Opening our eyes to inequality

This video has become a massive hit in the UK and with Simon Collins’ series in the Herald on inequality I think it is very ,very relevant to the debate. Certainly it is more accurate than David Cunliffe’s and Labour’s views on inequality:


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  • Euan Rt


  • Orange

    I only heard her disease the 2nd time through. Immalassikau. Horrible genetic one that one.

  • Greg M

    Ain’t that the truth! Hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Great parody!
    This kind of woe-is-me woman would be PERFECT for kosh.
    They could sit around in the evening and whine to each other about their aches and pains (and the “bloody right-wingers”). 

    • Anonymous

      cut it out, my sides are splitting. Or to use one that kosh flogs more than a racehorse, “LMAO”.

  • Anonymous

    My husband thought this was really funny satire. Sadly it felt more to me like someone had snuck a spy cam into my office – I see people like this couple of weeks, workers of the system extraordinaire. Learned helplessness combined with massive sense of entitlement – a depressing sight to behold.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, *every* couple of weeks,,,

  • beautox

    I love the silly first name syndrome : Trojan and Tangerine

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t understand why “inequality” is a problem. So what if Graham Hart has more money than me? I’ve got enough to get by, why should I hate him (and his kind) with the sort of furious passion that the Standard does? It’s not like he stole it from me, he made it for himself. Honestly, the left must think there’s a big pile of money sitting somewhere in Wellington, and that once that’s all gone, that’s it, there’s no more money….

    • Anonymous

      I agree, SG.
      Here – “inequality in a nutshell”.
      Poor people tend to be less well educated and tend to have more children than wealthy people, so their low income has to stretch further to cover those extra mouths to feed.

      Those children are very likely to have their own children at a young age, and so the cycle of poverty goes on.

      The fastest fix? Stop these people having children that they can’t afford to feed. Stop the benefit incentives for poor people to continually have more children. 

  • starboard

    This has got Phil Ure all over it. How many job interviews did you attend today phool ? I want to know… Im paying for you and your layabout offspring , I have a right to know.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to know too.
      If Phool can set up and run his website, I’m sure that there’s something out there in the IT field that he can do.
      In fact – I’d almost go as far as to say that being able to do that while still getting a benefit is evidence of malingering.

      • Anonymous

        And he has the cheek to jump up and down about the SCF bailout, the stoner doesn’t contribute any tax.

        I don’t give a flying f*ck how much people think he contributes with his opinions, fact of the matter is he’s a dole bludging stoner sitting on his lazy ass spouting hypocrisy on a daily basis.

        After all, we fund feeding his dogs, his drug habit, and his internet connection.

      • Gazzaw

        Travdog, Phool’s problem with the SCF bailout is probably that there will be a lot less dosh left in the trough for him and his ilk to bury their snouts in.

  • Thorn

    One of  “the most vulnerable in our community”.  

  • Anonymous

    A sense of ENTITLEMENT breeds Pinko’s……. A frightening breed really….

    Hi my name is Doreen, I am a 4th Generation ENTITLEMENT victim….

  • Boss Hogg

    Absolutely Brilliant !!!   See the books on the table, Mastermind and a Richard Branson book.  Could not read the title on the third.

    “4 kids from 5 fathers and two of the children are twins…..”     Should be shown on Prime Time Natioanl News and wait for the howling mad pinkos to go off.   Maybe Paul Henry could do it ??

  • nzd.gbp

    What does she say after the doctor say’s she’ll be upgraded to bi-polar? Before she says that looks good on the cv?

    • Margaux

      Hamburger syndrome ??

      • Anonymous

        ‘amburger =  aspergers

      • nzd.gbp

        yeah it’s “an I says what about arrother syndrome? ‘ambergers.”

        Let’s face it, there’s prejudice. As soon as I say I don’t want the job, they’re not interested.

  • jay cee

    “i get exhausted just taking the cheque out of the envelope”.- brilliant!!