February 2012

What is your Zombie plan?

Andrew Sullivan is concerned about the ethics of killing Zombies…but aren’t they already the undead…or is it the living dead?

Kyle Munkittrick runs through the various ethical scenarios:

For those who are infected and in transition to the point of having lost lucidity, the moral action is immediate death. Whether you are considering the later possible harms of the zombie, the current harms of pain to the individual, or the dignity of the person being robbed by the transition, the lack of reasonable thought means that person’s protests and pleading are to be ignored. All thought is now the result of infection madness, through a haze of blinding pain, or the manifestation of the zombie micro-organism’s self-preservation function and are not to be considered in the way the pleading of a lucid person would be.

I’m all confused…I reckon we don’t take chances and ethics matter not and so we kill them all, so what is your Zombie plan?

I know one thing, my Zombie plan will include this ammunition:

61 Years

Photo from shipspotting.com

via the tipline

I have been told, fairly reliably, that today is a watershed day for industrial relations in New Zealand.

It is 61 years since a ship berthed at Fergusson Wharf has been unloaded by 100% non-union labour.

Garry Parsloe skited from his hotel room in Sydney that not a single ship would berth at Ports of Auckland while the strike was on and this morning Maersk Aberdeen sailed in as dawn broke and is now currently alongside and working at the terminal.  Worse for Garry Parsloe is the last port of call for Maersk Aberdeen was Melbourne.

While the Union members wait outside in the cold, and after threats have been made to shipping companies, as well as to non-union labour, things are happening inside the Port. The Port is operating.

For the first time in 61 years the Ports of Auckland are being successfully operated with non-union labour. This is a great demonstration from the world’s largest container ship operator that they are determined to achieve greater productivity at Ports of Auckland.

That they have berthed a vessel in Auckland during the MUNZ action shows their determination to support Ports of Auckland during the strike. I hope all the other shipping lines are as supportive.

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 29

1 Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism
will suddenly be destroyed beyond recovery.

How’s that alternate energy feeling now?

Wind power is bollocks, not only does it cause visual pollution, they also kill birds….and they are useless if the wind doesn’t blow:

Light windflows in the six months to December hit NZ Windfarms’ ability to generate power and, as a result, its profits.

The NZSX-listed windfarm owner and operator has announced an after tax interim loss of $1.3m, despite a rise in wholesale electricity during the period.

However it was an improved result on the loss of $1.8m it made at the same time the year prior.

about the only thing that loses money faster than wind farms is Woosh.

Winston’s Wisdom, Ctd

Watch carefully in this video as Winston’s wig comes adrift….it actually flops down over his face for a moment.

The Cult of Victimism

Karl du Fresne suggests that some people just want to be victims:

This is sometimes referred to as the cult of victimism, in which people define themselves according to the degree by which they feel an indifferent society mistreats or excludes them. It overlaps with the phenomenon known as identity politics, whereby people see themselves not as belonging to a broad and diverse community with generally shared values and objectives, but as members of a disadvantaged minority that must mobilise around a set of political goals aimed at improving their own status. This almost invariably involves antagonism toward society’s mainstream, which is seen as the enemy.

Parsloe begs councillors to save him

Garry Parsloe must know the endgame isn’t far away when he is begging for a political solution to stop the Ports of Auckland contracting out, his series of strikes has caused the union to become even more marginalised than before.

The problem is, the council has already given its opinion on the matter. At the December Accountability and Performance Committee meeting, Christine Fletcher cunningly put a support motion to the committee for the Ports management. This was carried by a margin of 11-8.

The problem for the union is this, because they have made financial contributions to some of the politicians (Mike Lee and Len Brown), and because some Auckland Councillors have unwisely stood on the picket line with MUNZ and waved placards elsewhere for the wharfies, they will not be able to participate in any votes regarding the Ports strikes because they have shown themselves to have a conflict of interest. The public would immediately perceive that politicians receiving money from the unions, or standing out waving signs for the unions, to be far too compromised to exercise their judgment as a councillor.

So any attempted revote would have a number of centre left councillors sitting on the sidelines because of their compromised position. A revote would in all likelihood humiliate the union further by a greater margin than before.

There would be one more consequence. If the council did try to overturn its previous decision and support the striking union at the expense of the Port it owned, Lens council would likely erupt into the kind of shitfight that would wreck Lens term for good, and bring in the auditor general for some forensic examinations of council behaviour.

MUNZ or Muppets?

The Maritime Union through their Labour party organised proxy support group Save our Ports released a video (make sure you have hankies and a bucket handy) purporting to tell the truth about the strike. Save our Ports is obviously hankering going for an Oscar of its own with the acting in this video.

Thanks to the tipline we know the truth:

In addition to shamelessly using union members children to try to gather sympathy, what is most appalling about this video is the participation in it of Carl Findlay, the MUNZ vice president.

Mr Findlay is the one with the two teenage children.  Whilst Mr Findlay has been actively bullying people at the port and insisting that they strike and back the union all the way, he has also openly admitted that he’s looking for jobs in Australia and plans to move there with his redundancy.  Which puts him in the shameful position of wanting negotiations to fail so that he can get a personal payout.

It’s also appalling that these parents are not protecting their children from this negativity and are instead actively inviting them to participate in it painting themselves as victims who their children have to defend.

The hypocrisy though – do as I say and not as I do, is quite galling.

Clearly Carl Findlay isn’t really thinking about his family because he is going to drag them to Australia…just as soon as he engineers himself out of a job and a payout.

While we are setting the record straight, one of the MUNZ members in the video was one who in 2010 received a final written warning for making threats against another staff member and that staff member’s family. Nice guys these union folk.

No one in the video even mentions that contracting out was in the old collective so their campaign and crocodile tears are nonsense, along with the lies about privatisation.

He’s taking a sacrificial bunt for the Union, I can’t wait to watch their next video where he tells everyone he is off to Oz because of the POAL.

Dirty Pool

American politics is dirty…and fantastic…check out this case of dirty pool:

Much has been made of Democratic efforts to turn out the vote for Santorum and we see evidence that’s actually happening. Romney leads with actual Republican voters, 43-38. But Santorum’s up 47-10 with Democratic voters, and even though they’re only 8% of the likely electorate that’s enough to put him over the top. The big question now is whether those folks will actually bother to show up and vote tomorrow.

The Huddle with Larry Williams

Here is the audio from yesterday:

The topics for discussion were:

Icky sex offender in schools – finally caught.

The manufactured “outcry” over the welfare reforms – the usual montage of bumper sticker slogans from the usual suspects.

And finally more ridiculous calls for Mike Moore to be censured/sacked/hung from the gallows over the trade function he hosted which was partly sponsored by a tobacco company.