Only coz he got caught

The boss of Te Puni Kokiri is refund his missus airfares…only coz he got caught:

In a statement released this afternoon, TPK said Comer would be repaying the money charged for his wife to travel.

“Mr Comer is very mindful that any expenses he incurs are subject to public scrutiny. He is constantly applying a critical eye to expenditure that is incurred for all ministry business, especially his own,” the statement said.

“While he believes there was justification for the travel to be paid for TPK at the time, he now accepts the perception it was not good use of tax-payer funding and rather than go through a protracted debate on the matter, he will reimburse the amount involved.”

Only now? Up until he got busted rorting the taxpayer at the TPK trough he thought it was perfectly fine to charge up airfares and accommodation for the missus.

At least he wasn’t having a tweet war at midnight from the toilets of the same awards like Labour’s brilliant campaign strategist was.


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  • Troy

    yup this turkey should be fired.  Another state servant that is a hypocritical twit leeching off taxpayer funds in such a parasitical manner – in private sector this guy would be gone by lunchtime.  If he has any decency he should resign, greedy prick.

  • kevin

     Te Puni (this-is just-the-tip-if-iceberg) Kokiri… Can you imagine what’s happening in the organization?

  • Agent BallSack

    You have to wonder where else this is happening. I agree with Kevin, maybe its time for an audit before anyone gets redundancy or golden handshakes.

  • Hakim of phut

    Why are they funding ‘ a fashion show ‘ at all!
     This is along the lines of the plastic waka, which Key pushed for ,  its not part of their job to  spend on showbiz for Maori , they are a policy shopTe Puni Kōkiri, the Ministry for Māori Development, leads Māori Public Policy and advises on policy affecting Māori wellbeing. 

  • Callum

    I’m going to disagree here, there are many functions and events where the attendance of a partner is expected (both in the public and private sector). An employee (which is what he is) shouldn’t have to pay for those out of his own pocket. Te Puni Kokiri itself is the biggest waste of money out there but this attack isn’t justified.

    • Mickrodge

       See, I have to disagree with you there Callum.

      There’s no requirement for him to take his wife to these events (despite Pita Sharples bullshit assertion that it’s “the Maori way”) and wouldn’t you think that part of the reason he is paid 10X the average wage would be so that he can cover the costs of taking her along to the many social occasions he attends?

      Why is there a longstanding expectation that civil servants should be recompensed for the inconvenience that their job brings to their home life?

      Nobody was paying to fly my missus over to meet me when I was sitting in the jungle eating ration packs for months on end.

      • Callum

         It is not recompense for inconvenience to their home life and I think the pay scale in the public sector is ridiculous, however for these types of events (and I am not just talking Maori) it is expected for partners to attended and often actively participate. Therefore work related cost and therefore legitimate to expect re-imbursement, anyone with a similar role in the private sector would expect the same with no one batting an eyelid.

    • Mully

      I disagree. If it wasn’t dodgy, he wouldn’t have paid the money back. Especially so quickly.

      • Callum

        That’s just it, under public scrutiny it far easier and more politically expedient to just pay the money back than argue in the court of public opinion. Because once you start arguing there you have already lost, no matter how justifiable it is.

    • Troy

      It’s him that is employed by the taxpayer, not his wife and these state servants need to lift their act – we care more about results from the employee, not attendance at social occasions where the effectiveness of the state employee is enhanced by a wife attending, FFS this bullshit has stop and trying to justify it just disingenuous, geeze.

    • jay cee

      sorry, $400,000 a year and he can’t pick up the tab for his missus? the sense of entitlement some people have is breathtaking.

  • napalm in the morning

    He should not have been allowed to pay money back!!. He should have been charged with theft as a servant and then forced to pay it back PLUS court costs etc. No more , no less than a bloody thief!!!

  • timboh

    I hear there are other examples such as tow bar for his car etc. put on the Govt. credit card

  • mara

    I wouldn’t mind so much if Te Puni Kokiri did anything good for Maori people but I defy anyone to show any example of its existence benefitting a single Maori not employed, or related to, this useless, grasping organisation.

    • AnonWgtn

      Having worked in Wellington next door to TPK I saw often, and have been told, by taxi drivers that they have by far the largest number of taxi chits that the taxi driver knew, primarily from home to work and back.

  • Scanner

    Yet another troughing black mother fucker, and a thief no less.
    Hand the whole lot to the police, yeah right.

    • Gazzaw

      This sort of corruption cuts right across race boundaries – Carter, Hyde, Harawira, Taito Wotsisname, Pansy Wong & they are just the ones that we know about who have either misused, misappropriated or ‘misunderstood’ the system.  We’ve had corruption at the top level in Immigration and God knows what else has been swept under the carpet. Two have gone to court and the rest excluding Hone (his trip with the missus to the Eiffel Tower) have resigned. Could I surmise that in China it would have meant at worst life in a gulag and at best a bullet for theft from the State.

  • Thorn

    Leith Comer –  here’s a valid example of a greedy rich prick who enjoys the patronage and protection of that other rich prick Pita Sharples. 

  • AnonWgtn

    JAFM – $400,000 a year plus big perks, got caught.
    One of Winston’s family perhaps. Winston would have lied anyway.

  • jonno1

    There’s another solution re spousal travel. My former company had a policy that air travel >4 hrs, eg to the US, was flown business class, but you could “trade” that for two economy class tickerts – a win/win as 2x economy costs less than 1x business. No extra accommodation charges, just a few extra meals bundled in. So my wife often accompanied me on business trips and I sometimes took a few days leave as well; again no loss to the company but a benefit to us.

    For trips to Australia (but not the one-day red-eyes!), we paid if she wished to go and do some shopping (apparently the more she bought the more we saved). We also had (still have) a two-week rule: if we are apart for more than two weeks, either one comes home for a weekend or the other goes over. Works a treat.

  • kevin

    Comer is ex-Army I think (who cares but…)