Overwhelming opposition?

Labour constantly says that there is overwhelming public opposition to the government’s mixed ownership model…oh really?

About 50 protesters marched from Wellington’s Civic Square to the grounds of Parliament in drizzly weather this afternoon, yelling “keep public assets” and “no asset sales” as they waited for politicians to address the crowd.

Several politicians spoke but Mr Peters, who had indicated he would do so in a press release yesterday, initially declined to address the protesters – to cries of “shame” from the crowd.

Mr Peters later decided he would speak after all, but protest organiser Jonathan Elliot, from the Occupy Wellington group, would not give Mr Peters the microphone.

“Where’s the microphone?” Mr Peters asked several times.

Mr Elliot accused him of going back on his word and said, “Occupy Wellington does not deal with grandstanding.”

50 people? Pathetic.


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  • Mattyman

    I heard the un-electable (one of many) Labour MP’s, Moana Mackey moaning that National didn’t have a mandate for asset sales. Does that mean Labour had no mandate for its 9 years of Hail Helen? For goodness sake National +ACT +UF all support the proposed plans. Thats a majority. A small one but one nevertheless. 

  • Pete George

    “The Maori Party campaigned against this – so too did the United Future Party so there goes their mandate,” Mr Peters said.

    That’s either ignorance or blatant misrepresentation. United Future did not campaign against asset sales. Peter Dunne proposed the idea of partial asset sales in 2005, a time when he was in coalition with Labour.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Are you saying Winston tells porkies Pete?

      Well well well, find out something new every day

      • Pete George

        I wouldn’t say that without being sure.

        It’s just one possibility, the other, he is ignorant of the facts, which is just as likely – but he shouldn’t make statements like that without being sure of the facts.

        But he either lies or makes things up to suit himself without checking facts. Since last century.

  • On One News at Midday, they were planning to cover the beginning of the rally, in Civic Square – and not a single protester was present. Evidently the rain was more frightening than the partial sale of some state owned enterprises…

    • Dr Wang

      To be fair, that was a reasonable drizzle…off and on…sort of…

  • Honcho

    Partial asset sales are going ahead …

    If a mere couple of years ago thousands of motorcyclists converged on wellington, riding together from as far north as northland, and as far south as southland, to protest exponential rises in motorcycle licencing (registration) fees …. and what happened?

    • Boss Hogg

      What happened is that the registration fee take went down – a lot.   I know a number of people that own between 1 and 25 bikes.  You now only register the ones you ride on a regular basis and take some risk with being caught.  Or you put the rego on hold until you have a longer ride planned.  A complete “own Goal” by the gov.

      Back on topic – the faster the Nats get on with partial asset sales the faster the proof will come in that it is a great idea.  I just wish the leaders would explain the benefits to all parties in a better way and do it now !!

  • It seems Jonathan Elliot thinks Free Speech only applies to him, what a hateful little man he is.

  • Kim Arnold

    they did not walk the whole way in the rain. as at Lampton Square they walked past me on the footpath all under protection from roofs and canaopies …not on the road, not in the rain…

    • Kim Arnold

      sorry Lambton Quay and canopies

  • Anonymous

    “Mr Elliot accused him of going back on his word and said, “Occupy Wellington does not deal with grandstanding.”

    LOL I guess he left his irony detector at home.