofters having a good day,then Maori having a rant.

  • I don’t mind there being a Gay parade, in Auckland or any city. It just shouldn’t be paid for by the council. Anyway what does it cost? I thought, from other examples, it was mostly a walking parade, with groups or individuals encouraged to show up in whatever they felt like to express their “Pride”. 

    I know there’s advertising, and compliance costs, but surely the event doesn’t (or doesn’t need to) cost much, and surely if the gay community wants it badly enough they will be willing to pay to participate. I’m sure there are gay organisations who can gather supporter funding. I don’t see that this has to be an issue for government of any kind.