One of the greatest political power grabs in history?

This kind of stupidity is why church going numbers are falling, and not just for the Catholics as the former head of the CoE demonstrates:

In an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey claimed the proposal to change the status of marriage “constitutes one of the greatest political power grabs in history”.

I hardly think marriage equality is the greatest political power grabs in history.

What about Hitler in 1933? Or Stalin in 1924?

Readers can put other greatest political power grabs in history in the comments section. 


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  • Paul

    Proverbs 22:28
    Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Henry VIII and the English Reformation 1534.
    Genghis Khan 1206 – 1227

  • Pete George

    The equalising of power through equality is worth trying to grab.

    (I know that’s not what they mean, churches have a habit of clinging to unequal power)

  • Alloytoo

    Iranian revolution?

  • James Stephenson

    Julias Caesar crosses the Rubicon, wins civil war and becomes Dictator.

  • Andrei

    Nothing can be as stupid as believing that two men or two women can “marry” each other.

    This is recognized as insanity by the vast majority of the world – it is noly not seen for what it is in the decaying and declining parts of Western Europe as they sink into cultural degradation and squalor.

    • Guestosterone

      what about the belief in an omnipotent invisible deity..?

      guess its all about perspective/reality

      • Andrei

        Didn’t mention God in my comment – could have but didn’t.

        The reality my friend is that marriage is about having children, always has been and always will be.

        It is very strange how modern Western culture  does not value children, which is why so many are aborted, and seeks to break the connection between marriage and children.

        It’s suicidal really. 

      • Guestosterone

        the reality is that marriage – or some other tribal social bullshit – is not required for a species to flourish
        we actually need to not flourish so much so anything that slows down population growth is a good thinga couple of good wars or plagues would be good too as we could use losing 20-25% of the human populationor hows about a good old fashioned crusade/jihad?

  • He did say “one of” the greatest power grabs …  And he is right.  Unlike most of the other examples being quoted, this one is almost certain to be irreversible – and far-reaching in its damage to Western society.

    • What a load of utter crap

    •  You what ?? Get a grip mate….

  • jay cee

    joseph kennedy snr who was going to put  his eldest son,joe junior, into the white house.when he was killed in a plane crash during ww2 turned to the next john fitzgerald to  become president of america. 

  • Peter Wilson

    The last time marriage equality was promoted on here the blog was swamped with responses, the vast majority against the idea of gays appropriating a status they had no tradition or rights to. A rerun won’t prove much with the argument well and truly won. It seems society, in NZ at least, is not ready for such a radical power shift.

  • davewin

    The greatest power grab in history was Lewinsky of Clinton’s genitals. While it seized the heart of the matter, like homosexual marriage, the results were singularly short lasting.
    Marriage is simply a law for the succession of children. All the rest is spin from the bodice rippers in “polite” society. Homosexuals “get it”, history does not need to be reminded of the sordid facts of their cheap and unproductive activity.

  • Spanishbride

    My two cents worth. What’s in a name? What’s the value of a word? We all now use GAY as a word to either describe a person who is attracted to the opposite sex exclusively or as used by teenagers to describe something that is not cool.Yet that is not its original meaning. In the second context they are not using it to refer to homosexuals. I work with teenagers and some of their words make no sense at all. The latest is, ‘ that is CAKE.’ You would think that would mean something positive but it actually means that something is not good at all ( go figure )

    Anyway back to the changing meanings of words in our language. Marriage was a word originally used to describe a commitment made by a heterosexual couple and yes kids were an expected part of this commitment. Then however contraception was invented and marriage no longer always resulted in children as some couples chose not to have them. Further more due to contraception people were more likely to have sex outside of marriage as they could prevent children now.

    I don’t know if gay people want to use the word marriage to describe their commitment to each other because they want the right to adopt children or if they just want their relationship to be treated with the respect that tends to come with the word marriage. Personally Marriage means family to me but a marriage is a marriage whether a couple have children or not legally so I have no objection to them using the word.

    I think that is very PRECIOUS to get hung up over the meaning of a word. Claiming it will destroy the notion of family is laughable. That is shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. The notion of family has already changed hugely. Family life has already broken down in many instances. Life is no longer sacred as evidenced by our abortion statistics. Children are abused in alarming numbers. This change will not damage our society, it is already broken. I can tell you one thing though. if I was a CYF kid I would feel safer in a home belonging to two married gay people than one containing a heterosexual couple with children. I work with CYF kids and the stories I could tell you…..

    • davewin

      Let me recommend as book for your consideration ” The Family, Sex and Marriage in England 1500 to 1800″ Lawrence Stone. The changes to the concept of marriage have nothing to do with the “meaning of words”, and the great concepts of life – law, religion, politics, family, marriage – are developed over a very long time. Sensible people acknowledge this, and ensure that change is slow,meaningful and therefore lasting. I do not mind homosexuals having a ceremony of commitment. In fact I would perhaps welcome it. It is not, and never can be marriage which signifies a need to recognise a lasting family relationship traceable over time. De facto marriage has been common to heterosexuals over the ages. Where it became difficult was that records tended not to be kept, and therefore the lines of family became blurred as we will find out 80 years or so from now, when Johnny asks which of the men in my life is my grandfather. Pound to a penny no one will be able to tell or remember.

      And if this does not matter why not just abolish the recognition of de jure marriage?

    • Peter Wilson

      No bad points there, but if names and labels don’t mean anything then why bother. I’d be quite happy for gay marriage, make it legal and the rest of it. But call it for what it is, a same-sex marriage. They’d still be a married couple, just a piece of paper would state: Married – same sex. To me, it’s the same as the difference between a de facto relationship and a formal marriage.

      And sure society may be on a train wreck anyway, but so what? It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect our foundations. After all, thats why people abuse their kids, because they’ve lost all hope and faith in the future.

  • parorchestia

    Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, St Paul (yep – boy didn’t he do well), almost any pope you can think of.  
    And gay marriage doesn’t worry me at all.  Why should it? No one would have me other than my poor, long suffering wife.
    And enough of this “society is stuffed” nonsense.   Would you really like to live in the generous, wealthy, healthy days of old?  Death as an infant. Life expectancy of 30 or so.  The awful smells especially of BO and rotting teeth. The streets full of horse shit. Witch hunts.  Burning of protestants or “savages” (what fun!). Communists, anarchists, and other jolly charmers. 

    Why is it that some people seem to get pleasure imagining that society is shit.  As Harold Macmillan said: “You have never had it so good.”